Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Much Better Day...

... well, inside anyway. Outside was dreadful with hail and rain and gale force winds shouting all round my house. Inside, both my humans were here with me and that makes me very happy indeed so I didn't really mind the dreadful weather and I still managed out a few times.

In fact, I'm afraid I made my MH a wee bit worried 'cos just as I went out, the hail came on really, really heavy and the old dear was worried that it would hurt my adorable little body, but what she didn't know was that I had found a wee place to shelter until it went away again and then I scooted home as fast as I possibly could and my MH gived me an enormous great big cuddle which I loved.

I have just been out in it again but now I am lovely and cosy sitting on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top and there I intend to stay until I get the urge to attack the outside again later on.

Sorry MH :-))

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