Sunday, 31 August 2014

Good Squeak

That's what I have been. No more naughtiness----- well, for a day or two anyway.

I have been very obedient and kind to my humans. I have sat on my MH's knee or on the back of my couch, but I haven't been up on top of the cupboard again, and I slept all night and didn't disturb by MH at all. Did I do all these good things because I wanted to? Well, yes and no. You see, while I was sitting on my MH's knee during the evening, she whispered in my adorable little lug that if I didn't start being a very good pussycat, she would ask my friend S.'s pussy cat if she would like to change houses!

Well, I was stunned. Shocked into being good, even!! But she was just pretending. Sure she was? For one--she loves me too much to do without me and for two---my friend S. would NEVER swap her pussycat, 'cos she loves her too, too much to do that, but I decided to be good for a wee while anyway. Just in case.

I have had a very good day 'cos I have been out playing all the time and the nice farmer man next door has put the lady cows into the field right in front of my living room so I have plenty of friends to talk to now and I shall be spending a lot more time with them tonight. It is just fortunate for me that it is still quite light at night times 'cos I need to watch where I am putting my adorable little feets so that I don't get them covered in smelly cow poo! If I went home with stinky paws I think my MH WOULD swap me.

I don't have very much news for you 'cos I have just been doing very normal things but I have lots of good fun just playing in my garden and being with my humans, and I think I will be doing the same again tomorrow 'cos my little weather man friend says it is going to be warm and not wet on my little island, and I heard my humans saying that there is some work still to be done outside, so if it is a good day, we will all be outside tomorrow and I am so excited about that.

I just hope his forecast is right!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday Again

And a very good Saturday it has been too. The weather has been good and so we have all been outside for a long time. I have spent the time playing, but my humans have been working so they are a wee bit tired now.

My DH is still spreading his chips, but he is nearly finished now, and my MH has been doing some weeding and I stayed with her and helped her for a while. Well, I thought I was helping, but I think my MH had other ideas. You see, she was pulling up the weeds and throwing them into a little bucket, but sometimes she missed the bucket so I ran up and brought the little weed back to her and that made her laugh. I had really good fun and I like it when we are all out in my garden together.

I was just a teeny bit naughty last night, but not naughty enough to get a great big row----just a little one. Let me explain. Well, I always do, don't I? I was out until half past two o'clock this morning, but that was fine 'cos the window was left open for me, but I am afraid I wakened my MH when I cuddled up beside her and so she got up and closed the window. I think she was frightened the sheeps might try to come and see me. Hee hee.

She settled down again for a sleep and I had a snooze for a while but then I went wandering and I am afraid I wakened her up once again 'cos I made a strange noise and she didn't know what I was doing and decided she needed to find out, and when she came into the kitchen, I was up on top of the cupboard again and I wouldn't come down.

She called for me and tried to persuade me, but I just stayed there wagging my adorable little tail and she thought I had something up there with me, but since it is too high for the old dear, she will never know! She told my DH when they got up this morning and he got the step ladder out and had a look, but there was nothing to be seen, so they don't know what I was doing, and I am not telling, am I?

She went out to look after the hens and the other puss cat today, so I sat with my DH until she came back and then I sat on her knee and that's where I am staying until it is time to go outside again.

I wonder what I will get up to tonight? Oh, I just love all this excitement, and I hope you are having a wee bit excitement too!

Friday, 29 August 2014

No Naughtiness

I have been a very good puss today and my humans have been very pleased with me. I had a good, peaceful night last night and I played outside for a long time before going in through my window and then climbing up beside my MH, although I did give her a wee fright when I sort of misjudged my jump and just caught the edge of the bed so that I had to scramble a bit to get back up again. Fortunately, I didn't waken her up completely or I would have been in trouble---again!

It was a normal Friday in my house with my DH going to the Cat Shop, and normally it is just me and my MH, but she had to go out too 'cos she had to go to the Hall for a wee while with her guitar, so I just played in my garden until she came back and then I took up my rightful place on her knee while she told me everything that she had been doing, and that took us a wee while but we both enjoyed it.

She had been down at my friend S.'s house 'cos she is looking after all her animals while S. is on her holidays, so my dear old MH is looking after the chooky hens and two other pussy cats, and when she came home, I had to have a good old sniff at her hands 'cos there were lots of different smells on them. I am OK with this arrangement 'cos S. is one of my bestest friends and I know that whatever my MH does, I am still her favouritist puss cat and I always will be, so as long as she doesn't bring the other pussy cats home here, I shall agree to her helping my friend.

We sat together for a long time and then she decided to make some cards, so I sat on my couch and watched what she was doing and she talked to me all the time she was working, and I like that very much, so I purred back at her and it really sounded as though we were having a conversation. Funny!

I know you have seen this photograph of yours truly, but me and my MH like it so much that we thought you might like to see it again. I think it is one of my more fetching pictures.

I am having a snooze now and then I shall head outside later on for my usual nocturnal games and I shall give you a full report tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nocturnal Naughtiness

Oh, I got my revenge and it was lovely.

Remember I told you that my MH wouldn't let my sheeps friends into my house when they came to see me? Well, I am afraid I did a little naughty thing very early this morning and my MH was not at all happy with me? I shall explain.

I had my usual sleep in the evening and then about ten o'clock at night time, I went out to play for a wee while. I usually do this and I have a wander round my favourite places so that I can decide which one I will go to when I go out later on. See? Then about half an hour later I go back home 'cos I know it is nearly my MH's bedtime, and she needs me to help her get to sleep. I cuddle up beside her while she is reading and I purr so very, very gently and that makes the old dear feel tired and then she falls asleep and that is my signal to go and ask my DH for some biscuits after which I ask him to open the door for me, which he does. Then out I run and the world is mine! Yippee

It was a lovely evening and I was having such fun that I stayed out very late and the old boy called for me a few times before he went to bed, but I am afraid I sort of pretended that I didn't hear him and I stayed out in the fields long after all the lights in my house had gone out. I had lots of fun just prowling through the long grass listening to all the little animals and insects and there were even some little birdies watching me and making wee chirrping noises and it was just beautiful, but then I got a bit tired and decided to go home, but I did this very slowly 'cos I was liking being outside so much.

I sat in my garden for a while and then I saw my outside lights coming on and I heard my MH calling for me and I decided it was time to say 'bye bye' to the outside and 'hello' to the inside, but when I went in, I gave my MH a wee surprise 'cos I tooked her a little mouse! I decided that maybe the sheeps were too big for my house and that a little mouse would be fine, but I am afraid I got it wrong again and my MH didn't want a little mouse either. Sigh :-(

It was quite lucky for her really 'cos she had closed the porch door before she had opened the outside door so I couldn't go anywhere and when she gave me a wee biscuit, I dropped said mouse and then my MH lifted me up and put me in the kitchen while the little mouse scarpered very quickly and got lost somewhere in my porch. Oops!

This was about three o'clock in the morning and since the poor old dear was still half asleep and she didn't have her specs on, she decided to leave the little mouse where it was and we both went off to bed. She mentioned it to my DH this morning and he had a look, and between him and me we found the little mouse and it is now back in the field again, but I don't think it will want to come into my house tonight.

It was really good fun and I was a very happy little pussy cat. I wonder what nocturnal naughtiness I will get up to tonight?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I was not a very happy puss today 'cos some visitors came to see me and my MH wouldn't let them in! In fact, she closed both the gates to my garden to make sure they didn't get in. Now, sure that is not good?

Oh, do you want to know who my visitors were? They were some sheeps who normally live in the field beside my house, but they were so anxious to come and see me, that they managed to escape and they were just about to come into my garden to knock on my door, when my MH saw them and ran out as fast as her little (but not adorable!) legs could take her and then she shoo'd them away and shut all my gates and I just sat on my step and sulked and it was the biggest sulk I have ever done, but I was not happy. After all, she lets HER friends come into my house and I welcome them and sit on their knees and give them big purrs, so surely I am entitled to some of my friends? Sigh :-(

Anyway, apart from that, I have had quite a good day. It was just another normal Wednesday with my DH nipping off to the Cat Shop and my MH doing whatever it is she does---I must follow her one day and find out. Oh I can see it now. Yours truly with my long black detective coat and my dark glasses with a beautiful Sherlock Holmes type hat with lug holes for my adorable little ears following the old dear and hiding behind a passing sheep or cow if she just happens to turn round so that I can find out where she goes. Oh, what an imagination! I am a clever puss, am I not?

I had a sleep until she came home and then I sat on her knee to tell her I had forgiven her for turning my friends away and then we went out to play in my garden for a while which was lovely. The old dear went inside, and I nipped over into the field to apologise to the sheeps, but they said they understood and that it was Ok and we would still be best friends which made me happy again.

So that has been my Wednesday and the best bit is still to come after I have had my sleep 'cos the weather on my little island is still good and I think I will probably be staying out very late tonight, and I have suddenly had the brilliantest idea.

You know that when the weather is good and I am out late, my humans leave the window open for me? Well, if the little sheeps can escape out of the field again,the could come in through the window with me and we could have a wee party before the humans get up again and so they would never know!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

No News

Both my humans were away from my house all day today so I don't have any news for you. We were all up early because they had to catch the first boat, but it was such a lovely morning that I was out playing before they left and my MH left the window open for me.

Now, I could tell you that I had a wild adventure and climbed poles in everybody's garden as I went to the other end of my island for a long walk and I went down onto the beach for a roll in the sand and while I was there I saw some seals, so I just swam out into the sea to have a chat with them and while we were chatting, they taught me how to dive and to swim under water and to catch fishes, and I just loved that.

On my way back to my house, I saw two ginormous big doggies chasing a little mouse and that made me very angry, so I raced up to these doggies and sat right in front of them. I arched my adorable little back and hissed the loudest hiss I have ever done, and the doggies ran away whimpering, so I ate the little mouse!!!

Well. I COULD tell you all that, but it would be just a bit of a great big lie, 'cos what I really did was to snooze for most of the time the humans were away and my MH knew that 'cos when she came home, I appeared from the bedroom and when she put her hand on the pillow, it was warm and cosy so she knew my adorable little body had been all curled up there.

But it was a good story, sure it was?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Another 'yippee' type day

Oh, I have had a very good day and I didn't even let the awful vacuum cleaner spoil my good mood. I just went outside and ignored it.

I had a long play outside last night and I am afraid that my DH had to call for me lots of times before I decided it was bed time and by this time my dear old MH was fast asleep, so I had to be very quiet and gentle as I cooried up beside her 'cos I didn't want to waken her. That is certainly a great big no-no!

We were all up bright and early this morning and were all happy to see the sun was shining, so me and my MH had a wander round my garden to get some fresh air before she had to start all her housework and when she did that, me and my DH went into our greenhouse and we sat there in the peace and quiet until the old dear was finished.

At one point in the morning I made my MH laugh 'cos I asked her to let me out the door and five minutes later I jumped in through the window ---well, not exactly through the window 'cos it was open, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I had a wee biscuit and then I asked my MH to open the door for me and ten minutes later I was back in through the window again! Oh it was such good fun and it did make her giggle!

I told you yesterday that I thought I was getting a bit too grown up to play with my toys, and one of my friends wrote and told me that I would never be too old for that, and so I have been having a wee re-think and maybe she is right. I still love playing with my MH and I let her roll me over and tickle my adorable little tummy and we play on the blankets when she is making the beds and that is very good fun, but it is just playing with my toys that I haven't been doing so much, but maybe I will.

I was helping my DH spread some of his chips on my path today and my MH was very pleased with us but there are still an awful lot of chips that still have to be moved, so I think my DH is going to be very tired by the time he is finished. I am sure I caught him trying to learn how to do my rain dance, but it was not a pretty sight I can tell you.

I think I need to hide my little book, before he works out how to do it properly!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Guess What?

I didn't get wet today! Yippee. It hasn't been raining and I have been out playing all day and my humans have even been outside with me too which just makes it better and better, and to finish it all off, my friend S. came to see me and she brought lots of cuddles with her, so I have been a wee bit spoiled today---but I am worth it, sure I am?

I stayed out quite late last night but things around my house and in my fields were very quiet and there wasn't very much for me to do, so I just went home and after a bit of supper, I nipped in beside my MH and had a very good sleep. I just love it when I can cuddle up beside the old dear and she tells me that she likes it too, so that makes us both happy.

When we got up this morning me and my DH went into our greenhouse and did some work with our tomatoes which are just about finished now and soon we will have to start cleaning it all out again. Shame. I got a bit of a fright today 'cos I went into the study at one point to see what my humans were doing and I saw a case on the floor and my adorable little heart sank as I thought they were going away to leave me again, and I was very, very sad so I lay on the couch and had a big, sad sulk. My MH saw me and right away knew what was wrong and she cuddled me and told me that they were just measuring the case 'cos they are buying another one the same, but they are not going away just now, and suddenly I was very happy again and gave her a ginormous purr and she laughed.

Me and my MH played with some of my toys this afternoon and we haven't done that for a long time. I am getting a bit grown up for games now, but if the old dear feels she needs to play, then who am I to stand in her way? Just as we had finished, I heard my friend S. coming into my house, so I waited for her and she gave me a big cuddle and called me her ickle wickle again and that always makes me smile 'cos I like being a ickle wickle, whatever it is!

I was just settling down for a peaceful evening when my MH decided to go out and cut my grass, so I just followed her round and sat on the paths as she ran round the garden behind the lawn mower and I helped her into my house when she was finished 'cos her little legs were tired by then, and I was so tired too that I had to curl up on my chair and have an evening snooze.

I have had a very good Sunday and I hope you have had a good day too.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ho Hum

I am getting a wee bit fed up of getting wet. I seem to have been wet every day and sometimes more than once every day for the past forever and I am not liking it very much, although I must say, I do love it when my MH goes and gets my big towel and dries me then gives m big cuddles. It is rather nice and almost worth getting soaked for. It is a good job that I don't shrink when I get wet or else by now I would just be a wee black and white dot on four adorable little paws!

You will have gathered by now that it has been a wet day, but not all the time, just every time I was too far away from my house to get shelter. Harrumph!
I managed to play outside for a while, and then I went in and sat with my MH while she did some cards and we had a chat while she was working. I like when she chats to me. My DH watched the football on my telly but he wasn't pleased 'cos his team didn't win, so me and the Boss didn't say anything 'cos he might have cried. Hee hee

We were all in the study at one point 'cos the humans were working on the big computer and I lay down on the couch and had a wee nap while they were busy and then when my MH was finished, we went into the gym and I managed to have a wee play outside while her wee legs were doing all their hard work, but we didn't play on the grass like we normally do as it was just too wet.

Later on, I sat outside just waiting for some of the little birdies to come and get their dinner and that's when my MH tooked this picture of me and the big boat that was going to Scrabster, but the little birdies didn't come. I think maybe they were frightened of me, but I wouldn't hurt them and maybe one day I will be able to tell them that.

I think my humans are going to watch Dr. Who tonight 'cos they like the new man who is the Doctor, but I think I might be a bit afraid so I will watch it on my MH's knee so that she can protect me from all the scarey stuff, but I don't know who is going to protect her!!

I shall tell you tomorrow if we managed to watch it all.

Friday, 22 August 2014

A Quieter Day

...but still a very good day. My DH went skipping off to the Cat Shop and me and my MH went skipping off to our couch, and there we sat and had a good old natter while she tickled these adorable little lugs. Oh bliss.

She didn't have very much housework to do, although the steamer machine did make an appearance, so while it was out, I made a disappearance" Hee hee. I think that is one of my better jokes!

I went into my garden and played for a while, but I had to jump in the window a few times when the really heavy rain came on and my MH had even to shut the window 'cos the nasty wind was blowing it into my living room and making everything wet and the old dear was not best pleased.

We went out to feed the birdies and we filled up their little feeder, but as soon as I went home and settled on the back of my couch to watch all the little birdies, a great big seagull came and started eating up all the food and I was not happy at all. I was so unhappy that I started growling and that made my MH look to see what was happening and she thought I looked so lovely that she tooked this picture of me, and I am sure you will agree with her..

I am having a rest now but I shall be going out later on if the weather lets me, and maybe I shall have some more news for you then. I am looking forward to a good weekend with both my humans being at home with me and playing with me and I 'specially like the weekend 'cos my MH doesn't take out any of her machines, so my house is Squeak-friendly all the time and that suits me right down to my adorable little paws.

I hope you have a very good weekend too.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


What a day I have had! I think it is the bestest day I have had for a long, long time and I am so pleased with my adorable little self.

I was out quite late last night and I am afraid I was very wet when I came in through my window. To be honest, my dear friends, I am getting a tad fed up with all theses soakings that I have been getting and I am seriously considering asking my MH to make me a raincoat so that my little body can stay dry in all this rain. The only problem is that my MH likes colours like purples and lilacs and I think it would totally ruin my street cred if I arrived out in the fields in a lilac raincoat, so I may have to speak quite sternly to her.

Anyway, I had a very good sleep once I had been made all dry again and then this morning my DH went away and it was just me and my MH in my house, so while she was running around with her vacuum cleaner, I tooked myself into the garden and as I was sitting there just watching and thinking I spied a little mouse and so I chased it, but it ran under the bush where I couldn't get to it. So, I knew I had all the time in the world, and I just sat there and waited and waited and waited. At one point, my MH wondered what had happened to me 'cos I was sitting like a statue, but I gave her a wee meow when I saw her to let her know I was fine.

Eventually I got fed up and I decided just to go inside and my timing was perfect---which won't surprise you at all, I am sure---as the old dear had just sat down, so there was a knee and a cuddle with my name on it, and there I spent a very comfortable half hour until it was time for us to go into the gym and it was then that my day just got better and better, 'cos the little mouse appeared again and this time I catched it. Yippee!!

I know you might feel a wee bit sad, but it is just what us pussy cats do I am afraid, and today I did it so very well. I carried it round and put it on my grass and I played with it for a while and then I tooked it for a wee walk and I am afraid I can't tell you what I did with it, 'cos I stayed well away from my MH because do you know what she does when I find a mouse? She takes it from me and keeps it for herself!! Now, if she wants a mouse, sure she should find her own? 'Yes', I hear you all calling and you are all so right!

So there we are. A brilliant day and if I have my way, it will be a brilliant night too, but meantime I am having a little nap before I head out into the wild later on.

I hope you have had as good a day as me.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Contentment is....

.... sitting on my MH's knee and that is just what I have been doing as often as I can today, so I am very, very happy.

It was a normal Wednesday with my DH going to the Cat shop and my MH going out for a while and me having a rest till she came back, although I did get a bit of a surprise when a man in a tractor came into my garden with three ginormous bags of chips for all my paths, so I reckon I will know where to find my DH for the next few days!

I was still in my little bed when my MH came home but as soon as I heard her calling for me, I raced into the kitchen to say hello and she lifted me up for a great big cuddle and then we went and sat on my couch and she told me all the things she had been doing.

When my DH came home, she told him I had been in my 'sooky mood' and that's what she calls it when I am all soft and cuddly and I cosy in beside her and purr for her and I am just so very content. She just loves that.

So, that has been my day. Not much to report but just a day that I like. I am going out to play soon and I might get wet 'cos it has been raining and my little whiskers tell me it might rain again, so I just hope that one of my towels is dry and close at hand if I come dripping in through the window later on.

If it is dry tomorrow, then me and my DH will be spreading the chips on my paths and no doubt my MH will help us too, if we let her. Maybe she would be better in the house playing with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and leave the heavy stuff to us. And it also means that we have something to do to escape the noise of that awful machine, so I am keeping my adorable little paws crossed that we don't have any rain tomorrow.

But if it does rain, then I shall be asking for lots of cuddles and I am sure I will get as many as I want and my contentment shall continue.Oh yes, happy, happy, Squeak.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Well, if I thought I had no news for you yesterday, I have even less for you today 'cos I have been so abandoned and so very not happy, that I have spent all day on my little bed, all alone and just waiting for my humans to come home and feed me and speak to me. Oh I have been so unhappy. Can you hear the violins?

OK. It wasn't just as bad as that, but I am playing the sympathy card and milking it for all it is worth.

Now for the TRUE story! My dear old MH had to go to the dentist at four o'clock this afternoon and so the humans decided that they could go into Kirkwall and do some shopping since they were out anyway, so they had to leave me at half past ten o'clock and they didn't get back home again until quarter past six o'clock and yours truly was all alone all that time.

It was raining and quite windy when they left, so they had to close the window which meant that I couldn't get outside so I just took to my little bed and had a sleep, but there was plenty food and water to keep me right till they came home again, but it's not the same when they are not here and I don't like it.

When they had unpacked all the messages my MH sat on my couch and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was right up on her knee and then I did what she just loves and I sat up and put my head up beside her shoulder and purred very loudly and sat like that for a long long time while she just stroked my little head and she says when I do that it gives her the loveliest feeling in the world, so we were both very happy.

I eventually got out to play about seven o'clock and it stayed dry enough to let me get a good long play, so I am nearly back to normal and I am sure I will grow out of my trauma! Hee hee

Monday, 18 August 2014

No News

All is well chez Squeak, but I don't have any exciting news for you 'cos it has just been a kind of normal day with my MH doing all her cleaning and me and my DH escaping into our greenhouse for some peace and quiet time.

It has been quite wet and a bit very windy, but I still managed to get out to play as often as I wanted, although I didn't get back into my house when I needed to, 'cos I was down in the field where there is no shelter and I had just made up my mind to saunter back and see how the old folk were managing when a huge black cloud settled on top of me and then it burst open and dropped all its rain on me, so I ran and ran as fast as my adorable little legs could go and did a rugby tackle dive under my DH's car where it was nice and dry. I had to stay there for a long time until the rain decided to stop falling on me and I went home just in time to get a great big cuddle.

I am still considering my nocturnal feeding problems and I am delighted to say that many of my friends are helping me with suggestions, so I shall be able to come up with a solution very soon I am sure. I may not need to consider it much for this year 'cos the nights are getting a bit colder now and the best place for this adorable little Squeak is all curled up at my MH's feet on our cosy wee bed, but I need to have a plan in place for springtime.

My idea is to have a few plans and to try them out before the baddest winter weather comes, and then I shall pick the bestest one for next year. I think that sounds like a very good plan, so if you have any ideas, please send them to me and I shall give them all serious consideration.

I had two visitors to my house today so I got lots of cuddles and I did a lot of sniffing at their feets and things 'cos they both smelled different to my humans and I like sniffing, so I have had a very good day and I am feeling in just the bestest of form and I hope you are in good form too.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another Night Time Adventure

I have been thinking very seriously about becoming a nocturnal pussy cat and I have spent most of my day working out all the pros and cons and I am afraid that most of them concern my adorable little tummy. I shall explain.

As I told you, I was tired yesterday all day, but by the time bed time arrived, I suddenly discovered that all my energy was back again and I decided to go out to play. I waited until I knew that my MH was settled down in her little bed with her book and I asked my DH to open the door for me, which he did, and as I stepped out he told me not to be late 'cos he wanted to go to bed, but I sort of didn't hear that bit too well and oft I went.

Now for the weather report. It was dry but could have rained and it was blowing a wee bit right into my living room so my DH had to close the window when he went to bed. He doesn't go to bed early most of the time and it was late last night when he decided that he was tired and that I needed to be home, so he called and he whistled, and he called and he whistled, but I didn't come back and he finally gave up and went to bed, shutting me out! Oh dear. When he went into the bedroom, he wakened my MH to tell her all this and to say she wasn't overjoyed is a wee bit of an understatement, but it was done.

Well, the old dear dozed on and off but finally got up about half past two o'clock in the morning and called for me out of the window and then called for me out of the door, but I was nowhere to be seen and she was getting a wee bit annoyed and she also gets a bit worried 'cos she loves me so, so much that she doesn't want anything to happen to me, but when we have had our wee chats, she accepts that I have to do what all pussy cats do and she tries not to worry too much.

So, she sat on my couch for a wee while and then she tried calling again and when she opened the door she saw a lovely sight that made her smile. Can you guess what it was? Yes! It was me, Squeak, and I was just running across the path from the field and was diving through the fence, but it was a bit dark and she could only see my adorable little chest 'cos that is white and most of the rest of me is black, so she couldn't see it, but it was all there. Trust me. But the thing that made her smile was that I talked to her all the way up the path telling her that I was home and that I was very OK and we were both very happy.

So, that's why I have been thinking, but what is worrying me is if I stayed out all night I might get hungry and my MH would be in her bed sleeping so she wouldn't feed me as often as I want and I wouldn't get all the cuddles that I get through the day, so I will need to give my lifestyle a lot of serious consideration and you will see from this picture that I have spent all day doing just that, and I shall tell you what I have decided, although I would appreciate any help with this very delicate matter if you feel so inclined. Thank you.

Saturday, 16 August 2014


.... I think all my late nights have finally caught up with me 'cos I have been very tired today and have spent most of my time sleeping.

I was late again last night, and I'm afraid I almost upset my humans, but not quite. You see, I went out about half past nine and I comed home again just before midnight. My DH was still up and my MH was in her bed but she was reading. She told me I was a very good puss for coming home early, but I am afraid I had only come in 'cos I was hungry, and that I was going to try and get out again. I sat with her for a while and then I went in to see what the old boy was doing and I asked him---very quietly---to let me out again, which he did, and then he went and told the Boss.

She was not best pleased because when I am out late it gives me an appetite and I always need a feed when I do come home, and it is my MH that I have to waken to do this small thing for me 'cos I have told you that my DH would sleep through any noise at all, so I know it is no use at all even trying to waken him, but my poor old MH wakens at the wee-est noise, which is just as well for me really, or my little bones would be sticking through this adorable little black and white coat of mine.

Anyway, I digress. The fact that my DH had let me out meant that if I didn't come home before he went to bed, my MH would have to get up and close the window after me 'cos it was a wee bit blowy and it might have rained, so I am afraid the old fellow was in the dog house. This doesn't worry him, 'cos he is in it so often that he has made it quite comfortable for himself! Hee hee

However, a serious 'domestic' was averted when yours truly decided to go home before all the lights went out and my dear old MH didn't have to get up after all. Phew!

As a result of all this, when I wakened up this morning, I was still feeling quite sleepy, so I had my breakfast, a wee wander round my garden to leave a couple of deposits here and there and then I headed back to my bed again and all day I have wandered from my bed to my MH's knee---wherever that has been--and then onto the couch or my chair and I have spent most of my afternoon in the land of nod, and I think I might be in bed very early tonight.

Unless I find some more energy later on. One just never knows, does one?

Friday, 15 August 2014

Another Late Night

I was out late again last night and I think it might have been the latest I have ever been out, but I was having really good fun talking to all my little animal friends that I didn't want to go home, and also, it was quite a good night for weather, so I was very OK. I am thinking that I might need to stay out for an en-tire night very soon, so that I can chat to all my friends before they all move away for the winter. I am just worried that it might upset my humans, but I am sure they will understand it is just something I HAVE to do.

So,I stared off in the field in front of my gate 'cos that's where there is a lovely white baby cow and I have lots of fun talking to 'it'. Now, I know that is a bit unkind, but I don't know if it is a baby boy cow or a baby girl cow, I just now it is a lovely cow and it is my friend. In fact, this afternoon, when I was taking my MH into her wee gym, the little cow saw me and moo'd at me and I purred back and my MH smiled, but the mummy cow just ignored us all. She didn't look very happy, maybe she had a headache. Shame!

Anyway, back to last night. I spent time with the cows and then I wandered down to the old shed and sat and waited till all my little mouse friends appeared and we had a lot of chats as I told them what I had been doing and they gave me all their news.

It was getting quite late by this time and so I perambulated back to the field in front of my living room where all the sheeps are and I spent a long time there 'cos there are a lot of sheeps for me to visit and I don't want to upset any of them by ignoring them, do I? Well,I was having such a good time that I didn't notice my living room lights going out which meant that both my humans were away to bed, but the window was open, so I knew I could get into my house whenever I wanted to.

I played and chatted for a while more and then I said night night to all my friends and made my way across the field to my house. I didn't know what time it was, but I knew a woman who would! Hee hee I climbed in the window, had a wee nibble at some biscuits and snuggled up beside my MH who told me it was twenty minutes to three o'clock in the morning and I think that might be the latest I have ever been out, and I liked it very, very much, although I was just a tad tired this morning when my DH's alarm went off for him to go to the Cat Shop, and I just turned over and had another wee snooze until I wasn't tired any more.

I have a very good day with my MH and we have both been a bit lazy although we did go into the gym and then she played with me in the garden for a while, but I have spent the most of the day resting and catching up with my sleep.

I wonder what time I will come home tonight? I will tell you tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


...I think I might just have lost one of my little gold stars. As I told you yesterday, I was resting after my dinner and saving up all my energy to take outside with me at night time. Yes? Well, it turned out to be quite a good night with weather which just suited this adorable little puss, so I went out about half past nine and I stayed outside until about ten o'clock and then when I came in, I sat with my MH for a while and I gave her lots of purrs as she stroked my little lugs before she went to bed.

As usual, I stayed with her until she went to sleep and then I went into the study to ask my DH to please open the door for me and I was off again into the fields where I am just at my happiest, well except when I am beside my beloved MH of course, and I played and played and played. There was so much for me to do that I am afraid I just ignored my DH when I heard him calling, and I still ignored him when I heard him whistling, and I STILL ignored him when he put the lights out.

Sometimes he puts out the lights and sits in the dark for a minute until I nip in through the window 'cos he knows that I know that this is the signal for me to come home and I normally do, but just not last night, so off he went to his little bed, but he left the window open for me, so that was OK.

Well, I had just the bestest of fun talking to the little mouses and then I went into the other field and I had a long play with this mister sheep. I think I am a wee bit in love 'cos he is just the handsomest sheeps in the world, and he thinks I am quite beautiful too. So now you know why I didn't want to go home. Sigh. However, eventually I decided that it was time for a little sleep and so I said night night to my friend, nipped in through my living room window, had a wee biscuit and then jumped up onto my bed intending to snuggle up beside my MH. However, I sort of muddled up my take off and landed right on the old dear's chest with a rather heavy thump which wakened her up very quickly. Oops!

And that's why I think I might have lost one of my little gold stars, although after I gave her one of my 'I love you millions, MH'' purrs I was her favouritest pussy cat in the world again. It doesn't take much and she is putty in my paws again, but I think I might come in when my DH calls tonight.

It might be safer!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I didn't get wet last night! Yippee. I was able to stay out for quite a long time and managed to get home without getting wet and without needing to waken my MH to ask her to dry me again, so I got another gold star!

Today was just a very normal Wednesday with my DH going to the Cat Shop and my MH going out for a wee while, and I am afraid I got locked out for a while and I was not best pleased, but since it was all my own fault, I couldn't complain. I did try, but the old dear was having none of it.

You see, when my DH went out this morning, I went away into the fields and I played there for a while and although I heard my MH calling for me, I just decided that I wasn't ready to go inside and so I stayed where she couldn't see me. I saw her going out and I was OK with that, but then a while later, I decided I needed a rest on my couch and it was then I discovered that she hadn't left the window open 'cos there was a wind blowing right into my living room and it would have been too cold if the window had been left open. So, I was locked out for two whole hours, and I was not happy.

I did mention this to my MH when she came back, but she told me it was my own fault and I should always come when she calls, and I suppose she was a wee bit right. I did get a cuddle and I was able to to sit on her knee in the afternoon while she told me all the things she had been doing, so I forgave her.

I am just loving playing in the long grass and there are lots of things for me to do so that is why I want to stay outside as much as possible and I have got into a fine routine at nighttime. I have something to eat at the same time as my humans are having their dinner and then I usually have a little perambulation round my garden for a while.

When I come in, I sit with my MH and then I lie on my couch beside her and I have a snooze until about ten o'clock when I ask to be let out again and off I go. I stay out for about half an hour and then I come in and look after my MH until it is time for her to go to bed, and I lie beside her while she reads her book, but as soon as she puts her light out, I go and tell my DH and he gives me a wee biscuit and opens the door for me, and I am off hunting and exploring again until I get tired.

It is a very good routine and it suits me just fine.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Lots of Rain

Oh dear it has been very wet on my little island. I have been able to get out to play, but I have learned not to go too far away from my house 'cos when the rain starts, it gets very heavy very quickly, but if I am round about my garden, then I can get inside before I get too wet. Clever, eh?

I have been getting so wet, that I now have to have TWO towels all to myself. I have always had one towel, but I now need two because of all the rain we have been getting lately, and I just love it when my MH makes me all dry again 'cos there is always a cuddle hiding in the towel for me and sometimes a wee tickle, which I adore.

I got a big surprise last night when my MH had her shower 'cos she came into my living room with her big furry dressing gown on, and I love it so much that she had hardly got sat down until I was right on top of her knee and I kneaded it and kneaded it and I purred so loudly my DH had to turn up the television. Oh, I was so comfortable that I fell asleep right away and I think I even snored 'cos when I wakened up the television was still up loud! Hee hee.

I don't have a lot of news today for you 'cos I just did a lot of the same things as usual, but mainly I have been sleeping 'cos it hasn't been very nice outside and I shall save up all my energy for night time, but I did take my MH into our wee gym and I sat on the chair and watched her on her walking machine and on her bike and we had a wee chat---well, when she had enough breath to talk to me! We weren't able to play on the grass as it was too wet, but when we went into my house, she played with me on the carpet and she tickled my adorable little tummy and I liked it very much.

She was a wee bit annoyed at me this afternoon though 'cos when she was doing her Wii, I kept telling her that I was hungry and when she wasn't feeding me as quickly as I wanted, I just stood in front of the television so that she couldn't see what she was doing, and guess what? She fed me!!

Who is a clever puss? Me, of course!!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Normal Monday

I went out last night and I am afraid I couldn't get back home again until about half past two in the morning and my poor DH was desperate to get to his bed, but because the horrible wind would have blown lots of rain into my living room if he had left the window open, he had to wait until I managed to get home.

I know you will be wondering why I couldn't get home. Well, it was because of all the rain. I went out when it was dry, but while I was having some good fun, the rain came on and it poured and poured and poured and I didn't want to get another soaking, so I sheltered in beside some bales and I had to wait a long, long time before it was dry enough for me to rush home again. I heard my DH shouting for me, but I couldn't move and I am so sorry DH. Hopefully it won't happen again, 'cos I am in great danger of getting locked out. Sigh.

It has just been a normal day with my MH playing with all her machines and I am afraid she caught me being a bit of a bully and it made her smile. I shall explain. The steamer machine was out so that the old dear could clean my kitchen floor and you know I don't like it when it is spitting and hissing all over the place. Well, she had switched it off while she went out of the room for a minute, and when she came back she saw me hitting it with my adorable little paw 'cos I was just showing it who the boss was. When I saw my MH, I just gave the steamer a wee tap and then I wandered away, but I knew she was smiling at me.

I got a lovely surprise this afternoon 'cos when my MH was on her computer, she got a letter from my friend J. and there was news of a new paw pal for me and I was SO excited. I have another friend that I can write to and I am looking forward to learning all about this pussy cat. I love all my paw pals and J. sends me lots and lots of letters from them and I even get some photographs from them so you will understand why I am so excited. When my MH was telling me about my newest paw pal, she told me that he loves rolling, and guess what I had been doing this afternoon? Yes! I had been rolling on my path and my MH tooked this picture of me, so I think that me and my paw pal will be the bestest of friends and maybe some day we will be able to meet up and roll together. Oh wouldn't that be just the magicest thing ever?

Just look at the length of that adorable little body!

I will have a rest now before I wander out later on but I think I had better take my paw-ket watch with me and make sure I am home before midnight and keep my DH happy. I don't want to upset him TOO much!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another Good Day

The rain finally went off and I managed to get out to play for a long time last night before I went home to go to bed. My little tummy got wet 'cos the grass around my house is long and my legs are just little, so the grass rubs my undercarriage and makes me wet, but when I go home, I just show my MH and she makes me all dry again. Simples!

We didn't need to get up too early 'cos all our wee jobs were nearly finished although my DH did some more weeding this afternoon and my MH found a wee drop of her energy and made some cakes for us. She made pancakes for me and her and scones and fruit buns for my DH so he is very happy. He was out in the garden this afternoon and I went out to see what he was doing and then I noticed that he had left his car door open so that he could hear the radio, so I nipped into his seat and I sat with my adorable little paws on his driving wheel. He ran into the house to get my MH with her camera and when they came out again---I was gone. Oops! Sorry, humans.

We played on the grass for a while before I tooked my MH into my house 'cos I was feeling a bit hungry and she gave me my dinner and then just because she had her camera in her hand anyway, she tooked this picture of me at my very favouritist past-time.

Oh, yum yum. :-))

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ding, Dong Pussy Cat

Now, those of you who know me, will have gathered from today's heading that I got soaking wet again last night and I was indeed 'ringing'. I was ringing very loudly I can tell you---and I shall.

It was quite a fine evening when this adorable little pussy cat ventured out for my usual perambulation of my estate and I didn't go too far away. I am always aware that the humans might need me to scoot back at any given minute to help them, so I tend to stay fairly close to my house until I see that the lights have gone out and then I know they are safely tucked up in their little beds. Ah, Bless!

I was having a sniff at the various bits of grasses and things when suddenly the rain came on as hard as I have seen it. My MH said the heavens opened, but no matter how hard I looked up, I couldn't see a door, so I think she might be havering a wee bit again. Anyway, I don't know where it was coming from, but I knew it was all falling down on this adorable little body, and this adorable little body did not like it one little bit.

I tried to find a bit of shelter and thought I might hide until it went off again, but it stayed on for a long, long time and I just wanted to go home. So. I tooked a very deep breath and ran as fast as my four little legs could carry me and dived in through my living room window landing with a soggy 'plop' on my carpet, and I was wet. Oh my dear friends, I was W-E-T!!!

I knew I would never get myself dry, so I carefully jumped up onto my MH. Well, as carefully as a soaking wet pussy cat CAN jump, and I think I might have dripped a bit on her 'cos she jumped up very quickly. Between you and me, I didn't know she could move that quickly! Hee hee However, being a very clever and astute MH, she realised that I needed some help and went away and got a ginormous bath towel which she wrapped me up in and gave me a great big cuddle and I must admit I liked it a lot, and it was worth getting soaking wet for. My DH saw us and said I looked really cute with my adorable little head sticking out of this great big towel, but he was too late getting the camera 'cos I had decided I was dry and scooted off for a wee feed. Sorry DH, but my little tummy comes first!

It has been a very quiet day today and we have all been doing things inside although I have been in and out a few times, and as you can see, I have just had a wash after my dinner and I am now going to have a snooze before I head out again later on, but I am just hoping that I don't get wet again.Once in a while is enough, thank you very much.

Here is a picture of some of my little birdie friends having their dinner this afternoon.I like this picture and I asked my MH to let you see it, so I hope you like it too.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Peace at Last

Well, I don't know whether my beloved MH has finally run out of steam or whether there is nothing left to paint or wash or vacuum, but we have had a lovely peaceful day, and I for one have just loved every minute of it.

My DH went away on the boat to go to the Cat shop and I sat patiently waiting to see what the old dear was going to do, but surprise!, she sat on my couch and invited me up onto her knee! Yippee! We sat there for a while and she stroked me as I purred and had a snooze and was very happy.

She did a wee bit of housework but in between her little jobs we would sit down and I would sit beside her and my little lugs would get another wee cuddle. We fed the birdies and then I sat on my window sill and watched them as they had a feed. Lots of little birds come to the feeder in my garden and they go away again with filled up tummies and that makes them happy.

Later in the afternoon, she tooked me into her wee gym and I sat on the chair while she did her exercises and then we went back onto the couch for more sitting and cuddling 'cos by this time her little legs were tired and even if she had needed to do any more work, she didn't have the energy, so we just sat there having a chat till my DH comed home again.

So,I don't have any news for you except to tell you that I have had a super duper day just being stroked and spoiled and talked to and you all know that I just love that and it is millions times better than watching the vacuum cleaner or any of the other gadgets that my MH likes playing with.

Oh, I hope it will be like this all weekend, but I shall let you know!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Good Fun

Well, remember I told you it had been raining all day yesterday and I didn't know if I would be able to get out to play before bed time? Well, the rain finally went off and I did get outside for a while and I saw all my little friends who were a bit wet and not very happy, but when they saw me they all cheered up a bit.

We all got a surprise when we got up this morning 'cos the rain was off and the sun was shining and it looked as though it would be a good day. I gobbled up my breakfast as quickly as I could and then I rushed into my garden and listened to all the little birdies singing. I like to hear them and I know that they will be going away soon, so I want to hear them as much as possible, and anyway, my MH was running round the living room again with her vacuum cleaner, so the safest place for me was outside. :-))

To be honest with you, dear friends, I don't know what has got into the old dear 'cos everything that can be dusted is getting dusted, everything that can be washed is getting washed and anything that can be painted is getting painted! Me and my DH have to keep counting one another to make sure we are not in the washing machine or in the vacuum cleaner!!!

And to crown it all, I thought the poor old thing had finally flipped as I wandered into the kitchen and there she was vacuuming the vacuum! Yep, even if you read it again, it will still be the same. I was ready to phone for the man in the white coat to come and take her away, when she explained that it was dirty and needed to be cleaned and this was the way to do it, but I'm still not convinced. Sigh

Anyway, she washed all my blankets and hanged them out on the rope which meant that I could play on the clothes poles which you know is my favourite game, and then she cut our grass again, which as you all know is NOT my favourite game! While she was playing with the lawn mower, I went into our greenhouse with my DH and we had a wee chat about things and that made us happy and then when the old dear was finished, I went out to play with her and that was good fun too.

I ran into the other field and I had a wee chat to the baby cow and he is lovely. He is just a young cow and he jumps about the field and he makes my humans laugh but the mummy cow doesn't laugh, she just watches us. A while later, I was lying on my path just minding my own business when I got dive bombed again with three swallows and that made me very angry. I went and told my MH and what did she do? She tooked a picture of one of them! Not quite what I had in mind MH!

I guess I will need to get the training handbook out again for her. Oh dear!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A new song

It's raining, it's pouring
This pussy cat is snoring
Im' going to bed and staying dry
That's all for now, goodnight, goodbye.

Oh dear, what an afternoon it has been with all this rain. I haven't been out at all and it is not looking very good for later on either.

It was fine this morning so my DH skipped off to the Cat Shop and while my MH was out, I had a big snooze on my bed until she came back and then we had our usual cuddle and chat while I sat on her knee. She had a couple of things to do, so I decided that I might go out to play and politely asked the old dear to open the door for me, but as soon as she did, I was back on my couch! It was pouring with rain and at one point it was bouncing off my path, so I decided I was not going out after all.

I kept hoping the rain would go off, but so far it hasn't and I am not best pleased I can tell you. At one point in the afternoon my MH told me she was going to do her exercises and I had a look out of my window and gave her my look which said 'well, dearest MH, you are on your own 'cos I am not going out there to get my adorable little body all wet' but as I was looking, she tooked out her Wii and just did her exercises in my house while I sat on my window sill with my little nose in the fresh air.

And that, my dear friends, is as much of the outside as I have had yet, but I have my little paws crossed that night time might be better, although I am not overly confident.

I hope you are having a better day.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Terrific Tuesday

I have had another super duper day just playing and watching and running and chasing and just doing lots and lots of normal pussy cat stuff which always makes me a very happy puss.

Both my humans were at home again and my DH is still working in my garden getting it all lovely for me to play in. He was pulling up more bits of grass today and he put down some big slabs and then, just as I was having a wee listen to him talking while I was sitting on my MH's knee, I decided he had finally lost his marbles and I did get a wee bit worried when he said that as soon as the time was right, he would put some chips down on the path.

Well, no matter which way I looked at it---and I looked at it this way, and then I looked at it that way (are you making your head move? Hee hee)--- it didn't make any sense at all 'cos normal people don't put chips on their path, do they? NO! Then, my magic MH knew what I was thinking and she explained it wasn't eating chips, it was walking on chips! Phew. The old boy is still a wee bit OK!!

My MH was still doing some housework and today she was changing the sheets and the duvet covers and I had more great fun climbing in and out of them and the best bit was when she lifted me off the bed and then I jumped back on again and this time, when she lifted me off again, she tickled my adorable little tummy which always makes me laugh and I liked it a lot.

So, that has been my day and it has been a very good one and I think I might be able to have a good night too 'cos the weather is still good enough for my humans to leave the window open so I will be able to stay outside for just as long as I want.

Oh, I do love being outside when it is late, but I LOVE nipping back into my little bed beside my little MH. Hee hee!

Monday, 4 August 2014

A Good Day

That's what we have all had ---a very good day. It has been a very normal and a very good Monday and I have liked it. It started off with my MH playing with all her machines to clean my house. My MH just LOVES gadgets. Any kind of gadgets and even those that do the cleaning with her, so today she played with the vacuum cleaner and then her steamer machine and then her window machine so my house is sparkling again. The old dear is a wee bit tired though. Shame.

Me and my DH took ourselves off to the greenhouse 'cos it was nice and peaceful there and I had a wee chat to the tomatoes. They are coming along quite nicely but my DH is a wee bit disappointed 'cos there aren't very many tomatoes and he thinks he shouldn't go away on holiday and leave them, so I don't know what he will do in future.

If I can persuade him to stay home and look after his tomatoes, then my humans won't go away and leave me for such a long time, but then, I have such good fun with my friends J. and A. that I am fine. However, if I had my choice, then I would want my humans here with me and not away on holiday. I think I am a wee bit confused.

In the afternoon, my MH went to our Hall and made some cards with her friends and I just tooked to my bed while she was away, but as soon as she sat down on my couch, I nipped up onto her knee and sat listening while she told me all the things she had been doing and I purred with happiness.

We then had a wander round the garden so that my MH could get some fresh air and she played with me on the grass for a while and I just loved running around chasing grass and flies and anything that moved and I even had a climb on the clothes poles and it was really good fun, so now I am resting until it is time to go out in a few hours and then I shall see what I get up to.

But I have had a very good day indeed, and I hope you have too.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back to Normal

Thank goodness my humans have slowed down a bit today and we have had a normal lazy Sunday. It was all getting a bit much for me, I can tell you, but whatever the Boss needed to do has obviously been done and she is sitting down a bit more which means there is a knee available to me whenever I need it.

We didn't get up too early and had a leisurely breakfast before I went out to play. There had been a lot of rain early in the morning so the grass was wet on my little paws, and the long grass tickled my adorable little tummy when I went into the field, but I quite liked it.

My DH did a couple of wee things outside and we worked in the greenhouse for a while. Then my MH decided she needed to go into her gym, so I went with her and I played with the ends of her earphones when she was trying to put them back into their wee case. I love doing this and it always makes the old dear laugh, and that is good for all of us.

I got a lovely surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came to see me and she gave me a ginormous cuddle that I just loved, so you see, I have a good 'normal' Sunday.

I have asked my MH to show you some of my friends that I talk to when I am outside. One is a little birdie that comes into my garden to get a wee feed, and like a good puss, I don't chase it away 'cos I know it might be hungry, so I just sit on my window sill and watch it playing and my MH tells me what a good puss I am.

The other picture is of one of my sheep friends and I just love her coat which I think is beautiful and the last picture needs no introduction at all 'cos it is ME! I think I look especially devastating in this one and you can see how rested I am.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I am wondering....

....what my MH is putting in their coffee 'cos her and my DH have been working really hard today and, as you know, the old dear worked hard yesterday too, so I just wonder!

When my DH came home last night, we took him into the garden to have a look at the doors that 'we' had painted and he liked them a lot, but both my humans thought that one of them might need another coat, but we left it for the night and went inside again. We had an easy night, and I had a sleep on my couch before I went out to play, and I stayed out so late that my DH had gone to bed by the time I went home, but he had left the window open for me, so I nipped into my living room then wandered into the kitchen for a biscuit and a drink and then snuggled up beside my MH till it was getting up time again.

The first thing we did after we had all finished our breakfast was to go round to see what the gym door was like and we all decided that it did need some more paint on it. My MH said she was sure she could hear the door sookin' in the paint when she was putting it on, so she wasn't surprised that it might need some more.

So, she went and got ready to do more painting and my DH went up on the roof to fix a tile that had comed off and I just played about in the grass and watched them as they worked. When my MH was finished, she did some more work in the house and then she cleaned all the insides of the windows before she baked me a lemon cake which I like and she made curry for their dinner and all this time, my DH was doing lots of wee jobs outside.

So, you can see why I am wondering where they are getting all this energy. I was tired just watching them, but I am happy to tell you that we have all settled down now and we are watching the Commonwealth Games on my television and we are all liking that!

I am going to have a word with both the old dears and tell them to have an easier day tomorrow and just concentrate on making me happy. And that is a very good plan, methinks.

This is a fun picture for you today and if you look very closely you will see my adorable little tongue sticking out. Aw, sweet!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Just Normal

No great excitement today. Just a normal day at my house and I for one am quite happy about that. I was very tired last night after my big adventure and that HUGE injection, so I had a very early bedtime, but this morning I was back to my usual bright bubbly self and my MH was very happy with me.

I didn't make my humans suffer too much, but when my MH said 'no' when I asked for more dinner, I just gave her my 'you put me in a CAGE!' look and she gave in. It only worked once though, but it was worth trying!

My DH went away to the cat shop and told all my friends there what a good puss I had been at the vets and they were all very pleased for me 'cos they all know what I do and they think I am a wee bit special, and we can't argue with that, can we?

It was quite a good day, so my MH took her pot of paint and went outside to give the doors of the gym and the greenhouse another coat and she is pleased with how they look now and I have put on a picture of each door so you can see what a clever MH she is. I played on the grass for a while when she was working, but I stayed away from the paint in case I got it on my little body and that would not have been very clever.

We had a rest for a while when she had finished and then she decided to go and cut the grass so off she went again to play with her lawn mower and made my garden look lovely again. And do you know what happened when she came inside? It started to rain! Oh she was so happy! Not that it was raining, but that it had stayed off long enough to let her get finished.

Maybe it was because I was lying on my couch with my adorable little paws crossed for her. It works every time!