Friday, 3 November 2017

Not Much News

My day has just been a normal one but a good one. I don't have very much news for you 'cos there is not much happening on my little island. It is maybe quiet outside but my house has been busy inside although there has still been lots of time for me which is the main thing.

My MH is feeling a lot better now and she is doing lots more things with her new knee, but I keep very close to her in case she needs me and this afternoon I sat on the chair in my kitchen while she made some pancakes and buns for me and my DH and as usual, I got a little Squeak sized pancake which was lovely.

I was outside a lot of times but all my little friends have gone away for the winter and there are just a few sheeps for me to talk to, so there is no reason to stay out too long and I just kept nipping back in to see what was happening in my house. The old dear was finishing all her cards for Christmas so I plonked my adorable little body right beside her while she stucked all the insides in her cards and she talked to me all the time while I just purred back to her.

It was good and it made me feel a very important little puss. Which, of course, I am!

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