Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Big Adventure

... but not for me, for my dear old MH. My humans went away on the boat this morning to meet one of their friends and left me all alone, but since I am right back to normal again, they weren't worried about me, and the weather was good so they could leave the window open for me.

I had a good day and I played outside for a wee while and then I had a sleep for a big while until they came home, and that's when my MH told me about their adventure, 'cos my DH had it too. When they went to get on the boat, the boat driver said it was broken and they were getting a lift in the boat that guides all the big boats in and out of the harbour and my humans have seen it lots of times from my window but they have never been on it---until today. My MH said she liked it but she had to get the crew men to help her on and off 'cos it was a very high step up and my MH just has little legs, so it was quite hard for her, but she is brave and intrepid like me, so she made it! I am very glad because if they hadn't come home I would have been very very hungry and very, very,VERY annoyed, but my friend S. said she would come and feed me if they were stuck and that made me feel better. However, it was OK and my dear old humans arrived back and looked after me.

I had my dinner and then headed out into my garden where I had a smashing time just playing and sniffing and thinking and I even managed to sharpen my adorable little claws, but every now and then I would nip in through my window to make sure my humans were still there, which they were of course.

I had to have a wee snooze on my little rug and I have gathered up all my strength so I shall probably be going out to play later on and I am looking forward to that.

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