Friday, 22 August 2014

A Quieter Day

...but still a very good day. My DH went skipping off to the Cat Shop and me and my MH went skipping off to our couch, and there we sat and had a good old natter while she tickled these adorable little lugs. Oh bliss.

She didn't have very much housework to do, although the steamer machine did make an appearance, so while it was out, I made a disappearance" Hee hee. I think that is one of my better jokes!

I went into my garden and played for a while, but I had to jump in the window a few times when the really heavy rain came on and my MH had even to shut the window 'cos the nasty wind was blowing it into my living room and making everything wet and the old dear was not best pleased.

We went out to feed the birdies and we filled up their little feeder, but as soon as I went home and settled on the back of my couch to watch all the little birdies, a great big seagull came and started eating up all the food and I was not happy at all. I was so unhappy that I started growling and that made my MH look to see what was happening and she thought I looked so lovely that she tooked this picture of me, and I am sure you will agree with her..

I am having a rest now but I shall be going out later on if the weather lets me, and maybe I shall have some more news for you then. I am looking forward to a good weekend with both my humans being at home with me and playing with me and I 'specially like the weekend 'cos my MH doesn't take out any of her machines, so my house is Squeak-friendly all the time and that suits me right down to my adorable little paws.

I hope you have a very good weekend too.

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