Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Box Full of Happiness

Most pussy cats send their humans to the shop to get their dinners, but not this adorable little puss. I have mine specially delivered by the postman and I get so many that he needs a special big red van to carry them. And today was delivery day. I do get quite excited when my parcel arrives and I help my MH open it all up and then I spend lots and lots of time just sniffing up all the lovely dinner smells. Heaven!

It tooked her quite a long time to get everything sorted out and I had to have a good look inside the box to make sure she hadn't left anything inside and she tooked this picture for you which I am sure you will like.

The rest of my day was just normal and I was in and out a lot, but my MH said I was in a 'sooky' mood 'cos I kept looking for her and snuggling up beside her for a cuddle. I know she likes that and today I needed lots of cuddles. I was feeling fine but there are just some days when I need to be cuddled lots and lots.

And today was one of those days.

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