Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wet Wednesday

So, I got up with my MH and we both had our breakfast and then I did what I always do and that was ask to go outside. The old dear opened the door for me but as soon as my nose hit the outside, I decided that it was too wet for this adorable little puss and by the time my MH had got the door closed I was on my couch. Oh dear!

I tried the window but it was raining there too, so I decided just to go back to my little bed. I wasn't altogether happy, but I wasn't for getting soaking wet, so I am afraid I moped for a little while until my MH comed and found me. She tickled me and cuddled me until I had cheered up again, but I still didn't go outside.

I had quite a few naps and then I noticed that the rain wasn't just as heavy, so I tried the door again and this time I was successful and headed out into my garden which was good fun. The rest of my day was much the same but I did manage a couple of trips outside for little times.

After my dinner, I was all ready to settle down on my MH's knee when her and my DH went out to go to a meeting so I am afraid I had another little strop. Well, I don't like being left all alone, but they must have known that 'cos they were back to me really quickly and my strop disappeared. Yippee!

It is still wet and a bit windy so I don't know whether I will go ut later on, but if I don't I shall just accept it and not have another tantrum.

I don't think I will get away with too many of those! Hee hee

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