Sunday, 20 July 2014

Another Super Day

I went out late last night but I was home before midnight. Well, I know that my humans need their sleep so I didn't want to keep the old dears up too late and I know they worry about me when I am not beside them, so I went home at a decent hour and they appreciated that.

We all had a good sleep and didn't need to get up too early, but when I did, I took my MH into the garden and we had a wander round about which was good fun.

I got a big surprise this afternoon when my two friends S. and M. came to my house 'cos they were watching a film on my big television so after I let them give me a wee cuddle, we all settled down to watch it, but I must admit that I fell asleep half way through it! Oh dear. However, the humans enjoyed it.

My DH was in the study playing on his computer and watching the golf, so I wasn't really interested in that either, but when my friends went away, my MH let me sit on her knee for a long time and just tickled my adorable little lugs and told me all about the film so that made me a very happy puss.

After a wee while, I discovered a bag that my friend M. had left for my MH and I did what every self-respecting little puss would do, I climbed inside and explored! Oh, it was brilliant 'cos it is big enough for me to get my whole self inside it even with the parcels in it, and of course, the old dear just happened to have her camera handy, and hey presto, another picture of yours truly

However, all this climbing and exploring is tiring, so I am now having a snooze before I go on the rampage later on. Oh joy!!

So, I have had a very good weekend and I hope yours has been a good one too.

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