Thursday, 7 June 2018

Lots of Fun

I have had another crackin' day. The weather has been brilliant again and me and my humans have been outside nearly all day in the lovely warm sunshine. My DH did lots of work in the garden and of course, me and him had to work in our greenhouse. Our tomatoes are coming on very well--- but mine are still the bestest!

The old dear had to do some housework but then she comed out to cut the grass and we had a wee bit of fun together when she had finished. After that, we both needed a rest so she was on my couch and I was on her knee and we were both very comfortable.

I did think that she was finished with being outside but then she decided to clean all our windows and I just wandered round my house beside her making sure she was OK-- and she was, and now my windows are all sparking. I hope they stay that way, but sometimes the little birdies do naughty things on them and the Boss gets a wee bit very annoyed 'cos she has to go and clean them all again. Maybe I shall have to have a wee word with them.

I have had great fun watching all the baby sheeps in the field and I have asked my MH to take some pictures for you and she said she will so watch this space. If it stays a good night, we might even go out later on and take some pictures before the little lambs all go to sleep.

They are just so cute. Nearly as cute as me, but not quite!!

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