Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I knew.....

.... it was all too good to be true! There has been peace and quiet chez Squeak since the oldies came home their holidays and I for one have been enjoying it and I had decided in my own adorable little mind, that when they were away on their holidays, my humans had realised how disruptive to my peaceful existence all their machines were, and that they had decided to stop.

Well, I got that one wrong, didn't I? My DH went away to the Cat shop today and he tooked his sore arm with him so the nurse could see it again. It is getting better, by the way, which is good. So it was just me and my MH and she went out for just a wee while this morning and I had a sleep till she came back, which is our normal Wednesday routine and one which I like.

She sat on the couch and catched up with some of the programmes which she had videod when she was on holiday and I had the loveliest time sleeping on her knee and I was oh so very happy, until about four o'clock when she decided that it might rain in a wee while and the grass was dry and quite long, so you all know now what she did, don't you? Yep, she tooked out the awful lawn mower!!! I was definitely not a happy Squeak!

However, I decided not to have her out there all on her own, so I went out and followed her round my garden as she tidied it all up so that I could roll on the grass without getting lost. Hee hee. It didn't take her too long and my DH came home when she was doing that so me and him went into our greenhouse and I had a wee chat to my tomatoes which are doing quite well. I had helped J. and A.look after them and I told them to chat to them for a wee while, but they thought I was just kidding, so I had to do it all by myself, but I did a good job and my DH was very pleased with me when he came home.

I went back outside just as my MH was finishing and she took these pictures of me as I rolled on my path. I love doing that 'cos my path is always lovely and cosy and it is a brilliant place to roll.

I think I might invite some of my pussy cat friends to come to my garden and we can have a path-rolling party. Now, sure that is just a brilliant idea?

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