Thursday, 23 March 2017

Still Brilliant

I didn't want to be disappointed, so when I wakened up this morning, I just opened one eye and I was so happy to see that it was still a good day that I shot out of the window as soon as my MH opened it. I didn't even wait for my breakfast, and it was only after I had been out for a while that my adorable little tummy told me it was hungry, so I had to go back home for a feed.

My DH was working outside for the whole day and it was such a fine day that my MH left the door open so I was able to wander in and out as much as I wanted. I could go and see what the old boy was doing and that way I was able to avoid the vacuum cleaner, but if my MH was having a rest, then I could get a cuddle, so I really had the best of both worlds.

I helped my MH wash the outsides of our windows and we had lots of fun. Now, when I say 'I helped' I didn't physically help, but I gave her lots of encouragement and I kept her company 'cos I know she likes that a lot.

I went into the gym with her as well and kept an eye on her as her little legs did more of their hard work. I didn't stay in all the time 'cos I needed to have fun in my garden and I knew she was doing OK so I played until I heard her switching off her treadmill and then I ran in to see her and we both went back inside together.

I like this time 'cos she always needs a wee seat, and I usually plonk my adorable little bum on her knee and we sit there for a long time just having a rest and a chat.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Millions Better!

Oh I have been such a happy little Squeak today 'cos the weather on my little island has been just brilliant, and to be very honest, I think I might have something to do with that. Shall I explain? Of course, I shall.

Last night, while I was lying on my couch having a little snooze before I headed out into the night time, my little weather man friend came on my television and I asked him--very politely--if he would please send me some good weather so that I could get out to play. And guess what? He did!! Yippee. He sended me some sunshine but he tooked away all the rain and the wind and that meant that I could play outside as much as I wanted. Oh thank you very much, my little weather man friend. My MH likes him too, 'cos when he is on late at night and when he is finished telling us all about the weather, he always says 'night night' and my MH likes that and she says 'night night' back to him. I haven't the heart to tell the old dear that he can't hear her. I just pretend for her.

So anyway, back to me. Since it was Cat Shop day again, the old boy was up first, but when I saw how good the day was, I got up as well and went straight out into my garden and I loved it. I was out so long that I nearly missed my little drop of milk, but I just managed back inside in the nick of time. Phew!

I even went into the gym with my MH but while she was doing her exercises, I played outside and every now and then I would nip in to see her and to tell her to go a bit faster and she liked my help, but then she always does.

She tooked some new pictures of me just for you and in one she nearly chopped my adorable little head off as I scooted through my fence, but I am sure you will enjoy an action picture of yours truly.

So, I have had a very good day and I am now in my favourite place, all cosied up beside my MH and there I will stay till it is time to go out and play again. Oh, I am loving this MILLIONS!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Not a Lot Better

Well, my day hasn't been all that bad although it could have been better. When my DH was getting ready to go away to the Cat Shop, I heard him telling my MH that there was snow in Scotland and I thought that maybe it was coming here to me and I waited all day but it never comed. Sigh.

There was some rain and some wind and it was very cold, so after a couple of very short trips outside, I settled down for a restful day. A friend of ours comed to see my MH and she made a big fuss of me which suited me just fine. I must admit that I did get a little bit excited and I sort of jumped all over my living room which made her and my MH smile a lot.

I spent the rest of my afternoon sitting beside my MH or sleeping on my couch so that means that I don't have very much news for you again, I'm afraid.

I don't think I will have much news for you until the weather gets better and then I can tell you all about my adventures. I just hope you can wait for me till then, although if I ask my MH to play with me tomorrow, we can tell you all about that.

You would like that, sure you would?

Monday, 20 March 2017

What a Day

I wakened up this morning all excited and looking forward to getting out to play and when I looked out of the window I was so disappointed to see that it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale. The sea was filled with white horses and this adorable little puss knew that she wouldn't be going anywhere! Boo

I sat beside my MH and we had a long chat and she told me not to worry about the rotten weather 'cos she would keep me happy and entertained and then I was happy again. I knew it was house working day but I knew too that she would come and find me and cuddle me whenever I wanted her to so I was sure I would have a good day anyway.

It is now after dinner time and I still haven't been out. I have been as far as the window sill beside the open window, but I wouldn't go out into the awful weather. I have been as far as the open door, but I got blowed back into my kitchen. There might just be the tiniest exaggeration there, but I wasn't going out anyway.

It is still raining but not just as windy, so maybe I will wander out before my sleeping all night time. I will give that some serious consideration.

I have had a good day though, with lots of cuddles and I have been happy so I am not really complaining. Well, not very much anyway! Hee hee

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A Discovery

I have made a ginormous discovery today. And here it is. It is very tiring being adorable!
I shall let you digest that for a second or two, but it is what I have found out today. I have had a very good day, although through the night time, I was not a very pleased little puss and I shall explain that too.

My DH got up early in the middle of this night and I got up with him expecting a wee biscuit for my troubles and do you now what he did? He went back to bed and ignored me! Even when I yowled at him he still didn't do anything and I was not happy at all. When I told my MH she said he was probably still asleep, and methinks she is probably right. But that doesn't make me any happier with him and he will need to do a lot to make up for all my heartache! Hee hee

My day did get better and I was out playing quite a lot. I think I am getting used to the cold 'cos I was able to stay out a while longer before scooting home for a cuddle, and it was then that I found out how tiring it was being adored 'cos we had two visitors who came over to see me and my MH.

The first visitors was our friend M. who I hadn't seen for a long time and she thought I was looking wonderful. I did not disagree. The next visitor was my very bestest friend S. and we had a long blether and a cuddle and I liked that lots and lots.

After all that adoration I discovered that I was a tad sleepy so I am now having a snooze on my chair but I might wander over to cuddle up beside the old dear. I know she likes that and she gets very lonely without me beside her.

So, that has been my day. I hope yours has been a good day too.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Not Much News....

.... but still a good day. Me and my DH were up very early this morning 'cos he needed a wee drink of water and I had to go with him to make sure he was Ok and he liked that. We had a wee chat and then went back to bed before my MH knowed we were even up and that was quite exciting for me.

Later on, me and the old dear got up and as usual, we watched Jessica solving all the problems of the world before my MH decided to do a wee bit of work and she changed the beds. Now, why on a Saturday, I hear you ask. Well, it was quite a fine morning, but by the time she had them all washed and ready to hang outside, the rain comed on and she wasn't very happy, but we have a pulley so she put them there and that was OK.

We still had lots of fun changing the beds and I was lots of places I shouldn't have been, but I only go there so that I can get tickled when I get lifted off again and put down where I should be. See? I went outside a couple of times with my DH but it was a bit too cold for me and for him too, so we didn't stay out too long, then I tooked my MH into the gym 'cos her little legs needed some more exercise, but while they were doing all their walking, I went and played in my garden till she was ready to go home and then we both went in together.

So, maybe I have some news for you after all, but I hope you are having a good weekend like I am.

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Happy Day

I have had a very good day. I have had a very normal day. My humans have been at home and so it has been a super duper day. I am always at my happiest when we are all at home together and especially when my MH doesn't do any housework 'cos then there is always lots and lots of time for me.

I went outside this morning after we had finished our breakfast but oh my, it was cold. SO cold! I had to keep running fast so that I didn't freeze to the spot. Maybe a wee exaggeration, but my adorable little body was very cold so when I went back inside, I asked my MH for one of her special cuddles and in no time at all I was lovely and cosy again. And very happy. She decided that we needed some scones and pancakes and other little cakes, so she did some baking while I sat in the kitchen and watched her and she talked to me all the time and I liked that.

I had quite a few trips outside to help my DH in our greenhouse and that was good fun too 'cos he told me we would need to get it all ready for our tomatoes so I had a good look round before having a wee seat on the chair while he did lots of work.

I am now in my very favouritist position which is curled up beside my MH with my head on her laptop while she is writing all about me. I am having a wee snooze and she keeps stroking my adorable little lugs which makes me very happy.