Monday, 6 November 2017

More Wet

I was a worried little puss this morning until my MH helped put my adorable little mind at rest. You see, when we got up this morning I realised it was going to be another wet day, but I also realised that I would have to go out and that's when I got worried 'cos I have heard my humans talking about things shrinking in the wet and I was frightened that if I got wet lots of times, I might shrink too, but my MH told me that would never happen so I was happier then. You see, I am quite a little puss and I really don't want to get any littler.

I have spent the day getting wet and not shrinking! Hee hee I have been in and out lots of times and one time when I comed I was so soaking wet that I shooked myself as soon as I landed on my carpet and my poor old DH, who had let me in, got soaked too. Oh, we did all laugh and then I got dried and my DH had to dry himself too.

I have helped my MH do all her work and I know she likes that lots and I watched her making her bead card without messing all the beads up and she appreciated that too.

I am such a considerate, adorable little puss am I not? Yes, is the word you are looking for!!

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