Friday, 13 October 2017

More ‘oof’ sounds

I am so busy concentrating on not landing on my MH’s new knee, that I keep landing on bits that make her do that funny noise and to be honest, it always makes me giggle a wee bit. But we won’t tell the old dear that, will we?

We have all had a good day but as I feared, the vacuum cleaner was out and it tooked my DH all over my house while the Boss supervised. I did get out to play a lot but it was a bit cold on my little island, so I had lots of short trips. AND, I had lots of trips to my door just deciding whether or not to try to go out and my MH was getting just a tad annoyed ‘cos the wind was blowing on her too and she just wanted me to make up my mind.

Which I did. Eventually!!

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