Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just a Normal Wednesday

Nothing too exciting and no visitors to my house today, so it was just a normal Wednesday for this adorable little puss.

I was able to stay out until about half past one o'clock in the morning, but then I heard my DH shouting for me 'cos it was getting a bit windy, and I knew he would want to close the window so that the furniture wouldn't blow all over my living room, so I was a good little puss and I went home.

Another reason why we need to close the window is to keep all the daddy-long-legs outside 'cos they all come in and stick to my walls and my MH does not like them at all so I think she will be keeping the window shut until they all go away again.

The old boy went away to the Cat shop so it was a girlie day for me and her, and although my MH was out for a short while, we spent the afternoon just sitting together and having a wee chat. I sat on her knee while she talked to me and stroked my little lugs and I am afraid that I drifted off to sleep at one point.I hope she doesn't think that I was bored---I was just so comfortable and it was lovely.

I heard the VET word again today and and I noticed that my carry-box, or my CAGE :-((, is in my kitchen, so I guess that I am going on the boat tomorrow to get my MOT, but I am sure the vet will think that I am just the adorablest, perfectest little puss he has ever seen, and I shall confirm this when I write to you tomorrow when my DH brings me home again.

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