Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ho Hum

I am getting a wee bit fed up of getting wet. I seem to have been wet every day and sometimes more than once every day for the past forever and I am not liking it very much, although I must say, I do love it when my MH goes and gets my big towel and dries me then gives m big cuddles. It is rather nice and almost worth getting soaked for. It is a good job that I don't shrink when I get wet or else by now I would just be a wee black and white dot on four adorable little paws!

You will have gathered by now that it has been a wet day, but not all the time, just every time I was too far away from my house to get shelter. Harrumph!
I managed to play outside for a while, and then I went in and sat with my MH while she did some cards and we had a chat while she was working. I like when she chats to me. My DH watched the football on my telly but he wasn't pleased 'cos his team didn't win, so me and the Boss didn't say anything 'cos he might have cried. Hee hee

We were all in the study at one point 'cos the humans were working on the big computer and I lay down on the couch and had a wee nap while they were busy and then when my MH was finished, we went into the gym and I managed to have a wee play outside while her wee legs were doing all their hard work, but we didn't play on the grass like we normally do as it was just too wet.

Later on, I sat outside just waiting for some of the little birdies to come and get their dinner and that's when my MH tooked this picture of me and the big boat that was going to Scrabster, but the little birdies didn't come. I think maybe they were frightened of me, but I wouldn't hurt them and maybe one day I will be able to tell them that.

I think my humans are going to watch Dr. Who tonight 'cos they like the new man who is the Doctor, but I think I might be a bit afraid so I will watch it on my MH's knee so that she can protect me from all the scarey stuff, but I don't know who is going to protect her!!

I shall tell you tomorrow if we managed to watch it all.

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