Thursday, 27 October 2016


We were all in my house together today and that's just the way I like it. I am fine when I am on my own, but just not as happy as when my humans are here with me 'cos I know that if I need a feed or a drink or a cuddle, I just have to ask and it is there for me right away. Which is just as it should be, is it not?

My MH was busy with her housework so me and my DH had some time together and then he decided he would make some bolognaise sauce for the dinner so I helped him and got a wee bit of mince which I gobbled up and enjoyed.

I had a lie down for a rest and every wee while my MH would come and sit with me and give me a cuddle and as soon as I heard the vacuum cleaner getting put away I ran into the living room and just waited for my MH to come in so that I could sit on her knee. That was good fun..

I have been out playing quite a lot even though it has been a wet and windy day and one time I made my humans shake their heads 'cos they didn't understand me. I do that to my DH lots of times, but my MH usually understands me. However, today I flummoxed both of them. I went out when it was dry but the rain came on and I got soaking wet. I ran home and my DH made me all dry, but then I just walked to the door and asked to be let out again even though it was still pouring with rain.

They will never understand me!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Wee Bit Lonely

I knew as soon as we got up that I was going to be left on my own today 'cos my MH put on her clothes for going to the town instead of her staying at home clothes, so while I was having my breakfast, I thought up a cunning plan. I would go out and not come in again and I knew that the weather wasn't good enough to leave the window open, so the way I figured it, my DH had to go to the Cat Shop, but my MH would stay home with me. Ingenious, was it not? Well, it would have been except for the fact that it was cold, wet and windy and I had only been out ten minutes and already I was wet and cold, so I decided to give in and go home.

They both went away but before they left, my MH told me she loved me and that they would both be home soon, so I just settled down and had a snooze till they comed back again and then I ran to meet them and got a big cuddle from the old dear.

I watched as they put away all the messages and then I did my silly run into the bedroom which is a sign I want to play and of course, because my MH was feeling guilty at having abandoned me, she played with me and I loved it. We played for a long time and I was very happy.

I did manage a couple of short trips outside, but it is still a bit windy and rather cool, so I think I will probably be spending a lot of the evening on my MH's lap.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Not Much News

It has just been a normal day at my house today. We have all been a wee bit busy just doing all the wee things that we needed to do.

It started off with me and my MH changing the sheets and the duvet covers on my beds and we had very good fun while we were doing it. It is one of my favourite times and I just love helping her. I get lots of tickles and cuddles while I am helping her and you know how much I love that. My DH was doing bits of work in our greenhouse and we are still getting lots of lovely tomatoes which makes the old dear very happy. My DH is quite pleased with himself too, I might add.

I was happy playing outside 'cos it was a fine day although it was a bit cool, so my trips outside were lots but little if you know what I mean. My MH was busy making some more of her cards and when I was having a rest I just lay on the back of my couch and watched her and every now and then, she would stretch across and stroke my adorable little head and that made me very happy.

So, although I don't have much news for you, I have had a good day and I hope that you have had a good day too.

Monday, 24 October 2016

More Good Day

I am having great fun just now. I do not know what my little weather man friend has done with my weather, but it has been really good. It is cool and there was a wee drop of rain this afternoon but apart from that it has been good Squeak weather and I am liking it lots.

My Monday started on my MH's knee till I got my milk and then I was off into the outside to see what was happening and I stayed out so long that I didn't get to say 'cheerio' to my DH before he went to the Cat Shop, but he was OK. My MH did her housework and I just kept wandering and doing what I wanted to do so it was a good day.

I was on my own in the afternoon 'cos my MH had to go to our Hall to help put up the decorations for the Halloween party on Saturday, but as soon as she came home I told her I wanted to play and we had brilliant fun together and we played till my DH came home again.

It is still quite good weather so I will have a wee play outside before bedtime although it is getting much colder now, so I don't stay out too long and as soon as I have had a wee feed, I nip in beside my MH and we have a good sleep.

Oh, happy Squeak.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Good Sunday

We all had a long sleep this morning 'cos it was Sunday and that means that me and my humans can have a very easy day and we don't need to do any work if we don't want to. And today we didn't want to!

Our day stared off as normal with me and my MH up first and her watching her television programme while I wandered out to see what was happening. It was quite cool but at that time it was dry, so I wandered around for a while and then nipped back in to get my little drop of milk.

My MH is making some cards so I had a seat on the table beside her and watched for a while, but then I got a bit bored and lay down for my first sleep of the day.My DH watched the football and was very happy when his team won. Phew! My MH went down to the Hall with her friends do do something there so I played outside till I saw her little kangaroo coming back up the road and then as she went in the door, I went in the window and we met up in the kitchen! Then it was cuddle time again. Oh goody!

I decided to have another trip outside before dinner time, but my timing wasn't very good and I got soaked. My MH was in the kitchen making the dinner, so my DH had to let me in and when he heard me 'ringing' he dried me with the big towel which I love. And then---because I had been traumatised (only joking) with all the rain, she gave me some tuna which my adorable little tummy just adores. It was delicious.

I wonder if there is any left 'cos I might just get soaking wet again if there is!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sleepy Saturday

I have had a lazy day but a happy day. All the work is finished in my house. Well, that's what I have been told but then every now and then the humans decide that something else needs to be done, but I have been promised lots of peace and quiet for a while.

We were all needing a rest today and as it was quite wet, I was inside for a long time but I got a surprise when my friend S. came to see me and we had good fun together. My MH went down to the Hall to do some craft things with her friends and me and my DH just sat together and watched the football until she comed home to us.

I nipped out for a while but managed to get my adorable little self caught in the rain and by the time I got home, I was soaking wet and my MH had to get a towel and make me dry again. I like getting dried 'cos it means I get lots of cuddles.

I got another surprise when my friend B. sended me a message to say that she was getting a new baby boy kitten and I am hoping he can be a member of my paw pal club and I will be able to give him lots of tips at how to be a good puss.

Oh, that did make me excited and my MH was happy for me. I lay on her knee for a while and just thought about this new baby puss until I falled asleep. Happy Squeak.

Friday, 21 October 2016

A Funny Friday

In fact, I have been so mixed up today I forgot it WAS Friday and I was out playing when my DH came home from the pier, so I didn't get to play with my string, although my humans keeped it for me and we played later. Now, I know you will want to know what has made me so muddled. My MH calls it 'confuddled' and I like that, so I have been a tad confuddled.

And this is why. My DH has been working in my bathroom putting new carpet tiles on the floor and that has upset me a bit. I am OK, but I don't like when things are different and although my MH kept telling me everything was all right, I was still a bit worried.

The weather was good so I was able to get out to play lots of times and every time I comed back in, I would nip into my bathroom to see how the old boy was getting on, and one time I looked, he was all finished and my MH was cleaning it and putting it all back to normal again and I was happy, happy, happy! It is nice and I like it. Maybe my MH will take a picture for you, but if not, just look at this one of me.

When my DH was cleaning up, I watched what he was doing and decided to see how comfortable the new carpet would be on my adorable little bum, and I can tell you it is very fine so I have given it my purr of approval and my humans are very pleased!