Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Much Quieter House

We didn’t have any visitors today except for the peoples that brought my MH’s new washing machine up to my house from the pier and put it into my utility room so that my DH can plug it in and let her do some more washing. The old boy was at the Cat Shop so she will need to wait until tomorrow.

The weather wasn’t too bad so I was in and out lots of times but every time I comed home, my MH gave me a big cuddle. She was particularly happy when I popped in the window after my DH went away in his car ‘cos she is always frightened now that I have decided to explore his engine again, but I think I have learned my lesson there!

We just spent the day doing little bits of work and of course the old dear had lots of exercises to do with her knee so I had to do lots of encouraging purrs which always makes her happy.

I am snoozing on my couch now while my DH is watching football but he is not happy ‘cos his team is not winning yet and he is sighing a lot. Oh dear. I have a feeling he is going to be tutting lots more and my purrs are not going to help.

Oh deary me!

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