Wednesday, 13 June 2018


All my good weather has disappeared today and my little weather man friend told me that we are going to have gales tonight and tomorrow so I might not be getting out to play too much. Although that will upset me, I know I am safe but I worry about all the little baby sheeps and I just hope they don't get blowed away! I had a wee quick count, but even being a pussy cat, I could see that there were too many of them to have in my house, even if the Boss agreed. So I will just need to keep my adorable little paws crossed that they will be OK.

I have had quite a good day sitting with my MH and then going out to play for a while, but I did get wet a couple of times which I didn't like too much, although I got cuddled dry when I went home and that was very good indeed.

The postman bringed me a new scratch pole today and I have had a wee play on that. My other one was getting a wee bit bald with me sharpening my little claws on it so my humans decided I needed a new one and it is lovely. I will ask the old dear to take a picture of it for you.

I am resting now after my dinner but I shall have to have a wander outside layer on before bedtime in case I have to stay in my house all day tomorrow.

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