Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A Better Day

It has been another glorious day and I have had a fantabulous time just running through the fields and then lying in my garden resting. The sun has been shining and it has been lovely and warm. In fact, one time when I comed in the window, my MH stroked me and then laughed 'cos my adorable little body was so warm.

She was out for a little while but I didn't really notice 'cos I was too busy exploring and topping up my sun tan. Hee hee. But when she comed home, she called for me and I raced across the field and then jumped through the fence and ran straight up to her. That always makes her very happy and I like it too.

She left the door open so I could wander in and out as much as I liked and that's what I did all day. Just a very easy, lazy day and now I am in my little hoose gathering up all my strength for when I will go outside again. I have lots of sheeps in the field in front of my house and there are little baby lambs there too so I will have plenty of company when I do go out.

Life sure is very easy!

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