Thursday, 18 September 2014

Naughty Me

Yes, I know it will come as a shock to you, but I have been a little naughty puss cat, but not too serious, and all in a good cause.

I was in my bed beside my MH even before my DH went to bed last night and I didn't get up again except for one time about half past six o'clock this morning when my adorable little tummy told me it was needing fed, so I asked my MH but she was so sound asleep she didn't hear me, which is quite unusual, I must admit, and she didn't waken.

I knew she would be very upset if she thought that her beloved Squeak was hungry and she didn't do anything about it, so I looked around for ways of wakening her up and it was then that I noticed that the bathroom door was open. Now, this door is always closed through the night to keep yours truly out, but one of my humans had forgotten this and had left it open, and we don't know which one 'cos they are each saying it was the other one! Hee hee

However, it was open and I saw that it was open and so oft I went, where I am not supposed to go. Oh happy, happy Squeak. I positioned my adorable little self on the wash hand basin where I could 'plunk' the shower switch against the wall and still see my MH when she woke up, so it was just perfect. I sat there for quite a while, just gaily hitting the switch with my little paw and watching it swing against the wall before it came back to me and all the while I was watching the old dear to see if I was having the desired effect, and finally it worked and she wakened up. Oh happy, happy Squeak---again!

I was very happy, but I am afraid my MH was not, so I left the bathroom and with a death-defying leap I was on top of her chest smiling at her and giving her my bestest purr which always makes her smile. And this morning was no exception. She called me a monkey, but she was smiling at me when she said it and then we both wandered into my kitchen where she gave me a wee drop of food before we both went back to bed for a while.

But she shut the bathroom door!

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