Wednesday, 23 July 2014


.... it has been a rather odd sort of day and I am afraid it didn't start too well for this adorable little puss 'cos I was a wee bit sick this morning just when I wakened up, but don't worry 'cos I am very well again.

I just felt something in my tummy which shouldn't have been there and I am afraid it had to come out and it did---all over the bedroom carpet! I was worried that my MH might have been angry with me, but, as usual, she wasn't. In fact, she was a bit worried for me and gave me a big cuddle which made my adorable little tummy all better. And I have been better all day.

Anyway, it was just a normal Wednesday Chez Squeak and my DH went away to the Cat shop while my MH went out for a while and then when she came home, she went away out again and left me all alone.

Actually, I was quite happy 'cos I just had a snooze and then when she came back, I took up my rightful position on her knee where I sat for a long, long time just purring and half sleeping which was just fine. Then she told me something which did worry me a wee bit 'cos she told me we were going to have a couple of weeks of sports and I thought she was going to make me do exercises with her in the gym, and I didn't really fancy that idea, but then she told me that the Commonwealth Games were coming from Glasgow and my humans used to live very near there, so she was going to be watching the television a lot, and she said if I wanted to, I could sit on her knee and watch with her.

I told her that I would see what the weather was like before I made a decision, and she appreciated that, but at least I will know where she is now, and I think we are going to have a very good time.

I hope if you are watching, you will have a very good time too.

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  1. Ah yes, the Commonwealth Games. I hope we get some decent coverage here Squeak. I am so glad that you are all better. Sadie is very glad too, and send you a smile. :)