Sunday, 25 February 2018

Another Sunday

I had a very good sleep last night and I sleeped the whole night, which meant my dear old MH was very pleased with me when we wakened up this morning so that was a very good start to my day. And it just got better.

As usual, my humans didn't do any housework and apart from my MH going out for a little while, there was plenty of time for me. I played lots and lots with bits of paper, with my little mouse and with my ball and I made my humans smile lots when I played all by myself and pretended that my little mouse was a big fierce monster and I killed it dead---lots and lots of times. Brilliant fun!

I was outside quite a few times but still just for little times 'cos it is very cold. I won't be going out through tomorrow day time 'cos both my humans are going to Stromness and it is too cold to leave the window open for me, but to be honest, I am quite happy staying in the warm.

I can always go ut to play when they come home to me so that will be very fine.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

A Much Better Puss

I realised when I wakened up in this morning that I had better be a very good puss 'cos I wasn't terribly sure if the old dear had forgived me for what I did through the last night. So, I got up very quietly and just nibbled at my biscuits until my MH was up and ready to feed me with proper food.

But I needn't have worried 'cos she still loved me just as much as ever and wasn't angry any more so I was a very relieved little Squeak. Our weather is still quite good although a bit cold, but not enough to keep me inside and I have been out to play quite a lot and I have liked that very much. I do love when I can get outside. I love all the sniffs and sounds and watching the little birdies especially when I know that when I go home again, there is always a big cuddle waiting for me and, if I want, my humans will play with me.

So, my day has been a very good one and I have liked it lots. I hope your day has been a good one too.

Friday, 23 February 2018


...I have never been nearer to being Squeak soup than I was in the dark time through last night and of course I shall tell you why. For some reason I was very restless and couldn’t sleep and when I can’t sleep I don’t like it when my MH is sleeping without me, so I wakened her up a lot of times and she was a little bit cross with me.

We had been up a few times and when we went back to bed, she asked me to please go to sleep and if I couldn’t then would I be a good puss and just lie nice and quiet.

Well, I tried. Honest I tried, but I failed! I plonked my adorable little self up on to the dressing table and I played my game of pinging the little light cord against the mirror ‘cos I like listening to the little clinking noise it makes and it did that a few times - - - except for the last time.

I went to hit the switch, but one of my claws got stuck in it and when I pulled hard to get away, it banged really hard - - - and noisily!! - - against the mirror at the same time switching on the light! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. My poor old MH sat right up in her little bed ‘cos she thought we had been hit by lightning. Oops. But then she saw it was me and she was angry. Like soup pot angry and it tooked me a long, long time to be forgived.

I just spent the rest of the night time lying very, very still. Oh yes, I do know when to stop being naughty, but I think I nearly got it wrong last night. .....Nearly! Hee hee

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Still Good

My little weather man friend has sended me another good day and I like that. It is still a wee bit cold for me, but at least it is dry and there was no wind at all so I have been an outside puss for most of the day. My MH was doing some of her housework so I was quite happy to be in my garden and not beside the vacuum cleaner and the dusters.

I nipped in every so often just to see how things were and to get a wee cuddle and one time, when the old dear was having a rest, I asked her to play with me and she did just that! I was playing with the toys that my DH brought home for me yesterday and I made my humans laugh 'cos just as the old boy was saying that my little ball was too big to go under the unit, I managed to push it right in and he had to get a big stick to get it out again! My MH said she thinks I do things like that on purpose. Moi?!!

There is a picture which shows me just getting ready to push the little ball and I hope it will make you smile too.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Brilliant Day

This has been one of my bestest days for a long, long time. I wakened up quite early 'cos I needed to help my DH get ready for the Cat Shop. Well, that's MY story. The real reason is that whoever is up first feeds me and today it was him, so I had to be in the kitchen to remind him. See?

So, anyway, I ate up all my breakfast and then headed straight outside as it was an absolutely beautiful morning with some sunshine and no wind and just the day that suits me purr-fectly. Oh, I was very happy indeed and I purred very loudly to my MH when I popped back in the window just in time for my milk. An excellent start to my day.

And it just got better 'cos the weather was so good that my MH could leave the window open for me to come and go just as I wanted. And one time when I popped back in, the old dear was changing the beds, so we were able to play one of my very favouritst games and that made me very happy indeed.

In the afternoon, we both went into the gym but I was able to play outside while the old dear was on her treadmill and her bike and then my day got the bestest ever when my DH comed home because he brought me lots of little treats for my tummy as well as a little red ball and a mouse for me to play with and I love them both MILLIONS!

I don't think I will sleep much tonight 'cos I am so excited. It feels as though it is like Christmas again and I am happy. So very, very happy!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Better Tuesday

Everything was better today. Both my humans were at home with me and the weather was much better, so I was a big lot happier. I had been up through the night time with my MH and had had a wee nibble at my biscuits so I wasn't hungry when I got up for good, and went straight outside when the old dear was ready to open the door for me. I wandered about my garden and comed back in just in time for my little drink of milk then I went outside again.

I just spent my day doing much the same. In for a cuddle, a wee feed and a snooze and then out to play for a while, so it has been a good day. Not a very exciting day, but it has made me a happy puss just the same and that's all that really matters, sure it is?

I hope you have had a good day too.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Miserable Monday

The weather was miserable and so was I ‘cos my humans were both away from home and I was left all alone. My MH did think about leaving the window open for me but it was too wet and cold, so I was closed in all by myself.

I did have plenty to eat and drink so I was fine on that score, but I was lonely ‘cos I am at my happiest when my humans are with me. However, I did have lots of fun with them when they comed back and my MH played with me as often as I wanted.

After my dinner, I just snuggled up on her lap with my adorable little head on her shoulder and I snoozed while she stroked me. It was beautiful and it made me very happy indeed.

But I don’t have any news for you except to tell you that I am very well and now I am happy.