Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Much Quieter House

We didn’t have any visitors today except for the peoples that brought my MH’s new washing machine up to my house from the pier and put it into my utility room so that my DH can plug it in and let her do some more washing. The old boy was at the Cat Shop so she will need to wait until tomorrow.

The weather wasn’t too bad so I was in and out lots of times but every time I comed home, my MH gave me a big cuddle. She was particularly happy when I popped in the window after my DH went away in his car ‘cos she is always frightened now that I have decided to explore his engine again, but I think I have learned my lesson there!

We just spent the day doing little bits of work and of course the old dear had lots of exercises to do with her knee so I had to do lots of encouraging purrs which always makes her happy.

I am snoozing on my couch now while my DH is watching football but he is not happy ‘cos his team is not winning yet and he is sighing a lot. Oh dear. I have a feeling he is going to be tutting lots more and my purrs are not going to help.

Oh deary me!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What a Night!

There were eight other peoples in my house tonight! So, with my two humans there were ten knees for me to sit on. It was brilliant and I was very happy, but to be honest, I spent the most of my time on my MH’s knee ‘cos that is the bestest.

Now, I know you will want to know why my house was so busy. Well, all those peoples needed to have a meeting and because my MH can’t take her new knee out to play yet, they all comed here and I for one was very happy. I had a very good day up till then ‘cos I was outside lots of times. The weather was quite good for most of the day so it was good fun outside and I did lots of hunting and playing.

There was lots for me to do inside ‘cos my MH needs me to help her do all her knee exercises. I lie on the bed beside her and purr while she works hard and she told me that makes her very happy. So that makes ME happy too.

Monday, 16 October 2017

A VERY Blowy Monday

I thought yesterday was blowy but today was even worse. I heard my humans talking about somebody called Ophelia who was bringing wind and rain with her. I didn’t see her, but the wind and the rain were certainly here!

It was a fine morning and after my breakfast I went outside for a long time and I stayed out so long that I didn’t get to say cheerio to my DH before he went away to the Cat Shop and I think that made him a wee bit sad, but I was having lots of good fun.

I spent the rest of my day nipping in and out but it was a bit windy and sometimes it was very wet, so I didn’t stay out too long and then spent the rest of the day sleeping on my lots of beds until I got a big surprise when my friend S. comed to see me. She said she was here to see how my MH was, but I knew she was really here to see me.

We had good fun together and she gave me lots of cuddles which we both really enjoyed. I like it lots when she comes to see me. And she likes it too.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Blowy Sunday

I am really quite pleased with my adorable little self 'cos although it hasn't been a very good day, I wrapped myself up in my intrepidness and headed outside into the not very nice weather.

I have to do this 'cos I am a brave puss but all the time I am outside, my poor old MH worries about me and she is always very pleased to see me back inside with her. And, she also need me to help her with her exercises in case she forgets how to count! Hee hee. She told my DH that as well as her knee getting stronger, she is getting strong tummy muscles with yours truly landing on them. She still does the 'oof' sound but I know she really likes it when I am beside her.

There isn't very much news for you today 'cos my house has been quite quiet but we have all had a very good day and me and the Boss are now on my couch watching the dancing which we both like and I am now on my rightful position which is on her knee although I am very careful to put my adorable little body on top of her good knee and not her stitched up one and she is very grateful for that.

More brownie points for me!!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

I Like Saturdays....

... and this one was a good Saturday for me although I nearly upset my DH but I will tell you about that later. Me and my MH were up first this morning and we sat on my couch and had one of our little chats which I love.

We had a few of these through the night when she had to get up and when we got back to bed, I put my adorable little body on her chest and she stroked me as she whispered that she loved me millions and that made me purr very loudly with lots of happiness. When she was having her breakfast I got my little drop of milk and then I went outside for what was the first of my many exploring trips which I liked even though it was a wee bit cold.

In the afternoon time I helped my MH with her exercises and yes, I’m afraid I did jump on her again but she was ok with it so maybe I will keep doing that. So, what did I do to annoy my DH? Well, it was more what I didn’t do I’m afraid. My humans were getting their dinner and I thought I might go out to play so I politely asked for the door to be opened which my DH did, but I s’pose you can guess what I did? Yep, I decided not to go out and he was a tad annoyed especially as I asked again as soon as he sat down. Oops!

I saw the look on his face and decided that I had better go out. So I did - - - and I liked it!

Friday, 13 October 2017

More ‘oof’ sounds

I am so busy concentrating on not landing on my MH’s new knee, that I keep landing on bits that make her do that funny noise and to be honest, it always makes me giggle a wee bit. But we won’t tell the old dear that, will we?

We have all had a good day but as I feared, the vacuum cleaner was out and it tooked my DH all over my house while the Boss supervised. I did get out to play a lot but it was a bit cold on my little island, so I had lots of short trips. AND, I had lots of trips to my door just deciding whether or not to try to go out and my MH was getting just a tad annoyed ‘cos the wind was blowing on her too and she just wanted me to make up my mind.

Which I did. Eventually!!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

An Uneventful Day...

...but a good day just the same. I did go out to play lots of times but I had a good look round before I went outside in case that very naughty puss had comed back into my territory, but it wasn’t there, so I was able to enjoy myself without having to fight for it!

It is still lovely and quiet in my house although I did hear the old dear asking my DH if he would take the vacuum cleaner out tomorrow, so it won’t be as quiet then. However, I have had lots of quiet days so one busy one will be ok by me.

I’m afraid I have been making my MH do a lot of her ‘ooff’ noises again ‘cos sometimes when she is lying on her bed making her new knee do all its exercises, I sort of leap from the doorway and sort of land on her tummy and that’s when she makes that funny noise.

I think she likes it really!