Friday, 30 September 2011

More Good Fun

The good weather switch must have stuck 'cos it is still lovely and warm here and I have been having great fun playing outside and my humans have been playing with me as well, so we are all very happy.

I stayed out very late again last night and I just lay down in the long grass and listened to all the wee mouses running and squeaking, but they don't squeak like me. I am the bestest squeaker!

I was playing with my new feathered toy today and it is brilliant and today's picture shows me hiding behind the stool at my DH's chair. I was quite surprised when I realised you could see me 'cos I thought I was nearly invisible behind that stool!

I shall need to find some place when my humans won't see me!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Super-Duper Day

That's what I have had. I have been outside ALL day and I have been having the bestest time of my little life.

It is warm today so we have been out in the garden and my humans have been thinking about what they are going to do with the garden next year, so of course, I had to give my opinion. It took us a long time and we had lots of fun out there. I even managed to climb two of the clothes poles while they were talking and that made them laugh.

Then my MH had to go into her gym and when I was in there watching her, I discovered a snail! That is the first one I have ever seen and I was a wee bit fascinated. I looked at it from every angle for a long time and then I gave it a gentle tap with my adorable little paw, but I didn't like the feel of it, so I just went away.

Today's picture is me just about to escape again and you can see the window that I nip in and out of regularly. You can also see the wind chime that I ring when I want to go out and you can see the lovely scenery that we see when we look out of our living room window.

I think I am a very lucky pussy cat.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Feathers

Remember I told you that my favourite toy was a stick with feathers on the end? Well, I am afraid that I pulled all the feathers off the stick but my DH fixed it for me and made me another one as well, so now I have two favourite toys with feathers, and I am very happy.

My humans play with me with this toy and it helps me practice my stalking and hiding and pouncing so that when I go outside I am an intrepid little hunter---and it keeps the humans happy too, especially when the TV isn't on!

It is lovely and warm just now so I have been outside a lot and last night I was out for hours and hours. My MH said she is going to get a wee camera that she can put round my neck so that she can see where I have been and what I have been up to. Now, that would be interesting!

I was playing with my ball today and then I sat on top of my climbing frame and that is what today's picture is.

Another adorable snapshot of yours truly!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

More of the Same

The weather hasn't been very good today so I have been in the house a lot, but I have still been playing and getting rid of lots of energy.

Me and my MH played my favourite game on top of the bed. There is a travel blanket on top for me to sleep on but I love to scurry underneath it and I hide and then I spring out at my MH and she gets a fright and then she turns me over and tickles my adorable little tummy. We do this lots and lots and it is my very favourite game in the entire world.

We did go out to the gym for a wee while and I did my usual hunting and sniffing while my MH did her usual cycling and puffing. She likes it when I am there and she talks to me all the time---when she is not puffing too much!

And then when she is finished, if it's not too windy and wet, we play for a wee while in the garden and I like that too.

So really, I have had a rather good day and I may go out hunting later on tonight. I shall see how the mood takes me.

Monday, 26 September 2011

A Funny Old Day

I wasn't very tired last night and so I was up bright and VERY early this morning at five o'clock and my MH wasn't best pleased 'cos I think I wakened her when I walked across her face! Oops :)

Anyway, I played in my living room for a wee while and was just settling down for a snooze when my MH got up! We obviously hadn't synchronised our paw-kit watches----get it?

She had to go to Stromness for a wee while but she was back home at eleven o'clock and she played with me and took me outside 'cos it was a nice day. And she didn't bring out the lawn mower so I was very happy playing in my garden, although all the birdies are away again and there are just some starlings and sea gulls left for me to talk to, so my garden in very quiet just now.

I still have fun in my garden and I chase bits of grass and leaves and anything that moves, and I pretend that I am hunting and stalking and that I am the bravest hunter in the en-tire world.

And who would argue?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Shock!

That's what I got today. I am still recovering and I might even need therapy---in the form of a special treat and an extra cuddle.

I know you are desperate to find out what has put me into such a dreadful state. Well, it was the LAWN MOWER! You know I have been telling you that the weather hasn't been too great and I thought that the awful machine was away for the winter---but oh dear, how wrong I was!

It wasn't a great day, but it wasn't raining and I heard my humans saying that they weren't happy with the state of the grass, but even then I didn't worry 'cos I knew it was going to rain. But blow me! The old dear went out and cut the grass----in the rain!

Well,it wasn't raining when she started, but it was by the time she was finished and I am sure that the neighbours must think my MH is a wee bit crackers.

And today, dear reader, I am not arguing with them! I am now resting and trying to recover.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Another good day

Yes, I have had a good day. I have been out in my garden a lot 'cos the weather is good, so we have been quite busy. My DH is packing up all the garden ornaments to put away for the winter in case they all get blowed away, so my garden is beginning to look quite bare.

My plants are going into the greenhouse for the winter and my DH says I can still go in and look after them and give them a wee meow whenever I want to, so that's OK.

My humans were away out last night at a quiz in the Hall so I was left all alone, but it was OK 'cos I was tired and so I had a wee sleep, but as soon as they came home, I went out hunting and I stayed out very late again.

I like being out in these quiet nights 'cos there are lots of new smells and sounds for me to explore and it takes me a long time to discover everything. I think it will take me lots of nights so I am looking forward to the autumn.

I think I shall be an 'autumn explorer'!

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Dressing Gown

I asked my MH if the furry dressing gown was here to stay and she told me she would be wearing it for the winter---but only at night, 'cos she wears normal clothes through the day!---- and that made me a very happy puss 'cos it is so lovely and warm and cuddly and I love to sleep on my MH's knee when she has it on.

And another good thing about it is when she goes to bed, the furry dressing gown sits on the ottoman so when my MH's snoring disturbs my dreams of mouses and such things, I can just nip over to the ottoman and curl up on the dressing gown, so life for this adorable puss is just about perfect!

I have had a good day today 'cos my DH went away down to a big shed where he doesn't often go, and naturally, I had to go too. I had brilliant fun sniffing all new smells and hearing all different sounds and we were there for a long time before we had to go home and look after our tomatoes which are still growing beautifully.

The wind has gone away so the window is open and I just nip in and out when I please. In fact, I made my MH laugh 'cos I jumped in the window and went straight into my peedie hoose for a sleep, and she had a wee giggle.

I do like to keep the old dears happy!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last Night

I had a very good day yesterday and I went out quite late again last night. There are lots of wee mouses outside for me to talk to and I like that, so I like staying out till it is very dark.

However, the rain came on quite heavy last night, so I decided I was better inside as I didn't want my lovely coat to get all wet. I have been very wet before, and when I go home, my MH dries me with a towel or some tissues and then when she is finished, she tickles my adorable little tummy, so really, I like being wet---just to get dried.

I got a nice surprise when I got home 'cos my MH had had her shower and she had her dressing gown on and it was the winter one, which I just LOVE! She has a summer one which is quite thin, but the winter one is all furry and like a teddy bear and I have the bestest of fun lying on it and purring and that makes us all happy.

So if the winter dressing gown is here to stay, then I think I will not be going out very much at night. It is SO cosy!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


------but just a wee bit. I had a good day yesterday and I had a long snooze in the evening, so by night time, I wasn't very tired.

I played with my humans for a while, but still had lots of energy left and so I decided I would go outside. That was fine as it was only about nine 'o'clock at night and although it was a bit windy, it wasn't too bad.

However, the hunting was superb and I just nipped back home to have a wee drink and something to eat meaning to go straight back out again, but the wind got strong and my humans closed the window! Foiled!

Now, you may remember that there is a wind chime hanging on the window that I go in and out of? Well, I just kept hitting this so loudly that my humans couldn't hear the television and eventually they gave in and let me out again. Now by this time it was getting late and I was told not to be too long.

I did mean to be good -----but! I was having such a good time that I didn't notice it had got late until I heard my DH calling for me and by the time I went home my MH was in her bed. It is a good job my DH stays up late or I might have been out all night.

So, when I got in I just nipped up onto my blanket and told her that I was back and she was happy again. I might do the same tonight.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Still learning

I am nearly two years old and very clever, but I am still learning things which surprise me a lot and I learned today that my MH can read my mind! Now that is scary!!

I know you will be wondering how I found that out? Well. We were in the gym today and when my MH is doing her exercises, she listens to her ipod on her little ear plugs and when she is finished, she puts them back into a little case. All very straightforward so far.

I arrived back in the gym just as she was finished on her bike and she was beginning to put her earphones away, and one bit was hanging down on the ground as she put the other bits in the box. Now! I think you might be ahead of me here?

There was she, sitting on the chair winding up the earphones container, there was me, sitting on the floor watching the end which was waggling in the air,----- but I wasn't doing anything and she said, "Don't even think about it!"

How did she know I was going to pounce on it? She must be able to read my mind. Oh dear.

I had a wee look at today's picture and although it looks as though I am having a good old giggle, I am actually yawning.

There is no privacy in this house at all!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Much Busier

I have been doing lots and lots today and I am so tired now that I am going to have a sleep in my wee house.

It has been a lovely day and my DH decided to go to Kirkwall and do some shopping so it just left us girls at home and what a great day we have had! It started off with my MH changing the sheets and the duvet covers, and you don't need me to tell you what that means? GREAT fun---for me that is. I hide in the covers and I roll in the sheets when they are coming off and I dive around like a two year old. Oops, I'm not a two year old until December. I wonder what I'll be like then?

Then all the dirty washing went in the machine and we went into they gym and while my MH was working hard, I went away playing and exploring. There are lots of places for me to go 'cos my house is in the middle of a farm. It is not my farm, 'cos it belongs to the nice man next door and he lets me play in all his fields, so today I went into the field outside my living room window and when my MH was doing her exercises she could watch me 'cos the gym has windows in it too. She said I made her giggle 'cos I was stalking everything----flies, grass, birds---anything that moved really, but I never caught anything. I just had the bestest of fun.

When she was finished, so was the washing and we took it out into the garden to hang it up and I decided to do my pole dancing again which takes a lot of energy and concentration, but I managed to climb all three poles, although not all at once.

So you can see why I am a wee bit exhausted now, and why I need a sleep.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lazy days

I don't have much to tell you today 'cos I have been a wee bit lazy and I haven't done very much at all.

I have been out playing a wee bit and I watched the farmer lady next door taking all her sheeps to another field, so it is quiet at my house now with no sheeps and no cows. I hope I don't get too lonely!

I listened to my DH on the radio and it was funny listening to him talking into the phone and hearing him come out the radio. I was a wee bit confused for a minute but then I got used to it. He was good.

Me and my MH played for a while and we had great fun when I was playing on top of the bed 'cos she covers me up and pretends she can't see me and then I spring at her and give her a fright. It is my favourite game and I play it lots when I am in the house.

I think I have done quite a lot today after all!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Under Orders

Me and my DH were under strict orders this morning to be quiet and not to disturb my MH 'cos she was a wee bit tired. I thing she must have talked too much with her friends yesterday.

Normally, I waken my MH and she gets up and feeds me and then she has her breakfast and we have a morning chat before I go out and do pussy cat things and she goes and does MH type things, but today was different.

As soon as I started to waken up, my DH got up and fed me and my MH stayed snoring [hee hee :)] It wasn't a very good morning 'cos it was wet, so I just went outside for a wee while and then I nipped back into bed with my MH and kept her company till she got up and then we had our 'girl' time while she had her breakfast.

My DH is going to be on the radio tomorrow in a gardening programme. He had a wee problem with one of his tomatoes---not mine, you understand--- and he wrote into 'Gardener's Question Time' to ask for advice and they have invited him to phone into the programme tomorrow, so I have told all my friends and they are going to listen to him.

Maybe he'll be as famous as me one day! I'll let you know how he gets on.

Friday, 16 September 2011

A Quiet Day

My MH and me were up very early this morning 'cos she was going away to Kirkwall to meet two of her lady friends and to do some some shopping so I was left looking after my DH.

It wasn't a very good day so we stayed in the house a lot, but we did go round to the greenhouse to look after all my plants and tomatoes and they are all doing very well.

I did a lot of resting in my wee house and when my MH came back I was very well rested. As soon as she came in I was ready for a big cuddle, so I ran to meet her and she lifted me up and tickled my adorable little tummy which I loved.

Then it was play time and me and my MH played for ages which we both enjoyed. I am now going back into my wee house for another rest.

Being adorable makes me tired!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

NOT fed up!

I am a very happy puss today 'cos I have been outside ALL day and I have been so busy, but I am loving every minute of it.

You may have worked out that the weather is much better and so I bounced out of bed this morning very early and I gently wakened my MH 'cos I wanted to get fed and then get out to play. And this I did.

I ran all round my garden and my humans were laughing at me 'cos they said I was just 'bouncing' with energy, and I am afraid I bounced all day!

Me and my MH went into the gym and we did lots of exercises and then she decided to go and put water out for the cows, so I bounced down the path beside her and then when she was going home again, I let her go half way up the path and then I raced up to her as fast as I could go, and was in the gate before her. My how we did chuckle!

Then we all went into my DH's greenhouse and looked at all MY! tomatoes and she was very pleased. After this, my MH had work to do in the house, so I went out and played in my garden chasing leaves and grass and flies----but not birdies today, 'cos I am trying to be good.

So you can see I have had a very good day and if the weather stays like this, I shall go out again tonight. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fed Up

That's what I am! The horrid wind is blowing all round my house and I can't get out! Well, I COULD get out, but I might blow away and that would be tragic.

Normally, if the wind is blowing at my door, I can get out of the window and if it is at the window, I can get out the door, but today it is swirling all around and there is no escape for a peedie (little) puss like me, so I am stuck in my house!

My humans have played with me but I like to be outside being a big brave hunter and I can't do that in the house, although my MH pretends I am fighting her and I like that game.

So, you can understand that I don't have very much news for you today, but my little friend the weatherman said it is going to be good tomorrow, so I shall terrorise my neighbourhood again. Hee hee :)

Only joking, people.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Change of Plan

I decided not to go out hunting last night as it was quite cold, but the wind didn't come to Orkney so we were all very pleased.

My humans stayed up late and watched the tennis and I watched my friend Rafa 'cos I like him a lot but I am afraid he was beaten, but we all enjoyed the game 'cos it was really good.

My MH was a wee bit tired this morning 'cos she is usually in bed a lot earlier so we had a wee long lie but I am afraid I spoiled it a wee bit 'cos I brought a birdie into my house and my humans had to get up and put it outside again and they weren't very pleased, so I was in a wee bit of trouble. But only for a wee while, 'cos I know how to soften them up again!

I have been playing in the garden and in the gym with my MH and then I played with my wee mouse when I was in my house and that is what today's picture is.

I like my little mouse and I keep giving it a wee lick and then I carry it around for a wee while and my MH says that I am very cute when I do that.


Monday, 12 September 2011

My Peedie Hoose

Today's picture is me in my peedie hoose, or my little house if you are not in Orkney, and you can see I am very comfortable. I only went into it to pose for my MH and I was so comfy, I had a wee snooze and my afternoon just disappeared!

The bad wind which was supposed to arrive hasn't come yet, and we are all hoping it has gone away. I have been out playing in my garden and the nice farmer next door put his bull in the field right next to my house, so I went to have a wee chat with him----the bull that is, but he wasn't feeling very well, so I just went away again.

I found a feather in my garden and brought it into my humans and they were very pleased, but I think it might have been 'cos there wasn't a bird in it. Tee hee :)

Since I have had a napette this afternoon, I will probably go out hunting tonight, so I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Did you miss me?

I didn't get to write to you yesterday 'cos my humans were away to Kirkwall for the day, so I was all alone and couldn't switch on 'my' computer.

I don't really like being on my own, although the window is left open for me so that I can nip in and out whenever I want, and there is always plenty of food and water for me, but I am a 'people' puss and I like lots of cuddles.

I am really a mummy's puss, and although I love my DH and he loves me, I play more with my MH and when I am sad or worried I talk to my MH and she makes it alright again, and I like it when we have girlie chats and she tells me lots of stories, so I missed that yesterday, but we had a long catch-up when they came back.

Today has been fine and I have been playing with my new bit of string which is a big long one and I am having great fun with it. You can see that it is special string and it it called baler string 'cos the farmers use it a lot to tie things and I just love playing with it.

I have been sleeping lots in my little house and I will ask my MH to send you a picture of me in my house. It is lovely and cosy and I like it.

Friday, 9 September 2011

I have learned.....

..... a valuable lesson today which I thought I would like to share with you. Me and my DH can't get into the oven at the same time!

Now. While you are reading that again, I shall explain. My MH asked my DH to clean the oven for her 'cos it was getting dirty and so he was on his hands and knees cleaning away when yours truly decided to have a closer look. You know how fond I am of 'closer' looks.

So. I wandered over to have said 'closer look' and just as I was about to stick my adorable little head inside the oven, my DH did the same and it was then that I discovered there is not room for both of us, and since I had no intention of cleaning the oven, I wandered off again and left him to it.

He has finished now and the Boss is pleased.

Today's picture is me beside a lamp that my DH made with nails and string and me and my MH think it is beautiful, so I hope you like it too.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


--my MH was away doing 'ladies what lunch' today so it was just me and my DH looking after the place and we did it very well again.

We took things rather easy though, 'cos the weather wasn't awful good, so we just rushed from the house into the greenhouse and then back again, and I didn't go out to play too much until my MH came home.

I got lots of cuddles and when I knew she was safely home, I took myself off to play for a while, but it is still a wee bit too windy for me, so I shall spend the evening resting and tomorrow I shall go hunting again.

My tomatoes are doing very well and me and my DH have been bringing lots and lots into the house for my MH and we have even been able to give some to the neighbours, so everybody on the island thinks that I am a very clever puss to have growed all these beautiful tomatoes.

And naturally, I don't argue with them.!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This and That

It has been a funny day today and I have been full of energy which has been driving my humans dippy, 'cos I haven't been able to get out to play as much as I need.

We had lots of wind last night and it is still quite windy today, but when the wind is having a wee rest, the sun is warm, so you can see my dilemma. When it is warm, I nip out of the window and I play outside quite happily, but then the wind wakes up again and I nearly get blowed off my adorable little feets, so I nip back IN the window.

Now, in order to let me nip in and out at will----I wonder who Will is 'cos he is not in my house!---my humans have to leave the window open and when the naughty North wind blows, my curtains are almost horizontal and my MH has to hold onto the couch in case she gets blowed away too!

I haven't been outside long enough to get rid of all my energy, so I need my humans to play with me and they have been doing that all afternoon and now they are a wee bit tired and I still have lots of energy left.

Ho hum, it is a difficult life sometimes.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lots to Do

We were all up quite early today 'cos the weather was good and we all had a lot of work to do, so I was out and about very early.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we brought in a lot of tomatoes for the Boss and she was very happy. While we were out, she did some more vacuuming, but I didn't hear it, so that was OK. I hope my petition gets a lot of paw signatures 'cos I think it is very important and so does my feline friend from Germany who sent me his paw print yesterday, so my petition is growing.

After that, me and my MH went into the gym and I sniffed around while she did all her exercises and then she played with me in the garden.

When we had finished playing, we went down to put some water in the bath for the cows to get a wee drink and the big bull said thank you to me, but it was such a loud roar that I was a wee bit frightened 'cos he is a VERY big bull, and I stayed right behind my MH just in case he fancied a wee snack!

When we went home, I played with my toys and my MH helped me and then I went out hunting until the rain came on and I had to go inside, but by then I was a wee bit tired anyway, so I had a snooze on my couch.

Yes, lots to do, but I am happy doing it.

Monday, 5 September 2011

I have been thinking---

can we ban all vacuum cleaners? PLEASE!!

Picture the scene. I was lying on my couch having a lovely snooze and dreaming of mouses and stuff, and really just recovering from the trauma of being left cuddle-less for so long on Friday, when out it came! The awful vacuum cleaner! It came out, and I was straight out of the window! Not happy at all.

Now, I know that I had plenty of cuddles and lots of company on Saturday and Sunday, but I thought I might have another day of pampering, but I guess I was wrong, and so it got me thinking.

If I could get some support, I could write a petition and all the cats of the world could unite and do away with these awful machines once and for all. I am liking this idea more and more as I think about it, so I am looking for millions of paw-print signatures.

Let me know if you agree.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Sunday

I have had a lovely day 'cos I have been able to get outside to play lots of times with my humans and you know that makes me happy.

It has been a warm day and we have all spent a lot of time just sitting in the garden and taking it easy. My MH is still a wee bit tired after a busy day on Friday so I have been looking after her and making sure she rests---except when she is looking after me, of course!

Today's picture is me beside a wee sun dial that we have in the garden and it is a man who is supposed to be fishing but he will never catch anything because a certain, adorable, puss keeps drinking all the water!! Hee hee :)

I LOVE being mischievous!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


That's what I was yesterday! Abandoned and neglected!

OK, OK. I know I had food and water in my dishes and that the window was open so that I could get in and out of my house whenever I wanted to, but my humans weren't here and I wasn't happy.

My MH and the ladies from the island have a craft group called the Fat Cats Craft and they were having a sale in our Hall yesterday and my DH was helping as well, so they were very busy all day. There were lots of visitors on my little island and my MH said they bought a lot of things so everyone was happy. 'Cept me!

I thought I might get some cuddles and company at night, but oh no, they both had to go out again. My MH had a meeting on the island and my DH had to go to Stromness so I was all alone again! But I did get lots of cuddles when they came home and they have been at home all day today, so we are back to normal once more.

AndI have demanded that it stays like that.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Gardening Puss

I got up kind of early this morning 'cos my adorable little tummy was rumbling, and my MH jumped out of bed to attend to me. Mind you, that might have been 'cos I put a wee claw in her lug just to see if she was awake. She was!

She opened the window for me and I went out to play. The morning was warm and dry and it was very still. It is quite quiet now that the birdies are leaving, so I just sat on the grass and pondered. I like to ponder.

A wee while later my MH came out to see where I was---her ear is better now!----and then she started to pull up some of the naughty weeds that are growing on my paths and of course I had to help her and we had great fun.

I was full of energy and I did a lot of running and hiding and she chased me which was good and then I jumped in and out through the fence. The fence round my house is a wire one and there are lots of squares which are big enough for me to jump through, so I go through one, turn round at amazing speed and jump through another one. My humans say I am like a wee show jumping pony, only much more adorable of course!

We stayed out for a long time and then my MH had to go inside to do her housework, but she persuaded my DH to go out and finish the job, so we have been outside all afternoon and the paths are looking lovely now with all the nasty weeds away.

I think we all did a very good job!