Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What a Night!

There were eight other peoples in my house tonight! So, with my two humans there were ten knees for me to sit on. It was brilliant and I was very happy, but to be honest, I spent the most of my time on my MH’s knee ‘cos that is the bestest.

Now, I know you will want to know why my house was so busy. Well, all those peoples needed to have a meeting and because my MH can’t take her new knee out to play yet, they all comed here and I for one was very happy. I had a very good day up till then ‘cos I was outside lots of times. The weather was quite good for most of the day so it was good fun outside and I did lots of hunting and playing.

There was lots for me to do inside ‘cos my MH needs me to help her do all her knee exercises. I lie on the bed beside her and purr while she works hard and she told me that makes her very happy. So that makes ME happy too.

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