Monday, 24 September 2018

A Good Monday

We were all back to normal today with my DH going away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH doing lots of things in my house to make it all clean and tidy again. Well, to be honest, she did all the cleaning and I just followed her around giving her lots of purrs when she needed them. That always makes her happy.

It was quite a good day and even quite warm when I was out of the wind so I was outside lots and lots of times which was brilliant. I spent a lot of time in the field talking to the sheeps and I told them all about my postcard and I think they were very impressed--- and even a wee bit jealous. Hee hee

When I was sitting on my windowsill this afternoon, my MH comed over to give me a cuddle and she noticed this birdie having a wee feed and she thought you might like to see the picture that she tooked. We both think it is lovely.

So, my Monday has been a very good one and I have loved every minute of it. Right now I am having my after dinner nap and I shall head outside again at least one time and maybe two or three times before bedtime. The nights are getting dark early now but I like the dark time 'cos I can see very well and nothing makes me frightened so I am a very happy little Squeak.

I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 23 September 2018


I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to tell you my very exciting news. I got a letter from the postman on Saturday! Not my humans, but me! It was my name on the letter and the postie man gived it to me and I was so very, very excited I could hardly wait to see who had sended it.

As soon as the postie man went away---he sometimes comes in for a cuppa and a chat--- my MH sat on my couch and I sat on my MH and she read out the message for me and I was so pleased 'cos it was from my friend J. who is away on her holidays but she tooked some time to pick a postcard and send it to me. It almost brought a tear to this adorable little eye, I can tell you. Thank you very much J.

We have all had a very lazy day today but it has been fine and although the weather is still not very good, I have been able to get out to play a few times so I am quite content---except for one little incident that gave me a wee shiver.

I asked the old dear to let me out and just as I was stepping out of the door, me and her saw another pussycat in my garden! Well, we were not best pleased and I was just going to run and chase it away when my MH called to me to stop and I did but the other puss ran away anyway. Phew! I got a ginormous cuddle for being a very obedient puss.

One would expect nothing less, would one?

Saturday, 22 September 2018

I Wonder....

... how much longer this wind is going to stay with us. I wish it would leave my little island and blow away someplace else 'cos we have all had enough, thank you very much. It was a wee bit better than yesterday but not as calm as I like. However, I was a brave puss and went out two or three times but just for a little while each time.

I need to get out at least three or four times in my day time and a couple of times in my night time and so far I have managed and I think I will manage it later on before bedtime. And, speaking of bedtime, I had a very special job to do last night and that was to keep my MH warm when it was sleeping time 'cos her electric blanket broke and it wouldn't heat her up, so I just snuggled up an made her all nice and warm and she liked that. And then in this morning, my DH fixed the blanket and she was very pleased about that too.

We had a big play together in my house in this afternoon. I was a wee bit fed up and the old dear noticed this and asked me if I wanted to play with her and my toys and of course I did and we had a brilliant time as you will see from today's pictures.

I just love playing with my MH and I will probably ask her to do it again tomorrow.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Windy Again

It has been another blowy day on my little island and that has meant I have been indoors most of the day. It has been ok though 'cos both my humans have been at home with me and since my MH has had no housework to do that meant there were lots of cuddles for this adorable little puss. Brilliant.

I don't have any news for you 'cos I haven't been doing very much but I just want to tell you that I am very happy indeed. I had a quick scoot round my garden and a very quick word to the little sheeps that are in the field and then I hurried back home again and as soon as I was in the window, I waited for the big cuddle that I always get.

I just love those cuddles and it almost makes getting rained on worth while. Almost!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Much Better

I have had a very much better day 'cos the weather has been a lot better and although it was wet and windy in this morning, by the time this afternoon had arrived, the wind had gone away some place else and that made me very happy 'cos I could get out to play without being worried about blowing away to somewhere I didn't know.

I tried to get out when me and my MH got up this morning, but it was pouring with rain and the wind was shouting at us when we opened the door, so I just sat in my porch and suggested to the Boss that she could leave the door open and I would get the fresh air, but she wasn't too happy about that idea. I think all the furniture rolling around my kitchen had something to do with that! Hee hee just joking!

We have had lots of visitors at my house today so I have had plenty of attention which was good and being able to get out to play whenever I wanted was just brilliant. I like being inside and right now I am lying on my couch beside my MH and I am very happy there, but I also love to be out in the fields and even if there is a ginormous gale I go out as much as I can and although I know it worries my MH, I told her that I have to do pussy cat things no matter what the weather is doing.

But I am a lot happier doing puss cat things when I am not getting rained on or blowed away, thank you very much!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Windy, Windy, Windy

What a day it has been on my little island. It was not too bad until lunch time but then the wind arrived and it brought tons of rain with it so the furthest I have been out was my door, but I just sat on the mat and watched the rain for a minute before the Boss told me I had to get back inside. So I am not very sure if I will be able to get out before bedtime 'cos my little weather man friend told me it hasn't to be any better until tomorrow afternoon. Oh deary, deary me.

My MH went out for a little while to look after my friend S.'s animals but she was back home to me before it got really blowy and that was good, although she was a wee bit very soaking wet when she comed back so that wasn't good, but I helped her get all dry again and that was just purr-fect!

The old boy didn't get to the Cat Shop 'cos he didn't know if the boat would bring him home again and he didn't want to leave me and my MH all alone so he just stayed home with us and we have all had a very good day.

I hope you like today's picture as I think I look super cute, don't you?

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

I am in shock.......

.… and have been lying down in a darkened room all day with a cold cloth over my adorable little forehead trying to comprehend what happened to me through the last night time, but without any luck.

Are you on the edge of your seat, agog with anticipation? I shall keep you waiting no longer. Here goes--if I can bring myself to utter the words ---my MH said 'no' to me! There. I know you will find that hard to believe. The MH who tells me daily she loves me millions said no to me and refused me a simple request.

It was five o'clock in this morning and I needed a wee feed, so I asked her to please put something in my dish which I then could put in my adorable little tummy, and of course she said yes, and we both got up and eventually wandered into my kitchen after the old dear had been to the bathroom. No problem there.

I then decided I would like another nocturnal visitation and wandered into my porch and sat waiting for her to open the door for me, and it was then I heard the awful 'no'. To say I was devastated is an understatement, but I stood there staring at the door thinking she would give in, like she always does, but not this time. We then had a wee chasing game inside the porch. She tried to pick me up to take me into the kitchen, but I moved away as though I was going all by myself but as soon as she moved, yours truly was back at the door. Oh dear, MH was not best pleased and this happened a few times till I decided to let her catch me so that she could get back to bed.

However, I was still in a huff and spent the rest of the night on my couch all by myself. Sigh. And then, to crown it all, my MH went away on the boat in this morning and I didn't see her until teatime by which time I had forgived her and I let her cuddle me just to show there were no hard feelings.

We are the bestest of friends again, but I am trying to decide whether I should try again tonight, or not
and I shall tell you tomorrow. I think maybe 'not' would be the better option!