Sunday, 5 November 2017

What a Day

I had a very good sleep last night and I only wakened up once so I was up quite early this morning and straight out to play as soon as I had finished my breakfast. And it was then I got a great big shock 'cos as well as being really cold on my adorable little body, at one time I got hailed upon! I was not happy at all, but fortunately I was quite near my house, so I scooted back as fast as my four (adorable!) little legs could take me and battered on the window till my MH opened it for me, and I shot into my living room and waited for my warm-me-up cuddle which was brilliant.

I did that quite a lot of times through the day but I didn't get hailed on again, I just got very cold and a wee bit wet, but every time I went back home, my MH lifted me up and cuddled me till I was lovely and warm again.

I have a good day and when I was inside my house, I was able to help my MH do lots of things. She is still doing all her exercises and I watch her when she is doing that. Then I helped her make a card with lots of little coloured beads and I liked that although I'm not too sure if the old dear appreciated me trying to arrange the little beads on the table for her. She tutted lots of times, so I am guessing I was not too helpful!

You would never know though, 'cos she is NEVER angry with me 'cos she loves me millions!

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