Sunday, 31 August 2014

Good Squeak

That's what I have been. No more naughtiness----- well, for a day or two anyway.

I have been very obedient and kind to my humans. I have sat on my MH's knee or on the back of my couch, but I haven't been up on top of the cupboard again, and I slept all night and didn't disturb by MH at all. Did I do all these good things because I wanted to? Well, yes and no. You see, while I was sitting on my MH's knee during the evening, she whispered in my adorable little lug that if I didn't start being a very good pussycat, she would ask my friend S.'s pussy cat if she would like to change houses!

Well, I was stunned. Shocked into being good, even!! But she was just pretending. Sure she was? For one--she loves me too much to do without me and for two---my friend S. would NEVER swap her pussycat, 'cos she loves her too, too much to do that, but I decided to be good for a wee while anyway. Just in case.

I have had a very good day 'cos I have been out playing all the time and the nice farmer man next door has put the lady cows into the field right in front of my living room so I have plenty of friends to talk to now and I shall be spending a lot more time with them tonight. It is just fortunate for me that it is still quite light at night times 'cos I need to watch where I am putting my adorable little feets so that I don't get them covered in smelly cow poo! If I went home with stinky paws I think my MH WOULD swap me.

I don't have very much news for you 'cos I have just been doing very normal things but I have lots of good fun just playing in my garden and being with my humans, and I think I will be doing the same again tomorrow 'cos my little weather man friend says it is going to be warm and not wet on my little island, and I heard my humans saying that there is some work still to be done outside, so if it is a good day, we will all be outside tomorrow and I am so excited about that.

I just hope his forecast is right!

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