Sunday, 21 January 2018

More of the Same

Boy, it is cold on my little island nd the ground is all white and very slippery. I am very glad I have four adorable little feets and not just two like my humans. I don't know how they keep their balance although my MH hasn't been out much because it is so slippy. Wise MH! If she needs anything, she sends the old boy! Hee hee

I have been out, but not much and not for very long. I have been very happy in my house but at one point I was a bit cross 'cos there was a doggy in my porch! A friend of my MH's came to see us and she bringed her doggy with her and because it was so cold, she couldn't leave it outside, but she knew I would be very upset if it comed into my house, so she leaved it in my porch.

I quite understood, but I was still a bit peeved and it has taken a lot of cuddles and treats to un-peeve me! I am liking this so I may stay peeved for a long, long time!! :-))

Saturday, 20 January 2018

So Cold

I have had very cold little paws today because there is still lots of snow and frost and ice on my little island which is quite strange because it is only a very little island and usually the sea makes all the snow disappear quickly which makes the little childrens quite cross 'cos they can't go sledging or build snowmens but this time the snow has stayed for a long time and they are a bit happier.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then went out to play and the first thing I noticed---as well as my little feets being freezing cold--- was that they made a crackle noise when I walked on the grass. I mean the grass crackled--- not my feets, although my feets made it do that and I am only little so I was very pleased with my adorable little self.

I played for quite a while before I decided to go home and un-freeze myself and, as always, the old dear was there to help me and I liked that lots.

I got a surprise this morning when two of my friends comed to my house to see me and my humans and I had some more knees to sit on which I liked very much. I made the lady visitor laugh 'cos I sat on the arm of her chair and then I walked along the back of it and down the other arm and everybody thought that was very funny.

Me and my MH played for a while again and then I surprised my humans when I went for a long snooze in my wee hoose and I haven't been in there for a long time, but it is lovely and warm and my little feets are as cosy as pies so I am a very happy Squeak.

I hope you are happy too.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Even More Snow

I raced to the window as soon as I wakened up this morning and I was a very happy puss when I saw that there was more snow falling down from the sky and landing on my little island. I have decided that I like the snow even if it does freeze my adorable little paws, but I like the feeling when I walk on it. In fact, I was thinking I might have a wee roll on it one day, but I'm not sure if I am strong enough for that yet!

I have had another good day just nipping in and out as much as I wanted and that was good fun. One of my DH's friends comed over to help him fix the door or my MH's gym and I wandered out to see if they were doing it properly but it was so cold I didn't stay out too long, but when I was out I had a thought. I looked at my DH and he was quite cosy in his boiler suit and his hat and I wondered if there are pussy cat type boiler suits and if there are, how can I tell the Boss I want one? I don't want a hat. I think that would just make me look ridiculous and I'm not having that! But a boiler suit? Now, that is different.

There were lots of play times and lots of snoozing times, so my day has been good and one time when I was sitting on my window sill, I saw lots of great big gooses in the field in front of my house. My MH wanted to take a picture of them for you, but when she went to open the window, they all flied away again. Shame.

Maybe they will come back to see me tomorrow and the old dear will get some pictures for you.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Still Snowy

... but more rain and hail and still really cold. My poor little feets get frozed every time I go out and I have tried to tell my MH that's why I stand at the door for a long time before I decide whether to go outside or just stay in the warm. I know I WANT to go out but I also know that if I do go out, then I am going to be so cold, so I have a lot to think about before I finally decide and it is always helpful if my MH can stand there with the door open while I deliberate. She doesn't quite see it that way! Sigh

I have had a good day 'specially as it has been string day. Me and my MH played for a while till we heard the old boy coming back from the pier with all or messages and then me and my humans played with the string and I loved it.

I had a long snooze before dinner time and then after my dinner I went outside and I have just comed back in after my MH called for me three times because I had been out for over two hours and she doesn't like that! She was a bit worried 'specially 'cos it was raining and sleeting and she doesn't like when I get rained or sleeted on, but finally I did get back inside to the warm. And my MH dried me and made me all warm again.

I will probably go out later on but maybe just for a littler time----we'll see!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More Snow

My little island is all white and very, VERY cold 'cos the snow has stayed for a while. I like the snow and I have been out playing in it lots of times, but just for little times 'cos it makes my adorable little paws so very, very cold..

I tried to go out this morning but it was winding a bit , so when the old dear opened the window, I scooted back on to the couch and just looked at her. Just a soon as she had sat down again, I decided to give it another try so I asked again and this time I did go. Well, I knew she might be a tad annoyed if I didn't go. Hee hee

I didn't stay out too long and got a great big cuddle when I comed in. I also got my wee drink of milk and then I headed through to my bedroom for a wee snooze. My MH came in after me and she did her exercises while I purred beside her and we were both very happy.

Later in the afternoon we played with some of my toys, but then my MH screwed up a wee bit of paper she had been writing on and she throwed it for me and I leapt into action and that made my humans laugh 'cos it looked like I was playing football all over my living room.

Oh, my dear friends, it was really brilliant fun and I just loved it. MILLIONS!!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Excited Puss

I didn't start off excited. I started my day being a wee bit awful frightened because there was a great big rumble right over my house this morning and it wakened me and my humans--- yes, even my DH so you know how loud it was! I was really frightened till my MH told me it was just thunder. Phew! The only thing was, that before this thunder rattled my house, there was lightning too and it knocked out all the phones on my little island and it has made one of our phones a wee bit frazzled so the old dear will need to get another one. Oh dear. The phone men have fixed them so my humans are happy again and so am I 'cos I can write to you.

That was the rotten part of my day. After that I got a bit excited 'cos it snowed. Real snow that was thick and it stayed on the ground for a long time so that I was able to play in it and I liked it lots, even though it made my adorable little feets really, really cold and it made me a wee bit awful wet too, but I was happy.

It is still in my garden, so I will be going out to play later on and that will be good fun. I can hardly wait. I am SO excited!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Not Much News

My life is very quiet just now. It is good but quiet---and cold. We have had rain and hail today but the wind is away some place else to blow on other peoples.

I went out for a long time last night before sleep time and I'm afraid I made my MH worried 'cos it was very windy and I was outside a long, long time. My DH had to call for me lots of times before I decided to struggle against the wind and come home, but you all know what I got when I did go home? Yes, a great big cuddle! Yippee

I had a couple of playtimes outside today and lots of little rests while the old dear was doing all her work, but then she had to go out and I was worried about her this time 'cos just as she was getting into her little kangaroo to drive to the pier lots and LOTS of hail came on and when she comed home she told me it hurted her head when it falled on her, so I gave her a big cuddle and that made her all better again. She was a very happy MH.

We are resting now but I will be heading outside later on and I don't know how long I will be. It just depends on how cold it is and what is happening round about my house.

Another adventure!!