Monday, 31 May 2010

Glorious Sunset

I have had a very good day today just hunting and playing and catching up with lots and lots of brand new smells.
I have also been watching my two wee lamb friends and I have been practicing their little jump where all four feet come off the ground and they land facing the opposite way, and I have perfected it! You would have expected nothing less, would you?

I did it last night when I thought my MH wasn't looking, but she was and she giggled for ages afterwards, but she thinks I am very clever---and adorable. We went out together last night 'cos there was a lovely sunset and she wanted to play with her new toy and take some pictures, so naturally I had to go with her and make sure she was safe 'cos you never know, do you? We stayed out for ages 'cos it was a lovely night and I chased all over the garden and even up the clothes pole again until I was a tired out wee puss and then I let her take me back inside.

I have put on a picture of the sunset that I can see from my living room window plus a picture of me----naturally!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Friends

I have met two new friends today and they are little baby sheeps. They were in the field in front of my house with their mummy, so I decided to go and have a wee look and see what they were 'cos they were different to anything I had seen, so oft I went.

As I am still very little, I was able to squeeze into the field under the fence and I went up to them very slowly 'cos I didn't want to frighten them. I got quite close to them before the mummy sheep noticed me and came walking towards me VERY quickly and as she was making angry noises, I decided to squeeze back under the fence again and disappeared into my garden.

Maybe I will go back again when the mummy sheep is having a wee sleep.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saturday Again

I thought I had it fixed, but alas I wasn't completely right! I had been watching Harry Potter with my humans and I decided that I was going to try and be a magic cat sometime 'cos that would be really cool.

So, as it was Saturday, which is quite a lazy day chez Squeak, I decided to venture out onto the grass and then through to my jungle for a wee bit of restful hunting and exploring, when blow me, herself appeared with THE LAWNMOWER! Will the woman never learn?! As she decided to start racing up and down the grass, I decided to start my magic training and put a spell on the mower to make it stop. And guess what, my feline readers? IT STOPPED!!

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather as I tried to hide my glee, and as she kept pulling the starter and the mower still wouldn't go, my little chest was getting very puffed out with pride. 'I am a magic cat' I thought 'I will go far'.

Himself was then called out and he footered a wee bit and got it going, but as soon as he went inside again, it stopped. Oh my dear friends, I was beside myself with elation. This happened a few times until the humans were a bit peeved and my DH then took the machine into his workshop and cleaned it all up.

When he brought it back it did go this time and my MH managed to cut all the grass. HE said it was a wee bit of dirt in the works, but we know different, don't we?

I just need to work out how to make my spells last longer, and today's picture is me doing just that. Watch this space!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Another Lazy Day

I have been feeling quite lazy today so I have just stayed round about my garden and listened to all the birdies. My DH made me a new toy with feathers and we all play with this and I just love it. I jump on it, and attack it and carry it around with me and my humans like playing with it too.

There was a lot of noise on my little island today because this is one of the days when the boat brings lots of cargo and things for the houses and the farms, so there were some tractors going to the pier. I watch them too, but I know not to go near them, 'cos they are very big and I do not want to be run over!

My MH was out for a wee while today and my DH had to go away in the boat so I was left on my own for one whole hour, but the door was open so I played outside for a wee while and then came inside until my MH came back and made a fuss of me. Then we had a good afternoon just ourselves and I lay on her knee and got my tummy scratched which is just the magicest thing in the world!

I am also learning about all the different boats that I can see passing my living room window and sometimes I wave to all the people on them and I am sure they will wave back sometime. Now I am resting because I think I might go out hunting later on when it is a wee bit darker, although it never gets dark now for very long and I like to be out playing. I have even been out in the rain and I am getting to like that too.

So now I need to sleep so bye bye for a wee while.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

I Have Discovered.....

.....pancakes! Oh, my dear feline friends, I am in pussy cat heaven! I didn't know that my MH made a mean pancake until today and I hope she makes them every day.

I asked her what she was doing and she told me that I could watch, but I couldn't help 'cos it wasn't good for puss cats to be playing with flour and stuff, so I sat and watched for a wee while but it wasn't very exciting so I went out to play, but I stayed in my garden just in case I missed anything.

And boy, am I glad I did! For very soon the most delicious smell came wafting towards my little nose and dragged me into the house, and it was there that I saw them, and smelled them. Pancakes!!

My MH told me all about them and said that she had to leave them on the shelf to cool and I was not to touch them, and I agreed. Now. At this point I really meant it, and I didn't even have my wee claws crossed behind my back 'cos I am normally a good puss, but the phone went and my human had to answer it, and it was then that it all got too much for me and I HAD to have one.

So. Since MH had her back turned talking to the phone, before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I had nipped up on to the shelf, grabbed a pancake and was just escaping out the door when she saw me. Oh my, my, was she annoyed, but oh my, my, was it ever worth it!!

I didn't go home for a wee while---just in case, but later on I nipped back in the window and when she was sitting on my couch, I sat on her knee, looked up at her with my sweetest smile and gave her my bestest purr with the squeak in it --that's where I got my name--and she was gone. Melted, and smiling and not angry any more.

BUT! She has moved the pancakes!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Action Picture

This is me in action! I am stalking a huge seagull. I know I have no chance of catching it, and he knows I have no chance, but it is good fun anyway. I have more success with the daisies 'cos they can't run away!

I stayed out really late last night and I liked it lots. My MH went out for a while and I went out to play when she went away and stayed out until she came back and she told me it was nearly a whole two hours, so that was a long time for a baby puss.

I was a wee bit tired when I came in and after my MH had her shower, she put on her big furry dressing gown and I snuggled up on her knee and went fast asleep. I like sitting on her knee 'cos she tickles my ears and I really like that, and my wee engine purrs really loud and my humans like that so we are all happy.

Life is good.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Good Day

I have been out playing ALL day and it is super. It is nice and warm and it is not raining so I am happy. I have been helping my DH to fix up the honeysuckle bush which was getting a wee bit 'weedy', so we have cleaned it all up now.

I have been lying in the long grass just listening to all the birds calling to me, and then I chased the daisies and pounced on them when I needed some exercise. My humans just leave the door open for me so I can nip in for something to eat and a wee drink whenever I feel like it, and it lets me check that the humans are OK without me. So it is a good day today and the picture shows me at the edge of my jungle just about to spring into attack mode, although what I am attacking hasn't been decided yet!
Here is the next chapter of my adventure story.

Chapter 6

The following day was warm and sunny, so Sammy, Squeak and Henry met at their special place and Squeak told them that she had invited Diggory as well. Sammy and Henry weren't sure that this was the right thing to do, but decided to give Diggory a chance.
Two or three minutes later they saw Diggory bounding through the long grass towards them and for a second all three felt a bit nervous, but as soon as Diggory said
"Good afternoon, my friends" in his very polite voice, they all relaxed.
"Hello, Diggory" they chorused "how are you today?"
"I am exceedingly well and so delighted at your kind invitation to join you for the afternoon. I do thank you."

"What are we going to do to-day?" asked Sammy and Squeak said that she would like to do something different and go somewhere she hadn't been before.
"Well" said Diggory. "I often go the quarry after work for a swim. Perhaps you would like to go there?"
"Awesome!" said Squeak.

'Awesome' was her new word ever since she had heard it on the television and she had been standing in front of the mirror practicing how to say it: 'Awesome'; 'AWE-some'; 'awe-Some' Yes it was a good word she had decided.

So off they all went. Diggory out in front leading the way, Squeak following close by him and Sammy flying just above them, but they had only gone a few steps when Squeak suddenly stopped.
"Where's Henry?" she asked and when they turned round, they saw Henry standing watching them with a little tear running down his face.
"You go on without me" he said " as I only have little legs, I am very slow and I would never get there. See you later." And he turned to walk away.
"No way!" said Squeak "We don't go anywhere without our favourite pin cushion and if you can't go, we don't go. Isn't that right Sammy?" And Sammy Seagull quickly agreed.
"I may have a solution" offered Diggory. "If Sammy can lift Henry up on to my back, I can carry him and I promise I will be very, very careful."
Squeak and Sammy looked at Henry Hedgehog who was looking rather nervous, but he nodded his head and in a trice Sammy had very gently picked him up and put him on Diggory's back where he held on very, very tightly, but as Diggory trotted fairly slowly through the long grass, Henry began to relax and enjoy himself.
"Awesome" said Squeak as she ran beside them.

Soon they reached the quarry and Sammy again picked Henry up and put him gently on the ground where he began to sniff around for new things to eat. Suddenly there was a splash and when Squeak and Henry looked up, they saw Diggory swimming about in the water with Sammy Seagull splashing about beside him squawking with delight.
"Awesome" said Squeak. "What a shame cats don't swim or I would be in there too" Henry just nodded and said nothing!
So Squeak and Henry spent the time exploring this new wonderland and both were delighted to find things they had never seen before and Henry even found some new leaves to eat, so everybody was happy.

Soon it was time to go home and Henry was once again lifted up on to the back of a very wet Diggory and they all headed back to their jungle.
"That was the best day ever" said Henry. "Just magic!"
"Awesome" said Squeak, and they all laughed.

Monday, 24 May 2010


Since I don't have too much exciting news for you today, I thought I would let you see what I can see from my house.

You know I live on a wee island, and wherever I look I can see the sea although in some places it is further away than others, but it is very near when I am outside my living room window, and that is where I am in today's picture.

The big boat you can see is the Hamnavoe and it travels every day from Stromness to Scrabster which, my MH told me, is at the very top of Scotland so it must travel very far indeed. I can see lots of other boats as well and one comes a few times a day to our wee island and it is called the MVGraemsay and that is the one I was on when I came here as a wee baby pussy cat long, long ago. There are lots of boats that carry the divers out to the deep water and they dive and look at the fishes and some of the old wrecks left from the wars so I have lots of things to watch when I want to.

I don't think I would like to be a diver 'cos cats don't really like the water and I don't know if I can swim yet. I will have to ask my humans if they can teach me.

The next chapter of my adventure story is ready for publishing tomorrow, so be sure to tune in again sometime.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rained Off

It hasn't stopped raining all day, and I have stayed in my house for most of the day 'cos when I decided to go outside and see what it was like in the rain, my little paws got all wet and I didn't like it very much, so I had a wee sniff at the long, wet grass and then nipped in the window again, and I have spent most of the day resting.

I did some exercise though, and ran round and round my house for a wee while just to use up some of my boundless energy and then my MH played with me for a while until she was tired out too!

My DH is still working in his greenhouse, although I use the term 'working' very loosely, but if the rain goes off, I might go and see what he is doing and then I will see if the nice farmer man has left his shed open again for me to go and have an explore.

Today's picture is of yours truly trying to get a wee cat nap and have a wee think about what I can get up to next.

Watch this space!

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I got a wee fright this morning when I wakened up. I looked out of my window and all the world wasn't there. It had all vanished and all I could see was the end of my garden and then lots of white. I went in and looked out of the living room window and it was just the same. I could see my fence, but everything else was gone---the fields, the lighthouse and the sea. Oh, dear feline friends, I can admit to you that I had a major panic 'cos I thought everyone and everything had gone away and left us behind

I then did what every brave, adorable puss cat would do and bounced on my MH to tell her the dreadful news, but she just smiled one of her 'silly puss' smiles and told me that it was just very misty and although we couldn't see it, everything was still there. Oh what a relief. So I have learned something new again and I will know all about it when it happens again 'cos according to the encyclopedia that is my MH, it happens quite a lot.

I went out to play again in the afternoon and you can see from the picture that I met one of the cows from next door who was out for a wee wander. She has a wee baby cow but it was sleeping so she came down to see what I was doing, and I told Esmeralda (that's what I called her) that she was very welcome to eat all the grass round about my house, but not to come into the garden 'cos that was all mine and I didn't want my little paws getting covered in cow poo. So she said 'OK Squeak.'

One has to be assertive.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Woe is Me!

It is a beautiful day! It is warm and sunny and very, very calm and just brilliant weather for a baby puss cat to be out lying in the sun doing nuffin!

So what do my humans do? Well, it really was my MH. Out comes the dreaded hoover and she did all the rooms 'cos she didn't do them yesterday, then the washing machine went on, and THEN the even dreadeder lawn mower appeared again! What a noise the woman created! Even the cows in the field were complaining! Mind you, it didn't last too long, and then I got down to the serious business of enjoying my dear, adorable little self.

I even found a new place to explore and it is a ginormous shed beside my jungle, so it's not too far away for me to travel. Usually, the shed is closed up, but the nice farmer man from next door came today and opened it up and when he went away, he left it open, so I decided it was OK to go and have a wee nosey, so oft I jolly-well went! And what a shed it is. There is a lot of farm machinery in it of course, but there are also birds up in the rafters and they had a few words with me. I'll leave those to your imagination, but I don't think they were overly pleased to see me there. As well as the birdies, I could hear the mouses all scampering about, but I didn't see any---maybe another time. I was in the big shed for ages and ages and ages and I just loved it, so I hope I can go again tomorrow if the nice man leaves it open.

I told you yesterday that I got a new toy and that's it in today's picture. It is a string-type ball with holes in it and there is something with feathers in it which I have to try and catch. I think it will be good fun,but I have been so busy outside that I haven't had time to play with it yet. Maybe when it's raining.

Happy hunting, pussy cats of the world!

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I have been a very busy puss cat today 'cos I have been helping my DH in the garden and in the greenhouse. My MH went away on the early boat to get lots of shopping and she brought me back another super toy which I will show you tomorrow.

Anyway, my DH decided that he needed to tidy up the garden and put his tomato plants in their grow bags in his greenhouse, so we both worked there for a while and every now and then, I would nip out into my jungle to see what was happening there. I have seen lots more birdies and some of them are nesting in the roof of the shed near to where I like playing. Dear oh dear, what a noise they make when I go near them! If this goes on much longer I shall have to borrow my MH's ipod so that I don't have to listen to them!

It was quite hard work wandering back and forth, and jumping in the window too when I needed a wee feed, so when my MH came back I welcomed her as she likes me to do, then I lay down on my swivel chair for a wee snooze and she took today's picture with her new camera.

I think it shows me in a very good light!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A New Toy

-----but it's not for me this time, it is for my MH 'cos she has bought herself a new camera and she has been busy playing with it all day. I am very tired now 'cos I have been posing for hours and hours and hours!

My MH said that it is a very powerful camera and it can almost see inside my little head to see what I am thinking! Now I am not sure if she is telling the truth or not, but every time she points that camera at me, I think lovely thoughts, just in case! It is lovely and warm today and more and more birds are arriving, so I have been spending as much time outside as possible and 'cos my MH has been playing with her camera, she has been coming out as well, so I like that, and it gives her a wee bit of exercise too!

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had been weighed AGAIN! and I am still the same weight as last week, but a bit more adorable!

Since I haven't been doing anything too exciting, I shall now tell you chapter 5 of my story, so are you sitting comfortably? Here we go.

Chapter 5

"No! No! No!" squawked Sammy Seagull, while Henry Hedgehog was rolling around the ground with tears of laughter running down his face.
"Why not?" asked Squeak, somewhat annoyed at the reaction she had got to what she had thought was a simple question. She had finally plucked up enough courage to ask Sammy to teach her to fly.
"I don't know why you won't teach me. I'm sure I could do it."
"Dear, oh dear" giggled Henry, "you need wings before you can fly, and since you don't have wings, you can't fly. Simple!"
"I could flap my front paws VERY quickly--just like wings" said Squeak "watch this!" And she jumped up onto the ramp then onto the roof of the wee shed and with a shout of Whee! she launched herself into the air, wildly flapping her little leg. But she immediately landed on the ground with a thud sending Henry Hedgehog into another fit of the giggles while Sammy just sat on his roof shaking his head.
"Okay, okay" said Squeak "Maybe I need to practice a wee bit more, but I'm not giving up." She was beginning to realise that she would probably never fly, but she wasn't going to let Henry and Sammy know that---at least not yet.

While they were talking, they heard the noise of lots and lots of sheep and when they went to look, they saw Diggory helping his human to put the sheep into the field in front of Squeak's house. So they all decided they would go and watch Diggory working. They wandered slowly over towards the field where Sammy perched on a fence post. Squeak jumped up and sat on the one next to him while Henry settled down on the grass between them.

"Wow!" said Squeak "that is brilliant" as she watched Diggory racing round the field rounding up the sheep and doing everything his human told him. Henry and Sammy were equally impressed and the three friends watched until Diggory had finished and the sheep were all where the human wanted them to be. "Wow, indeed!" they all said as the the human walked away with Diggory following him.

Before he had gone too far away, Squeak ran after Diggory and called out his name. The dog stopped and said "Good afternoon, my dear Squeak. What brings you here this fine afternoon?" "We have been watching you working" replied Squeak "and we all think you are awesome. Would you like to come and play with us sometime?" "Oh thank you, Squeak" beamed Diggory "I would love to play with you. Would tomorrow be suitable? I am not working then."

"Yes, that would be fine" said Squeak, and as she wandered home she was thinking
"I wonder if I could become a sheep-cat?"

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trouble with a capital T!

I am in trouble---big, big trouble. Let me tell you why.

I had been out playing in my jungle for a long time and my MH was cleaning the outsides of my widows, so I decided to play on her set of steps which was OK until she went up one step and I sat on the bottom one. BUT, she didn't see me on account of her scrubbing birdie-poo off the window. SO, as she put her foot down onto the bottom step, I jumped, she shouted and I ran away!

That was trouble spot number one. Trouble spot number two was an indoor one and goes as follows. Do you remember I told you about the lovely big cover on my couch which keeps my little claws off the leather, and is lovely and warm to lie on? Well, it also makes a great parachute!

When I realised that it was safe for me to go home again after trouble spot number one, I decided that I would play in my living room and keep my MH company for a wee while, and I imagined that I was a parachute jumper and got all wrapped up in this big cover then leaped off the couch and it was brilliant.

The first time I did this, my human smiled and said 'silly Squeak' and put my parachute back in place again. 'How kind' I thought and tried it again. This time, she wasn't smiling just as much and by the fourth time I did it, she was not at all happy and I cannot repeat what she said. But as she was heading for the soup pot, I decided to make my escape out of the living room window, although, this time, without a parachute, and I have decided to stay here until the steam has stopped 'cos I'm not sure if it from her ears or if she IS getting the soup pot ready for Squeak soup.

If this blog suddenly stops, you will have found the answer!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Another New Week

Well, it's Monday again and here we go on another exciting adventure. Every day is an adventure for me just now and I am seeing more and more new things every day. If this continues, I shall be the cleverest puss cat in the en-tire world!

My new bestest friend, the peacock, has been calling to me and once I have recovered from yesterday's long and arduous journey, I may go back to see him 'cos I forgot to ask him what his name was. Mind you, Mrs. Peacock arrived to see what I was up to with her husband, so I decided to beat a hasty retreat!

I have been watching the oyster catchers and they are still building their nest. I saw two lapwings which I had never seen before and there are a couple of swallows flying about my house, so my education is galloping on, and I am becoming quite an authority in birdwatching!

I am still loving being outside and it is getting warmer, but the dreaded lawn mower keeps coming out as soon as I lie down to have a wee nappette. I must look up my mechanic books and see if I can put a silencer on it before next time. I know my humans have to keep the garden tidy for me, but does it have to be SO noisy?

However, since it has stopped now, I am off to find a shady spot to watch birdies and then have a wee kitten-nap.

Happy purring,my friends!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Something New

As I am getting older, and as the days are getting longer and a wee bit warmer, I am outside lots and lots and I am having great fun.
There are lots of animals on my wee island and I have told you about the big bull in the field next to my house. Well, he has some lady cows in with him now, so that should keep him happy, but I am still not getting too close to him---just in case!

I have also seen a wee baby cow and it was beautiful, but it was big. It was much bigger than me and I am getting quite old now. I wonder if I will ever be that size? I guess it will depend on how many dinners I can eat. There are lots of sheep and little lambs are being born every day, and even they are bigger than me. Sigh!

But the strangest thing I have seen is a peacock and he was so beautiful. I think I might be in love! When I was out playing, I kept hearing a strange noise like a very big cat meowing and I decided I would need to go and investigate because as well as being adorable, I am desperate to learn and I am also very inquisitive. So I packed some food and water 'cos I didn't know where I was going or how long it would take me or what I would find when I got there. I even left my humans a wee farewell note in case I didn't get back. (sob!) And oft I went.

Well after hours and hours of travelling through fields and rough grass, I arrived at the source of the strange noise. (It seemed like hours and hours to me, but when I looked at the map when I got home again, it was only about a quarter of a mile away or even less so it must have taken me about fifteen minutes. But remember, I only have little legs!)

Anyway, I had finally arrived and had just sat down to have my picnic when 'the noise' started again, and that's when I saw him! The most beautiful peacock in the en-tire world and he was standing right beside me. Oh my little heart was pounding! Mind you, it could have been because I had jumped very high when I heard the noise so close to me!

We introduced ourselves and I asked him about the very long tail which I could see, and he opened it all out for me and my eyes nearly popped out of my little head! It was amazing and he did it a few more times for me before I decided that I needed to start the long journey home again, because I wanted to be home before winter!

I was so excited on the way home and I kept trying to open up my tail like the peacock, but I couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried.

Do you think it will work if I keep practicing?

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

I have had the bestest of time outside on my grass and if my mummy human (MH) knew what I had been up to, she would have been a tad awful angry 'cos I have been swinging on her washing!
I knew that there were big poles in the middle of the grass, but I thought that they were there for me to climb up--after all, the world DOES revolve around me, does it not?--but today I discovered that when the humans put up a rope between these poles, then my MH can hang up all the clothes she has just taken out of the washing machine. So, because today was dry and not too windy, that's just what she did.

Naturally enough, I needed to go and inspect 'cos this was something completely new to me, so oft I went, and what a fantabulous time I had. The towels were hanging down and then they would blow in the wind, so what is an adorable, lively, inquisitive pussy cat to do? Yep! I jumped up, caught on to the bottom of a big towel and I swinged and swinged and swinged and it was MAGIC! Obviously, there isn't a picture of this, because my MH wasn't there which was maybe just as well 'cos I would have been in trouble. So today's picture is the 'Honestly it wasn't me, but if it was, then I am so, so, sorry' look which I have perfected to--to--to--well, to perfection really!

I have been in trouble a couple of times and my MH has threatened to make 'Squeak soup' and I'm not sure what that would entail, but I don't think I'll hang around to find out, so I'm off outside again to swing on more towels.

Happy purring, everyone!

Friday, 14 May 2010

A Much Better Day

I have had a really good day today. It has been nice and warm with not too much wind, so it is perfect weather for little pussy cats to hunt and play.

My two humans have been home all day so I have always had some company when I decide to come home for a wee feed. I do like having my little tummy tickled and my MH does this and she also rubs my little ears which makes my wee engine purr very loudly. I think I am a lucky puss cat.

My DH has been putting tomato plants in his greenhouse and I have been helping him with this, especially when her indoors brought out the hoover. I still do not like this machine at all.

There is a HUGE bull in the field opposite my house, so I have been staying well away from him as he looks like he could swallow a wee puss like me in one gulp, and I really don't want to be swallowed up, so I will stay well away from that field until bully-boy has gone.

I have found a new hiding place in my house and it is under the couch in my living room. I can slide in there and have a wee sleep without being disturbed and today's picture is of me just coming out from under my couch.

Life is sweet!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

All Alone

I was left alone today for a wee while as my humans had to go away in the wee boat but they left me plenty food and lots of water and since the weather was good, they left the window open and I was able to go out and play whenever I wanted.

So you can see that I was OK, but I was just a wee bit lonely 'cos I had nobody to play with and nobody to tickle my wee tummy, but as soon as they came home I got everything I wanted.

Because I don't have a lot of news today, I will give you chapter 4 of my story.

Chapter 4

Squeak and her friends didn't meet up for a couple of days as they were still thinking about their narrow escape a few days earlier and had decided to stay away from their meeting place in case the nasty dog came back again.

However, they decided that it was safe now and all three headed to their secret place and told one another what they had been doing.

Henry Hedgehog told them he had been racing round the garden gathering up food as he was hoping to meet a lady hedgehog soon and so he would need lots of nice things for her to eat. Sammy had been flying all over the island and he too had been looking for food. He had found a field of fruit bushes and had gone there every day for his dinner. He had also been playing flying games with his friends and according to him, he always won. Squeak told them that she had been practicing on her climbing frame and had been chasing her toys all over the house and she was going to be the fastest and bravest hunter in the whole world. Sammy and Henry just smiled when they heard this because they were older and much wiser than this baby pussy cat.

Just as they were relaxing and enjoying each others company, they heard something coming through the grass and WHOOSH! they scattered once again. Sammy flew up on to the roof, Henry rolled into a ball and Squeak scampered up a ramp to a ledge where she had more room this time.

Then a large brown dog appeared in the jungle but this time he wasn't barking and snarling. In fact he looked quite sheepish, which was funny because he was a sheep dog!

"Good afternoon everyone" he said in a quiet, very polite voice. "I have come to apologise for my most dreadful behaviour previously. I cannot imagine how much distress I may have caused you, especially you, little pussy cat. I am most dreadfully sorry."

Squeak was flabbergasted. Sammy stopped squawking, but Henry stayed rolled up---just in case.

"Why did you frighten us?" asked Squeak, but added very quickly "Not that I was scared!"

"Ah" said the dog. "I was supposed to be working but I had hurt my paw and had to stay home and I was in a VERY bad mood and angry with everyone, and you all looked so happy together. I cannot apologise enough and can assure you that this will never happen again. Good day to you."

The three friends were stunned but Squeak spoke up. "Thank you doggy. I am sorry you had a sore paw. May name is Squeak and I am adorable. The seagull on the roof is Sammy and the pin cushion at your feet is Henry. What is your name?"

"Enchanted to meet you, dear Squeak. My name is Diggory. Perhaps we may meet again."

And off he went leaving the kitten, the hedgehog and the seagull absolutely amazed.

"Is he for real?" they were all wondering.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All Mod Cons

I now have an outside drinking fountain. My DH put it out for me and when he switched it on, there was lots of lovely water coming out of it, and as it is nice and low, I can get a drink whenever I want without going into my house, so life is just getting better and better.

Today I am a rather tired wee puss 'cos I have been out lots and lots of times all day yesterday and all of this morning, and I even went out for quite a long time when it was dark last night, before nipping back in the window and going to bed. I am resting this afternoon so that I can do it again tonight.

Do you remember that I told you I was playing hide and seek with my MH in the big cupboard a long time ago? Well I did it again and I stayed hidden for ages and ages and ages before my DH found me. Both my humans thought I was out playing, but I had crept into the cupboard when the door was open and they didn't see me 'cos I am an undercover cat. So I explored the big cupboard and I climbed the ladder right up to the top shelf and sat there for a while until I got fed up and called for a human to let me out. And now that I think about it. It is maybe a good thing that I did call 'cos maybe they would have thought that I had run away and they would have been very, very sad.

I wouldn't like them to be very, very sad.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More Snow!

Yesterday I told you that I got snowed on. Well! Today it snowed some more and I was nearly a dalmatian cat!

It was snowing quite heavily and my humans opened the door for me to have a look at all these funny wee white things that were falling on my path.It was good fun trying to catch them, but then the horrible wind came and we had all to go into my house, but the snow couldn't come in too, so my DH opened the living room window and I peeped out, and that's when my MH took today's picture, and that's when I was nearly a dalmatian puss cat.

There are lots of little lambs in the fields beside my house and some are even littler than me, and I do feel sorry for them 'cos when it gets wet and cold, I can run into my house and get nice and dry and warm again, but the little lambs can't do that. Mind you, their mummy is all woolly and mine isn't, and maybe I should stop there!

Today is a special day for me 'cos I am twenty one weeks old today. 'What did I get for my birthday?' I hear you wonder. Did I get a special chew? NO.
Did I get a brand new collar? NO
Did I get a noisy toy? NO.
So what did I get? I-GOT-WEIGHED!!! The woman is obsessed!

Out came the Wii and MH and me had to get weighed. I have put on one whole pound and my Wii Mii says I am a perfect little specimen. So there. I have decided to be modest like my MH who says it's because she is so modest that everybody loves her, and I just nod my perfectly formed little head.

Obsessed AND Deluded! 'Nuff said.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Guess What?

I got snowed on today!! No, I am not dreaming or havering, it really was snowing f0r a wee while here and it was cold, and I was out playing at the time and I got snowed on!

It was the first time in my little life that I had been out in the snow and I am still not sure if I like it or not.

It was a nice morning and I had been out playing with all the funny wee ornaments my daddy human (DH) had put in the garden. We have lots of them now. Some are at the front of the house and some are at the other side, so I can play at whatever side I want to and I usually pick the side where I don't get blowed away.

So there was I minding my own wee business and having a sniff at all these odd things in my garden, when suddenly this wet white stuff landed on me and there was hail as well and that was sore on my little body, but as soon as it started my humans lifted me up and ran with me into the house where I watched all of the snow out of the window. It didn't last too long and I got out to play again, so it has been a funny old day!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

I Forgot... tell you that I was twenty weeks old last Tuesday!

I am getting so growed up now and am being very brave when I go outside to play. I even went out last night on my own in the dark. My humans left the window open so I could get in whenever I needed to, but it was good to be out playing at night time.

I have learned so many things already and have explored lots of brilliant places, but I know there are still lots of places to go and lots of animals that I still have to meet, so I am looking forward to a long summer filled with exciting adventures.

My humans have told me that in the summer it doesn't get dark here at all for a while, so I will have lots of time to be outside so that will be good, and I will have lots to tell you.

I have just had a thought. Next Tuesday, when I am twenty one, will I get the key to the cat-flap?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hide and Squeak

Today's post is a puzzle. What is that hanging on to the clothes pole? The answer is in the second picture, although I think you might have guessed by now.

We have all been in the garden now as it has been another good day, although now that we are all finished, the rain has come on and I think my two humans are secretly relieved. MH got the awful lawn mower out again, but it didn't take too long this time and DH didn't need to use the strimmer, so it wasn't too noisy. Then she decided to wash the outsides of all the windows in my house, 'cos they were a wee bit dirty with the salt off the sea and the ash off the volcano. After that she washed her car, 'cos somebody had left wee sandy paw prints on it, and she doesn't know it was me. He He ! So while all that was going on, I just sloped off to my jungle for a wee bit peace and quiet.

When I came back, MH was varnishing the bench, but she wasn't in her birthday suit, just her old painting and varnishing clothes. Boy, am I glad about that, 'cos she told me what birthday suit really meant, and my little constitution would not be able to take that at all and I would probably need medication and cat therapy for the rest of my life.

So, dear feline friends, if your humans ever mention 'birthday suit' move out!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Warm, warm, warm!

It is a lovely day and I have been outside all the time just playing and hunting and sniffing all the fantabulous smells in my jungle. My humans leave the door open for me, so I can nip in for a wee feed and a wee drink and then I nip straight back out again, so today life is very good.

There are lots more birds in the jungle and some are making nests in the old buildings, so I watch then and I listen to all the noises they make, but I wouldn't hurt them 'cos my mummy human (MH) said that wouldn't be a nice thing to do, and as you know, I am a good pussy cat---and adorable, of course!

I can hear the starlings all chirping and getting ready for baby starlings and I even saw two swallows yesterday, and in the field in front of my house, two oyster catchers are making their nest too and sometimes they squawk at me, so I generally stay away from them 'cos I don't want to frighten them.

So because I don't have anything too exciting to tell you, I will give you chapter 3 of my story.

Chapter 3

The next day, Henry Hedgehog, Sammy Seagull and Squeak all met up in the jungle for a picnic because it was a lovely day and the three friends wanted to spend some time together in the good weather.

Squeak had taken out one of her kitten chews and Sammy had some lovely crusts to nibble on while Henry was munching away at a few tasty leaves.
They were enjoying the weather and the fact that they could play together whenever they wanted and all was well in their world.

Sammy began to feel a bit on edge as he felt something wasn't quite right and he signalled for the other two to be quiet for a wee while. Suddenly the peace and quiet of the jungle was shattered as a huge brown and white dog came bounding through the grass barking furiously at the three wee animals.
Well, as quick as a flash of lightening, all three moved, but in different directions, at the same time. Henry just curled himself into a tight ball and lay very, very still. Sammy flew up onto the roof of Squeak's greenhouse and Squeak scurried up a steep ramp to the top of one of the old ruined out-buildings and stood there looking down at this very angry dog who was jumping and snarling and barking. What a noise!

The dog didn't even look at Sammy and knew he couldn't go near Henry, so he kept all his bad temper for Squeak who was beginning to feel quite shaky on the top of her narrow perch, and she knew there was no place for her to go, but she tried not to show that she was nervous and hissed back at the dog.

Sammy Seagull looked at his little friend and knew she was in trouble, so he cleared his throat and flew at the dog as fast as his wings could carry him, and he squawked as loudly as he could just above the head of the dog. He kept swooping at him and then flying away again in a circle and he did this many, many times before the dog finally got tired of this, and started to walk away still growling angrily.

Squeak breathed a huge sigh of relief, but Sammy squawked at her to stay where she was until he told her to move, and he followed the dog for a wee while until the coast was clear, then he returned to his friends.

By the time he reached them, Henry had unfurled himself and was watching Squeak who was still perched on the narrow ledge, but as soon as Sammy returned she jumped down and landed with a soft 'plop' beside Henry.

'Wow' she said, 'that was scary. Thank you Sammy for chasing him away, but I wasn't too scared you know 'cos I am a very brave puss cat. And did you see how quickly I climbed that ramp? Woosh! I went as quick as anything!'

Sammy and Henry just nodded at her and as Squeak headed off home with her tail held very high, they both just smiled.

'I wonder if my humans could paint 'go faster' stripes on me' thought Squeak.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Soft, soft, soft

I have had quite a lazy day and it has been one of my cuddly days, as my MH calls them.

I wakened up early as usual about 4.30am and so as not to waken my humans, I headed straight out the bedroom door. Well, when I say 'straight', I did happen to stand on the hi-fi and the bookcase, but I didn't drop anything. Mind you, the clock and a couple of books landed on the floor, but I am sure that had nothing at all to do with me.

After I had a light breakfast, a wee run round the living room and a play with all my toys, I was feeling a bit tired again, so I nipped back to bed, but this time I cuddled in to my MH's feet and had a long sleep dreaming of mouses and adventures and pussy cat things.

A wee while later, my humans got up and after they had their breakfast, and were reading their mail I sat on my MH's knee for a long, long time and got cuddled and petted and I liked it lots. I was in a 'sooky' mood and stayed in the house for a long time before I went out to play, but I came back in lots of times just for a wee cuddle on a human's knee.

My MH's friend came in to see me, and I cuddled up to her as well and I purred and purred. My MH calls this my engine 'cos I sound like a wee motor, and my engine purrs lots of times all day 'cos I am a happy wee puss cat.

So I have had a lazy day, but I have been thinking of chapter three of my story, so it will be coming to you soon.

Happy purring puss cats everywhere!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

More Toys

If I say I have two new toys to play with, that is not quite true, but I have two different things to play with what I just love.

When I first came to my house, my humans bought me a wee green furry mouse on a stick and its hands and feet were wee green balls. Well, somehow, and I have no idea how! but one of the hands came off and now I use that as a wee football and I have great fun playing with it. I chase it, and kick it and I pick it up and run away with it and it keeps me amused for hours and hours and hours. I 'specially love playing with it in my kitchen 'cos we have tiles on the floor and the wee ball rolls faster and faster and I can slide on the floor so it is just the magicest toy ever, and really it was just a wee accident.

My other new plaything isn't supposed to be a toy at all, but I just love playing on it. It is a huge big cover which sits on my leather couch and my MH said something about it keeping wee sharp claws off the leather suite. Well, better late than never, I s'pose.

Anyway, it is just brilliant to play on and I can run all over my couch and not do any damage--well, except to this big cover of course but my humans don't mind that 'cos they think I am worth it, and who can blame them? And then when I am tired out, after my mad half hour racing round and round the house, this big cover is lovely and cosy to lie down on while I am having my power nap.

I have been playing a lot with those toys today, although I was out for a long, long time this morning, but decided I needed to give my humans a wee bit of attention, so I am writing this while they are both lying down in a darkened room!

Some humans have no stamina at all!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bits and Pieces

Another funny day. It has been raining again, but it wasn't too heavy so I still went out to play in my jungle and had some good fun before I decided to go home and write the next chapter of my best seller.

I was also a bit disappointed today because I think there was supposed to be a celebration but the rain spoiled that. I think it might have been my MH's birthday 'cos she said she was going to varnish the bench in her birthday suit so that it wouldn't spoil her good clothes, but it rained so she didn't put her suit on. Humans are odd, or is it just mine?

And as you all know by now, Tuesday is weighing day, and I am still the same weight as last week and my Wii Mii told me I was a very good pussy cat, so it must be true. Today's picture is yours truly reclining after a stressful day hunting and composing.

Chapter 2.

Squeak couldn't stay still any longer and as she looked down ready to jump, she saw what looked like a large brown pin cushion on the ground.

'I don't know what Sammy is making such a fuss about' she thought to herself. 'I'm off to have a closer look.'

With Sammy Seagull still squawking and flapping furiously, Squeak leaped off the fencepost and landed with a soft thud just a little way behind the pin cushion, thinking: 'I will show Sammy what a brave puss cat I am and I'll tackle this pin cushion. So here goes.'

Just as she started to creep towards it, the pin cushion suddenly moved, giving Squeak the most ginormous fright and she leaped so high that she nearly landed back up on the fence post!

'WHOA' she thought. 'I may be young (and adorable) but I do know that pin cushions aren't supposed to walk. What is this 'thing'? I need to investigate.'

Sammy Seagull was very quiet as he watched all of this happening, and he had a horrible feeling that he knew just what was going to happen to his little friend, but he also knew that when Squeak made up her mind, no-one could stop her.

Squeak crouched on the ground and tried to remember what she had learned in her 'Cat Attack Annual' about how to ambush unsuspecting creatures and she just hoped it would work on this 'thing'.

Number one--ears flat against head-check; number two--little knees bent and tummy as near the ground as possible-check; number three--tail wagging furiously at a jaunty angle-check; and number four waggle perfectly formed little behind-check. And spring!

'AAARGH' meowed Squeak as she sniffed the pin cushion and felt a sharp stab on her little nose. 'What was that?'

The pin cushion started to laugh and Sammy also laughed and he laughed so much he nearly fell off the roof he had perched on. This made Squeak really angry and she stamped her wee paws and swished her tail angrily.

'Why are you laughing at me and who are you?' she yowled

The pin cushion unfurled itself and looking up at Squeak with a huge grin on his face said

'Hi Squeak. I am Henry Hedgehog.'

After a minute or two Squeak began to think that this was really quite funny too and she also started to laugh and soon a hedgehog, a seagull and a kitten were all sitting on the grass rocking with laughter.....

Monday, 3 May 2010

More Hunting

Boy, did I sleep last night! I was such a tired little kitten after my day of activity that I was very glad when my humans told me it was bedtime, 'cos I was really sleepy. In fact, I was so tired that when I wakened as usual at half past five in the morning, I just went for a wee feed and a wee drink and then nipped back to bed and slept for another long time.

Today has been another good day and I have been outside a lot again. My MH came with me for a wee while and we played lots of games which I love. Then I rolled on the grass and fought with some twigs before heading off to my own special jungle which is just bursting full of sounds and smells and little creatures that I can talk to, so I just love it.

In the afternoon, my DH came out to finish painting the bench that my MH had started yesterday. I think he thought that doing it himself might be cheaper than buying her new shoes, and trousers and a new jacket! I went out to watch what he was doing and I found some daisies that the awful lawn mower had missed, so I played with those. My favourite outside toy is a big leaf off the pampas grass 'cos my humans can swing it for me and I can try and catch it, and this helps me to build up my speed.

Then when this is all done, I do a wee bit of rock climbing, and that is what I am doing in today's picture. I am having a really good time just now and am getting bigger and stronger and adorabler every day.

I will write chapter 2 of my story for you tomorrow, so don't miss it!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

An Up-and-Down Day

I wakened up and noticed that the sun was shining and someone had switched off the wind, so I decided that I would spend all day outside. After a quick breakfast I headed for the door and out into the garden, and it was beautiful. Just what I have been waiting for all these weeks!

All was going well until the humans arrived. I thought they had come out to play with me and that maybe we could have a picnic. How wrong was I!! Five minutes later the terrible lawn mower and strimmer appeared out of the shed. Not all by themselves, you understand. Each had a human behind it. DH had the strimmer and MH had the lawn mower and I had the headache!

What a noise they made cutting away all the lovely grass plus all the wee daisies that I had been playing with. At least they didn't attack my jungle 'cos they just stayed inside our fence, so that wasn't TOO bad. But, oh, it went on for ages 'cos we have a lot of grass, and I was just getting ready to phone the cat cruelty man, when it suddenly stopped. Wonderful!

I removed my ear-plugs and ventured outside again and all was quiet, and I must say, my garden looked lovely.

The day improved from then on, 'cos my humans stayed outside, and this time they did play with me so we all had great fun before I left them to do the day's hunting, but I kept nipping back to see what they were up to.

My DH was working in his greenhouse and still talking to the plants and MH planted some wee seeds in the big box at the window, then she got a HUGE bucket of paint and started to paint our bench, and her shoes, and her trousers and her jacket. She even managed to get some on her face, and we have a lot of red about the place now. I didn't say anything to her 'cos I didn't want to be a black and white and red cat!

We all stayed outside for hours and hours and then I had a visit from a wee girl who wanted to see me 'cos we hadn't met yet, so she came up to my house and we played together with all my toys before she had to go away again. She thinks I am adorable too! By that time, I was quite a tired puss cat, so I just had a wee feed and went into my wee hoose for a nap.

It had been a good day after all.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Saturday Again

Today has been busy, busy, busy. My humans have been doing lots of work and I have been out playing and exploring. My MH has been baking cakes and things for their tea and my DH has been working in his greenhouse. Actually, he had to mend my snooker box, because I jumped on it from a great height and sort of flattened it a wee bit, so he has reinforced it for me, and all is well again.

It is still quite windy and cold, but I have been out nearly all morning and after I finish writing this I will need to have a little nap, so that I will be able to go out on an evening adventure before bed time. It is staying light much longer now, so I can stay out later and later and in this way I get to meet all the wee creatures in my jungle.

Here is the first part of my story.

Chapter 1

Squeak was feeling very restless. Everyone had gone out and she had finished reading her 'Feline Fortnightly' so she decided to get some fresh air and some exercise. She nipped out of the window and headed for the spaces which had become her own personal jungle.

As she bounded through the long grass she heard Sammy seagull calling to her. The two had become firm friends at the bird table when Squeak offered Sammy some of her favourite biscuits and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. They had become inseparable and played together whenever they could.

Squeak was hoping that Sammy might teach her to fly but she hadn't asked him yet. That would come later.

They had been playing for a long time and Squeak was just about to leap off a very high fence post, when suddenly Sammy started squawking and flapping his wings angrily.

Squeak stood very, very still hardly daring to breathe, with just the very tip of her tail swishing to and fro ..................