Thursday, 23 November 2017

More Bad Weather

It has been a very awful day on my little island with cold rain and now it is winding hard so I am all snuggled up on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her laptop while she is writing this to you and she says it is not all that easy trying to type round about me, but I am not moving, so there.

Apart from that, we have all had a good day and I got a wee surprise today when my friend M. came to see me. Well, that's not quite true 'cos he doesn't really like puss cats, so when he comes in to my house, I sit on the arm of his chair and smile at him so that he will love me like everyone else does. When I say I am smiling, it is inwardly of course. Nobody else can see me, but I know I am doing it. OK?

I did manage out quite a few times but I needed lots of warm up cuddles when I comed home and that was good. I helped the old dear with her exercises and then I had to have a snooze and she tooked this picture of me.

Now, is that not just the adorablest thing you have ever seen?

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