Thursday, 11 September 2014

All 'Ups Today

I have had the bestest day all day today and my little purrer has worked so hard it is nearly worn out, so I am having a rest and my purrer is sleeping too so that it will feel better when I waken up.

When I wakened up this morning, it was very misty, so I decided to have a biscuit and then snuggle up beside my MH for another snooze and the next time I wakened, the sun was shining and so I was able to go out to play as soon as my dear old MH had fed me. She was so pleased with her little self that she had cut the grass yesterday 'cos it would have been too wet this morning with all the mist lying on it and she told me and my DH this quite a few times!

It was cleaning day in my house, but since my DH had decided to finish off some painting work on his greenhouse, I had plenty of company when I wanted it. I talked to my DH outside and then I would nip in and see what my MH was doing after which I jumped through my fence and went to see what all my little animal friends were doing. So, I was just able to wander all around and do exactly what I wanted and I liked that very much.

I had just been in one of my fields and I spied my MH coming into my garden to hang up her washing, so I scooted through the fence as fast as I could go and ran straight up the clothes pole in front of her and she laughed and laughed. In fact my DH had to come and see what she was laughing at and just as he arrived, I landed on the grass with a little 'plop' and he laughed too. I like it when I can make them happy.

In the afternoon, my MH made some cakes and there was a lovely smell in my kitchen and for a long time I just lay on the chair and watched her and had a wee sniff every now and then as she made some scones for her, some fruit buns for my DH and some pancakes for all of us, and my DH is taking some with him to the Cat Shop tomorrow and I think the ladies there will like them.

When she had finished this, she decided that she needed some fresh air and so she went out into our car park bit of the garden and she did some weeding with my help and that was good fun too as you can see.

So you can see why my day has been a good one. I hope you have had a good day too, and I am also hoping that I will have another good day tomorrow.


  1. So glad you had such a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. I hope you and Sadie are having a good time too.