Friday, 10 November 2017


Oh dear me. I have been a very frozed little puss every time I have put my adorable little nose outside my house. It has been SO cold on my little island. In fact, at one time there was so much hail falling down on to the ground that my humans couldn't hear the radio. Oh it was so loud! We all had a wee giggle about it, though.

I showed my humans how brave I was 'cos I went outside quite a lot of times and when I comed home my MH had to give me the biggest warm-up cuddle ever because I was so very, very cold. But I soon warmed up and had a snooze on my couch. I shall be doing the same later on but I need to have a wee sleep first.

I don't have very much news because I have just been doing lots of the same things in my house like helping the old dear when she is doing her exercises or making her card and she talks to me all the time which I just love.

So, although I have been nearly frozed stiff, I am still a very happy little Squeak.


  1. Stay warm little buddy. I guess winter is coming. It is very cold here today, but no hail at least. Aslan sends purrs.

  2. I am lovely and cosy just now Bonnie ‘cos I am on my favourite seat and that’s my MH’s knee. Lots of special purrs to you and some for Aslan too.