Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A Grey Day

It has not been very nice on my little island today, but was I sad? Was I downhearted? No, indeed I was not, and I am sure you will all know why? Yes, it was acos my humans were at home with me all day and that always makes me a very happy little Squeak.

I didn't even bother to go and find my intrepidness 'cos I didn't really want to go out as it was cold and wet and windy, and my little weather man friend told me that it is going to be colder and wetter and windier over the next few days, so I think my intrepidness can stay wherever I happen to have left it. He told me the somebody called Doris is coming and she is going to bring lots of bad weather with her, so I hope she is not a friend of my MH's 'cos I don't think she will be very welcome on my little island. I shall have a word.

So, I hear you ask, what have I done all day? Well, I have had lots of snoozes and lots of seats on the old dear's knee when she hasn't been working. She had to do all the work she didn't get done yesterday, so she was a wee bit busy, but there was still lots of time for me. I made very sure of that!

'Member I told you she was taking her knee to the doctor? Well, he told her it is a very wonky knee and he is going to give her another one. She will soon be more metal than bone! Hee hee I will tell you more when I know it, OK?

So, that's all my news. The wind is starting to shout at us so I don't know if I will have my nocturnal trip to the outside before bedtime, but I shall lie here on my MH's lap top and think about it.

And you will know tomorrow. Night night.

Monday, 20 February 2017

All Alone

I have no news for you at all 'cos I have been all alone today. As I told you, my humans had to go to Kirkwall and so we were all up very early this morning and I did manage a wee trip outside before they shut me in the house and went away and left me. Oh deary me.

It is not really as bad as it sounds 'cos I had lots of food and biscuits and water and of course I was lovely and cosy, so I shouldn't really complain---but!! -- Hee hee

It wasn't too long before they were back home to me and I got lots and lots of cuddles. I will let you into a wee secret. I have a special look that makes my MH feel really guilty and I gave her 'the look' today which meant lots more cuddles. It never fails.

I made her laugh a lot when she comed home 'cos when she was trying to get changed I head butted her---very gently, of course --every time she bended down and we both had a giggle.

So, although I don't like being on my own, it is always brilliant fun when they come back to me.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Not A Bad Day

I like Sundays 'cos we are all lazy in my house and my humans have lots and lots of time for me. I got quite a surprise when I nipped up onto my window sill this morning 'cos when I looked out into the field I saw lots of great big birdies. Lots bigger than the birdies that me and my humans feed every day and my MH told me these birdies were gooses and they were nearly as big as me, so I decided just to leave them in peace and watch them from my house.

I did lots of resting and snoozing and I also got lots of cuddles which always makes me happy. I was able to sit on my MH's knee lots of times and I purred very loudly as she stroked my adorable little lugs. My DH was watching the football on my television so we were all having a good time.

My MH played on her Wii again and I just lay on my couch and watched her. Oh dear, my dear friends, she does look so funny when she is doing some of her games and I won't describe how her little bum wiggles 'cos you might be eating, but oh, it does make me giggle--but only when she isn't looking, of course. I am a very wise puss!

We played a lot together when she was finished and I had a super time which I just loved. I found my little ball again and me and the old dear played football and it was magic.

So, my Sunday has been very good, but I am afraid I am to be abandoned tomorrow 'cos my MH has to take her knee to see the doctor and so my humans are going away on the first boat. And me? I shall see them off and then I shall head straight back to my little bed and rest until they come home to me again. Sigh.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Not So Crackin'

In fact, not a crackin' day at all. Well, outside at least. Inside it was fine but it was very cold and VERY wet today and not a day when this adorable little puss wanted to go out and see the little baby sheeps in the field. I don't like getting wet, and I do worry about the little lamb 'cos it just cuddles into its mummy to try and keep warm and it makes me a tiny bit sad. I gave my MH my 'please can we bring it inside?' look, but it didn't work, and I suppose if we brought the little lamb in, its mummy would be worried and maybe even angry, so I hate to admit that the old dear might be right. Sigh!

Apart from that I have had a good time. I sat with my MH while she was reading and she just kept stroking me and I loved that. I went out a couple of times to the greenhouse with my DH but I was a bit too cold, so I just nipped up to the window so that I could get in to the warm again.

I played with my MH and then I watched as she did her exercises on the Wii and then I was ready to cuddle in beside her again when she was finished.

It is raining lots again, so I think I might be having a very short pre-bedtime trip outside. I think I am getting much wiser as I am getting older. Hee hee

Friday, 17 February 2017

Another Crackin' Day

As soon as I opened my adorable little eyes this morning, I saw lovely sunshine and I knew I was going to have a super,duper day and that's what I had.

I gobbled up my breakfast and then nipped out the window and into the garden where I just sat for a long time in the nice warm sunshine. OK, it wasn't as warm as I would have liked, but it wasn't cold and there was no naughty wind blowing me away, so it was a very good start.

There wasn't very much happening around my house, but I could hear the tractor in the farm beside us, so I knew I had to be a bit careful if I was going for a big explore. I wandered through the fields and that's when I got a big surprise 'cos I saw a brand new baby sheeps! The first one of the year! And that means that I will soon have lots and lots more friends to play with. Goodie!

It was quite quiet in my house and there was no vacuum cleaner or dusters, so there was always a cuddle for me and then me and my MH went out into my garden together so that she could hang a duvet on the rope and I wonder if you can guess what I was doing while she was busy? Yep,I was up the pole!

I made one of my famous hundred miles an hour runs across the grass, launched my adorable little self up the pole and sat at the top looking down at my MH who was far, far away down on the ground fighting with a duvet trying to get it on the rope. And I was so happy just watching her from away up high.

So, you can see that I have had a very good day and I am hoping that it will be as good tomorrow 'cos I have made lots of plans for what I want me and my humans to do. Watch this pussycat space!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Less Bounce

I have still had a good day, but I haven't been as lively today as I have been. I blame it on my age, hee hee.

It was house working day again and I helped the old dear when she worked in my bedroom and I got a big surprise when she changed the duvet covers again, but I did manage a quick game of hide and Squeak inside the duvet cover and that was really good.

My DH played with me lots when he comed back from the boat and he brought me a big bit of string that we played with for ages and that too was just the bestest of fun. I love string day and it makes me a very happy little Squeak when my humans play with me.

My MH went away to do crafty things in our Hall with her friends so I was left in charge of my DH and I looked after him vey well but I was very happy when my MH comed back to me again and I gave her my special cuddles and a very loud purr and she liked that millions!

So, it has been a good day and I have liked it lots.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Bouncing Puss

I have had a crackin' day. I am very happy that my MH went away to Stromness yesterday 'cos the weather was so bad that I was quite happy warming up the various sleeping places I have in my house, but today has been another Spring day and we have both been able to go to play in my garden and you know that makes me very happy.

I helped her do some housework and she was changing the beds again so I played one of my favourite games and my adorable little tummy got tickled lots of times and I loved that. I played in my garden all by myself and I did some exploring to see if I could find any mouses, but there were none, so I just did a lot of sniffing and a wee bit of thinking.

I was in the middle of one of my thinks when I heard my MH calling for me and when I founded her, she was hanging out the washing and she wanted to play with me and that made me very,very happy.I ran around after her and I even climbed the clothes pole and that made her laugh like it always does. I wasn't really in a pole dancing mood, but I just wanted to see if I still had what it takes now that I am seven. And guess what? I still have it!

But then, I think we all knew that already, didn't we?