Thursday, 30 November 2017

What a Night!

And for once I am not talking about the weather. I had an adventure and my humans don't know whether it was a good adventure or a bad one and of course, I can't tell them. You might need a couple of tissues as you read the next bit. I shall wait till you are ready.

OK? Well, the weather was so awful all day yesterday that I hardly got outside, so by night time I still had lots of energy and decided that I would need to get out no matter the weather. I went though to bed with my MH but as soon as she put out her light and snuggled down, I asked my DH to please let me out, which he did and I had good fun for a while and then I went back home again.

I did this a couple of times but on the last trip out my DH told me not to be long 'cos he wanted to get to bed too. I did try. I promise I did, but that's when it all went wrong and this is the bit my humans don't know. I didn't come home till three o'clock in this morning and my poor humans were so upset. My MH heard the old boy calling for me and that wakened her so she got up to see what was wrong and when my DH told her the news, she was really worried and she called for me too but I still didn't come home.

Eventually I arrived back and I was cold---oh, so cold--and I was wet and mucky! Covered in wet, dirty muck and a wee bit upset so I didn't even want a cuddle. My humans don't know whether I got stuck somewhere or whether something frightened me. They just don't know. Sigh

I have had a much better day today and have had a long rest then played with the old dear and let her cuddle me as much as she wanted and we have been a lot happier today, but I haven't decided if I shall go out later.

I will need to see how I feel later on.

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