Monday, 4 August 2014

A Good Day

That's what we have all had ---a very good day. It has been a very normal and a very good Monday and I have liked it. It started off with my MH playing with all her machines to clean my house. My MH just LOVES gadgets. Any kind of gadgets and even those that do the cleaning with her, so today she played with the vacuum cleaner and then her steamer machine and then her window machine so my house is sparkling again. The old dear is a wee bit tired though. Shame.

Me and my DH took ourselves off to the greenhouse 'cos it was nice and peaceful there and I had a wee chat to the tomatoes. They are coming along quite nicely but my DH is a wee bit disappointed 'cos there aren't very many tomatoes and he thinks he shouldn't go away on holiday and leave them, so I don't know what he will do in future.

If I can persuade him to stay home and look after his tomatoes, then my humans won't go away and leave me for such a long time, but then, I have such good fun with my friends J. and A. that I am fine. However, if I had my choice, then I would want my humans here with me and not away on holiday. I think I am a wee bit confused.

In the afternoon, my MH went to our Hall and made some cards with her friends and I just tooked to my bed while she was away, but as soon as she sat down on my couch, I nipped up onto her knee and sat listening while she told me all the things she had been doing and I purred with happiness.

We then had a wander round the garden so that my MH could get some fresh air and she played with me on the grass for a while and I just loved running around chasing grass and flies and anything that moved and I even had a climb on the clothes poles and it was really good fun, so now I am resting until it is time to go out in a few hours and then I shall see what I get up to.

But I have had a very good day indeed, and I hope you have too.

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