Thursday, 21 June 2018


... today was a wee bit different from yesterday, and not for the better, I am afraid. When me and my adorable little lugs wakened up in this morning, the first thing that we heard was the wind howling and rattling all the ornaments in our garden and we were not very happy at all 'cos I had worked out in that split second that I wouldn't be able to get out to play as much as I wanted. Sigh!

After my breakfast I decided that I was going to be a brave puss and not a wimp, so I asked the old dear to let me out but when I tried the window, it was just too blowy, so we decided to try the door and that was better, so I did manage to get outside for a while.

I managed to find a wee spot to shelter and there was lots of long grass round about so the wind didn't get to me and I was quite cosy and comfortable. I have made a note in this adorable little brain of mine, and I shall find it again tonight and have another wee while outside before bedtime. So maybe it hasn't been such a bad day after all, eh?

We had a beautiful sunset last night with glorious colours in the sky and me and my MH thought you might like to see a picture. So here it is.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A Super Day

I have been outside nearly all of the whole day and haven't been in my house very much at all. My MH was a wee bit sad 'cos I left her all alone but it was too good a day for this adorable little puss to be in the house and I am sure she didn't mind. I know she missed me a wee bit 'cos she told me, but she understood that I had to be doing pussycat things and I will make it up to her later on.

The old boy was away to the Cat Shop as usual and me and my MH did have a wee chat but then I asked to be let out and away I went--for quite a lot of hours. I was a bit tired when I comed home so I asked for a cuddle and then had a snooze in my wee hoose before I went away out again-- for a lot more hours! When I comed back in, my MH stroked my adorable little body and she noticed how warm I was feeling so she knew I had found a wee cosy spot out of the wind to snuggle down and just watch the world go by.

I know she thought this 'cos I heard her telling my DH when he comed home. I went away out again for anther long time after my dinner, but now I am sound asleep on my couch just sending these thoughts to the old dear for you and after I am fully refreshed, I shall head out again but just for a little time 'cos it is a bit cooler at night and I need to cuddle up beside my MH when she goes to bed or she won't be able to sleep properly.

That is one of my favouritist jobs!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A Surprise

I got a big surprise this morning when my MH told me that she wasn't going away to leave me 'cos it was just a tad too windy for her to go on the boat. I was a wee bit upset for her 'cos I know she wanted to go, but I was very happy indeed for me and then when she told me that they might go on Friday instead, I was a wee bit happy for her and a wee bit upset for me. Oh dear, confusion indeed.

I tried to get outside to play quite a lot of times, but it was too windy for me too so I asked my MH to play with me and we had great fun together until I finally picked up all my courage and went out to play and I made the old dear smile 'cos just as I jumped from the window sill, the wind gave a great big blow and it made me look as though I was flying. It was funny, but I liked it.

I was outside for a long time just sheltering from the wind and watching the little sheeps but now I am just a tad tired, so I am having my usual after dinner napette and then I will try to get outside again and see where I fly to this time.

Oh, my life is quite exciting sometimes!

Monday, 18 June 2018

A Windy Monday

I haven't been out very much at all today 'cos it has been quite windy on my little island and you all know this adorable little puss isn't too keen on the wind. SIGH.

I did wander out for a while after my breakfast and I had a chat to my sheep friends which always cheers me up. I watched the baby lambs running and jumping and I think I know how to do their mid-air turn so I might give it a try when my humans are in bed tonight.

I got lots of cuddles 'cos every time my MH needed a wee seat and a rest from her housework, she comed to find me and we had some time together which was very good indeed.

She tod me that her and my DH might be going to Kirkwall tomorrow so I am hoping there won't be a wind so that she can leave the window open for me and I can wander in and out as I please.

I would like that lots.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Another Good day

And we have all been outside working in my garden so I have had lots of company whenever I wanted it, but I am afraid I have been just a little bit on edge today and I can't explain why.

We all had a lazy morning and then my MH decided to go out and trim all the edges of the grass and I don't really like the machine that she uses 'cos it is noisy and throws grass all over the place so I have to stay well away from her when she is using it. My DH has a new machine to make our grass a bit healthier and it is called a scarifier and it certainly scarifies me, so maybe that's what has been wrong with me.

I played for a while on my own but then these machines arrived and my humans were busy and I wasn't happy but as usual my MH noticed there was something wrong with me and as soon as she had finished, she lifted me up and cuddled me and talked to me nice and quietly until I was feeling much better again. She always knows what to do to make me feel better and right now I am having a snooze in my wee hoose but as soon as she has finished this story for you, I am going to plonk my adorable little body on her knee and she can cuddle me again.

There are lots of sheeps in today's pictures for you, and in one of them you can see me just coming home after having had a visit to some of the little lambs. They are just so cute and full of fun and me and my humans love watching them. This one is my very favouritist sheep. Sure it is just beautiful?

So, that's all my news for today. I am hoping to go out to play again before I go to bed so I will have more news for you tomorrow.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

A Fine Saturday

We have all had a good Saturday and we had a wee bit of excitement last night when this adorable little puss bringed home a little friend when I had been out playing but sadly my humans did not appreciate a little mouse running about inside my house and my DH had to find it and put it outside again. I was not best pleased, I can tell you and when I went outside later on I looked for said mouse to apologise, but I haven't founded it yet. I shall keep looking.

It was quite a fine morning when we wakened up and although it was a tad cooler that I would have liked, it was dry and just a little breezy so I was happy to be out playing---and mouse hunting! My MH comed outside quite early to cut the grass 'cos the little weather man told us it might rain, so she decided to do it early in the day, just in case, but it hasn't rained yet.

My garden is looking good again and I have had a wee play on it as well as a wander through the fields to have a chat to the little sheeps so my day has been a good one, and I hope you have had a good Saturday too.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Much Better....

....but just the weather ‘cos my MH went away and left me and my DH all alone. It was a much better day on my little island and the I was able to get out to play as much as I wanted. I did manage to get outside for a little while last night just before bedtime, but as soon as I got up this morning I listened very carefully, then rubbed my adorable little lugs and listened again,but I still didn’t hear any wind, so I rushed to the door and shot out into my garden as soon as my MH opened it for me.

She was going away on the first boat so we were up early and I was outside just as the little birdies were getting up and I was very happy till I realised my MH had on her ‘going to the town’ clothes, or ‘toon claes’ as they say here and then I was a bit sad, but my DH was staying home so I was a bit happier.

There was lots of work to be done outside ‘cos the naughty wind had knocked over lots of our wee ornaments and me and my DH had to pick them all up and fix them again.

So I have been busy and now I am resting on my MH’s knee having a lovely snooze and I am very happy now.