Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Lovely Sunday

We have all had a very good day in my house. One of our lazy days which we all like so much. My MH didn't do very much at all and my DH did a wee bit if tidying up outside with my help, of course! The weather wasn't too bad although a wee bit colder than the other days so I was quite happy nipping in and out whenever I felt like it and I knew that whenever I went inside again, I could find my MH and have a seat and a cuddle, so I thought my day couldn't get any perfecter.

But I was wrong! I had decided to have a snooze on one of my beds and I was in the middle of a lovely dream when I heard my friend S. coming in my house, so I ran into the living room to see her and I got lots more cuddles. I like when she comes to see me and she likes seeing me too.

I am going to have a rest now and then I think I shall have a wander outside before bedtime, but it will depend on the weather 'cos it has been raining and it is a bit colder now, so I will have to make a decision later on.

But no matter what I decide, I have had a very good Sunday and I hope you have had a good day too.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Longer Message

I was a bit lonely last night when my humans went away out, but between you and me, I was quite happy that the window was shut 'cos it was wet and windy and I wouldn't have been going out anyway. However, I did manage out for a while when they comed home but it was a rather wild night and I didn't really enjoy it. AND, it was very dark! I didn't stay out too long and as soon as I went in I plonked my adorable little body on my MH's knee and she told me all about the night they had had.

A friend of my MH is a music teacher and she brought nine growed up childrens to play a concert for all the peoples on my island and they were great. There were nine fiddle players, and accordionist and a keyboard player and they played lots and lots of tunes which everybody loved. There was a break for supper and then some dancing before they had to go away on the boat again, but my humans said they had a super time, and I am happy for them.

We have all had a very good day and my humans have been a bit lazy and with me all the time and I liked that. My MH tooked this picture of me when I was having a snooze and we are sure you will like it. I was cuddling my wee moose in my wee hoose and when my MH saw me, she said 'aaww' and she smiled.

Maybe you will do the same?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Just to let you know.....

....that we are all very well, but because my MH is a tad busy today and going out early tonight, we thought we would put on a short message so that you didn't worry about me.

I am still getting out to play lots and lots and of course today is string day, so all is well in the world of Squeak.

There are lots of people's coming to my island tonight to play music so I shall tell you all about it tomorrow when I will have a longer message for you.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


I am still having the very bestest of fun. I don't know what has happened to our weather, but my little weather man friend has sent me warm sunshine and a nice little breeze which is absolutely perfect for this adorable little puss.

As soon as I had finished my breakfast I was outside enjoying all the sunshine and then after I had wandered around for a while I went back inside for my little drink of milk. I made my humans laugh 'cos when I went in, my MH was reading her paper but I just sat on the chair and stared at her as hard as I could possibly stare until my DH asked her what I was wanting and she held out her dish for me and I lapped up all the milk while they both laughed. I don't need to be able to talk!

We had some visitors later on in the morning and it was our friends N. and M. with their two little grandchildren who loved me to bits and wanted to take me home. My MH said she was so proud of me 'cos I let them stroke me even though they weren't as gentle as my humans but then they are just little childrens and they loved it especially when I purred for them.

My DH was busy in the afternoon 'cos he decided to paint our greenhouse and me and the Boss went out to see how he was getting on. He is hoping that we have another good day tomorrow so that he can get it finished.

I will let you know.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

More Fun

I am having really good fun just now. The weather is still good enough for me to be outside lots of the time and my MH was outside with me today so that was fun. It was a tad breezy but the old dear decided to hang out her washing so I had to go with her to make sure she didn't fly away to Stromness. Yes. It was THAT breezy! I had to be very careful that I didn't get blowed away too, but we were both fine.

We had a quiet day having lots of seats and cuddles and I liked that, but then all the childrens came for guitar lessons and the peace and quiet disappeared out into the wind. Oh dear! Actually, I don't mind the childrens 'cos they all think I am adorable--naturally!--and they stroke me lots. J. even asked my MH if he could take me home! He asks her that every time he comes to my house and she always says no. In fact she told J. that she would give away my DH before me! I think she is kidding but I'm not telling him just in case! Hee hee

It has been good fun on my little island just now ans I am hoping that this good weather will last a long time. My little paws are crossed.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fun Day

I have spent my day wandering about my garden and the fields having a chat to the sheeps and the baby cows and I have loved every single second of it. Plus I got a big surprise one of the times I went back indoors 'cos my MH was changing the duvet covers and that meant playtime for us. Yippee!

Because she was away out yesterday, she had lots of housework to do, but because the weather was so good on my little island I didn't mind as I was able to get out to play and not hear the awful vacuum cleaner, but when I nipped in the window to see how my humans were getting on, I noticed it was changing beds time and I had great fun playing in the covers and getting tickled every time my MH lifted me off. BUT! It is not just for fun that I do theses things. Oh no, no, no. Just think of the exercise I get when I jump back onto the bed after the old dear has lifted me off. It makes my adorable little legs all strong. See? I do like to keep myself in very good shape.

It didn't take my MH too long to do all her work and then we had a seat on my couch together and I lay on her knee and purred as she stroked my little lugs and told me she loved me.

So, my day so far has been a very good one. I am very happy just wandering about seeing what is happening on my island and then nipping inside whenever I need pampering. Brilliant.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Guess work

Since my humans were both away from my house today, most of what is written here is guess work on my MH's part, although she knows me so well that she will probably get it right.

We were all up quite early but there was still time for me and my MH to have a seat on my couch and our usual morning chat and then they told me they were going away to leave me and I was a bit sad, so I decided to go back to bed for a while. I was going to stay there until the humans came home, but I could feel the sun warm on my adorable little body, and I decided that it would be much better outside and so I wandered out into the fields and I was so glad that I did.

My little island was HOT! The sun was shining and it was as warm as summer, so I found a lovely little spot in the long grass and I had my snooze there and it was just magic. I have some animal friends in the fields at the front of my house and at the back so no matter where I wandered I had some company and I like that.

We had a beautiful sky last night so the old dear tooked these pictures for you and I hope you like them. I am settled down on my MH's knee while she is writing this and my adorable little head is on the keyboard and every time she writes a sentence she stops and rubs my lugs and that makes me happy so I am hoping that she writes lots of sentences for you!