Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I'm OK...

.... but for some reason we have no Broadband in our house and the phone man is trying to fix it for the Boss so if you don't hear from me for a wee while, that's all it is.

I have had a very good day and I have been a happy puss 'cos I have been able to get out and play lots of times and my MH played with me too while my DH was away at the Cat Shop.

I hope our Broadband will be fixed very soon, but don't worry about me 'cos I am very OK and I am being well looked after, but I don't have any news for you.

I hope you are all well.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

No Snow

I was a wee bit disappointed when I wakened up this morning 'cos there was no snow. My little weather man friend had told me that there might be another wee drop through the night, but it didn't come to my little island. I waited all day but still it didn't come. Sigh!

It has been very cold on my little island so I have spent most of the day inside my house just playing with my humans and watching what they were doing. My MH went away out to do crafty things with her friends and I just waited patiently till she comed home to me again and I gave her a great big cuddle 'cos I had missed her and 'cos she was cold.

She liked that lots and so did I. I might go out for a while later on but it is windy so I will have to have a think and I always think best when I am sitting on my MH's knee. So guess where I am heading now? Hee hee

Monday, 24 April 2017


What a shock we got when we wakened up this morning. My world was all white-- completely white and very quiet. I rushed to the window to see what it was and I got a brilliant surprise 'cos it was snowing. Big, thick bits of snow and even early in this morning it was thick on the ground. Oh, my dear friends, I couldn't wait to get outside to play in it.

My DH decided that it wouldn't be safe to drive to the pier to go to the Cat Shop, so he stayed home with me and my MH, but when he went outside to feed the little birdies, I went out with him and I just loved running in the snow and when I went home my MH said I was like a damnation dog 'cos I was all speckled. Oops, I think I should have said a Dalmatian doggie. Oops!

We had lots of good fun in the snow but by the afternoon it had started to go away again although my little weatherman friend said there has to be lots more tomorrow and it might bring some thunder and gales with it, so it might not be just as much good fun, but we will just have to wait and see.

I did feel sorry for all the baby sheeps 'cos they were all covered in snow but they didn't seem to mind too much and all the mummy sheep looked after them. I hope its not too bad tomorrow and that they will be OK.

I know I will be very fine and I hope they are too.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

All Better

I had a much better night last night and didn't get locked out again. Mind you, me and my DH got a warning from the Boss before she went to bed. He was told to make sure I was in before he falled asleep and I was told to come home before he got tired or as soon as he called. And we both did as we were told!

It has been a good day for me but not a good day at all for weather 'cos it has been raining and winding and a bit too cold for me although I did go out for a little while when my MH was away seeing our pussy cat friend. She needed a big cuddle when she comed home to me 'cos she was cold and had nearly got blowed off her little feets with the naughty wind. Shame.

We don't know if my DH will be able to go to the Cat Shop tomorrow 'cos my little weather man friend has told us we are going to have gales, so we will need to wait and see, but I will let you know.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Wee Upset

I didn't have a very good night last night. Some of it was my fault and some of it wasn't, but I think the biggest bit was my fault. I need to explain.

At night time I go through to bed with my MH and I lie beside her while she reads and she strokes my adorable little lugs and I like it, but then when she puts out her light I go and find my DH and ask him to let me out. He doesn't go to bed too early so I have still lots of time to play outside. When I am ready to go back in, I just go to the window where there is a light and thump on it and he lets me in. Now, sometimes he wants to go to bed and he comes and calls for me and I go home. OK?

Well, last night he called and called and I was having such a good time that I decided not to go home and by the time I decided I had had enough, the poor old soul had fallen asleep, so yours truly was a wee bit stuck---outside! It was cold and even the sheeps had all gone to sleep and to tell the truth I was getting a wee bit frightened and cold and sad. And I wanted my MH!

I snuggled up as best as I could and then I saw my kitchen light come on and then the porch light and I got so excited 'cos I heard the door open and my MH was calling for me and I scooted into my house as quickly as I possible could and I got the biggest cuddle EVER 'cos my MH thought I was lost and she was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She had wakened up and couldn't find me and was very worried but as soon as she saw me, we were both very happy. I had a wee feed and then snuggled up beside her and to be honest I haven't wanted to leave her today.
I didn't really like it and I will make sure I won't do that again!

I have had a good day but a very quiet one and although I have had a couple of trips outside I have been happier inside with my humans, but I am back to my happy adorable little self again.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Cold But Good

We have all had a good day but my little island is cold and I am a bit worried about all the new baby sheeps that keep being borned. They must be very cold and I hope the mummy sheeps can keep them warm. I dropped a little hint but deep down I know that it is not possible 'cos my house isn't big enough for all the new lambs, so they will need to stay outside. I saw another one being borned and it was a lovely wee black one but it doesn't have any white bits like so it is not just as adorable.

It has been a quiet day in my house with no housework but me and my DH were busy in our greenhouse and I have picked out my plants. All I need now is for my MH to take some pictures for you and then you will see what I will be doing.

My MH had to go out for a little while to see to my friend S.'s pussycat and make sure she isn't lonely when her human is away for a wee while, and, being a very kind Squeak, I didn't mind at all 'cos I know what it is like to be lonely and when my humans are away, S. comes and sits with me and keeps me company, so I told the old dear that she had my blessing!

Me and her went into the gym for a while this afternoon when she comed home again but this time I sat and watched her 'cos it was raining outside and I didn't want to get wet. She likes when I am with her and if her little legs aren't going too fast, she can talk to me.

But sometimes she can't and that makes me smile!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Quieter Day

There are still more baby sheeps appearing everywhere, but I haven't been outside just as much today to see them 'cos it has been a bit cold and a lot wet, so I just stayed in lots although I had a couple of short trips into my garden.

Both my humans were at home and it was housework day as usual so I just followed the dusters and the vacuum cleaner around and every now and then there was a big cuddle for me which made me very happy. Oh,the cuddle was from my MH not the vacuum cleaner or the dusters, you understand. Hee hee

And of course, there was the usual Thursday good fun with the string off our boxes. As soon as my DH appeared back from the pier, I positioned my adorable little self on the kitchen table and waited very patiently until my humans had untied the boxes and then while my MH was putting away all our messages, me and my DH played with the string and I loved it MILLIONS! I ran all over my kitchen floor chasing the string which had my DH at the other end and it was just fantastic.

I played with my MH for a while and then I went into our greenhouse with the old boy and I had a look at all the tomato plants and all the other little plants he has put into boxes. It will take a couple or three visits before I decide which one will be mine and then I shall give it the full Squeak treatment and I am sure it will grow beautifully. I might even be able to show you some pictures in a while.

I love being a pussycat tomato grower!