Sunday, 27 July 2014

More Brilliant

Oh, I am still so very, very happy and I shall tell you why 'cos I know you want to hear what makes me feel like that. Well.

Last night I had been out playing and decided to go home to see what the old dears were doing and as they were watching the television, I sat with my MH for a while and watched with them 'cos I was really needing a wee rest. It had been a fine night, but then the rain came on so I was quite content to be inside.

However, about eleven o'clock, there were lots of fireworks going off in Stromness 'cos it was the end of Shopping Week and we all watched the fireworks from the living room , but I am afraid it was a bit misty so we didn't see very much, but we could hear them when they banged. My MH was worried that I might be frightened, but I wasn't and she was very proud of me. BUT! I am afraid I was a little bit naughty 'cos I heard all the birdies squawking as they got a fright and they all flew past my window, and I thought that if I went outside I might be able to catch one--especially if it was one of the pesky swallows that keep annoying me, so I nipped out of my window and went hunting, but by then they had all settled down again and I didn't catch one. Shame!

Today has been a good day too and the rain has stayed away so we have been outside a lot. My humans are still working in my garden and I watch them for a while and I even helped my MH pull up another weed and that made her laugh a lot, and my DH has been doing lots of work too, but I think they are nearly finished now and it is looking good.

I don't have lots to tell you 'cos I am doing mostly the same things every day, but I am just the happiest little pussy cat and I am loving the summer weather when I can be in and out as much as I like, but I still haven't stayed out for a whole night 'cos when I thought about it, I realised that my MH would worry about me and she needs me to cuddle up beside her when she is sleeping and it would be a wee bit selfish of me if I denied her that. Sure it would?

And we all know that I am a very considerate, adorable pussy cat, don't we? Oh, and I forgot------ modest as well!! Hee hee

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