Friday, 19 September 2014

Do you think.....

.......I look tired? Well, that's 'cos I am! I was out till very, very late this morning. The latest I have ever been out and I am feeling the effects today, so I have been a very quiet Squeak.

My humans both stayed up late 'cos there was something on my television that they wanted to see, but finally the old dear had to give in and off she went to bed. I sat with her for a while as she was reading her book, but when she put out her light, that was my signal to hit the outside world, and oft I went leaving my DH all alone watching his telly.

He sat up till about four o'clock in the morning and by this time I had been in for about half an hour and had had a wee sleep, so I was feeling quite fresh again and I asked him to please let me out to play.

This he did, and he told me that he was going to bed but he would leave the window open for me so I didn't come home again till half past five o'clock this morning! And I LOVED it!! I'm afraid that I wakened the old dear as I landed with a gentle thud on her pillow just right beside her head, but she was happy that I did 'cos she put on our television and saw what had happened. I thought it was quite an odd thing to do, but then my humans DO quite odd things at times!

They both went out today for a while 'cos the minister was on our island and my MH had to take her guitar and today's picture was taken when she came back and I had a wee seat inside her furry case, but when she showed me the picture, I noticed that I looked tired, so I am going to have a snooze now and I shall go out to play later on, although I think I will come home much earlier tonight.

I think I am getting old! Sigh :-((

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  1. You are not getting old, you just over-extended yourself.