Thursday, 8 December 2016

Gold Stars

I am always a good puss. We all know that sure we do? But today I was even gooder than normal and my MH told me she was so proud of me and if she could, she would have put some gold stars on my adorable little chest, but we just had to be content with lots of cuddles.

So, what did I do to deserve all this praise? Well, the little childrens didn't come to my house last night but they all came this night and they brought another of the two littler childrens with them 'cos my MH needed to talk to them about something called a nativity play, so there were six little childrens in my house and instead of hiding, I lay on the back of my couch and listened as they all played the Christmas songs on their guitars.

Now, one of the little girls is only six and she is younger than me. Did I tell you I will be seven next week? Oh, I did! Ooops, hee hee! Anyway, as I was lying on my couch, this little girl started to stroke me and that was fine but then she started rubbing my adorable little nose with her finger and I didn't mind at all. My MH was watching all the time in case I was getting annoyed, but she said I was just the prefectest puss in the world!

When they were all going home J. picked me up 'cos I think he wanted to take me home with him and again I didn't do anything to hurt him and my MH was so very, very proud of me and later on she told my DH what a good puss I am. So there. Purrfect Squeak.

I have had a very good day with lots of string play time and I liked it lots. My humans might go to Kirkwall tomorrow if the wind is away somewhere else so I will be left all alone till they come back home to me, but as usual, I shall be a very good Squeak.:-))

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

An Odd Day

It has been rather an odd day Chez Squeak, but quite a good one just the same. It started off when my MH's alarm went off and that was rather odd in itself, 'cos usually it is my DH who gets up first on a Wednesday but this morning it was me and the old dear and I thought she had made a big mistake when she set the clock 'cos when I bounced to the window, I couldn't see anything. It was pitch black like in the middle of the night time. I rubbed my adorable little eyes and blinked a bit, but it was still the same---black dark!

My DH was still snoring and when I asked my MH why we were up before the sun, she told me she had to go to the dentist. Shame. I went outside for a while but nobody else was up so I just nipped back inside my house and when I saw my MH driving down the road, I snuggled up beside my DH and we had another little snooze till his alarm went off and then we were up again!

My MH showed me this picture which she took from Stromness just as the sun was appearing and she thought you might like to see it. She was getting me some goodies at the Co-op and she liked this view so she tooked a picture.

My DH went away at half past ten o'clock in this morning and he left the window open for me so I could nip in and out if I wanted and since I haven't seen the naughty puss again in my garden, I went out a couple of times, but then I heard my door opening about half past twelve and in came my MH with a great big cuddle for me which I just loved.

There is another picture which my MH wanted to show you and she told me that even though the sunrise is a lovely picture, she loves the one of me a million times more. Oh bless! We all know why though, don't we?

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Bit Better

I did get out to play for a while before bedtime last night, but my adorable little lugs were working overtime listening for any sounds which might mean that the naughty puss was back in my garden, but I didn't hear or see anything so I was quite happy.

I have had a very good day which started off with me helping my MH change the beds again.Oh I love doing that. I get lots of cuddles and lots of lifts 'cos when she moves me to make the bed, I jump back again to where I shouldn't be and she has to do it all over again and we do that lots of times and it is just brilliant fun.

The weather was still good today but a wee bit cool and every time my DH went outside, he came back in shivering and I had to cuddle him warm again and he liked that. We have all been quite quiet in my house although my MH wants the little childrens to come back tomorrow to do some Christmas songs, so I am now looking for pussy cat styled lug plugs! I will let you know how they all get on, but I think I shall be under my couch all the time. They are lovely childrens but oh boy, they are noisy and my house is normally nice and quiet.

It is good for a wee while---as long as it is just a wee while!!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Oh Dear... you remember yesterday I told you that we thought there was another animal in my garden? Well there is and me and my MH saw it tonight and we are not happy----both of us! Sigh.

My day started off quite well. We all had our usual morning meeting to decide what we were all doing and I had my little drop of milk and just for this once, you can see me lapping at all up. I do love that little drink of milk of a morning.

It has been the most beautifulest of days on my little island and I was out quite a lot but to tell you the truth, I have been a wee bit edgy because of this other animal and I haven't been just as happy outside as I normally am. My DH nipped off to the Cat Shop and my MH tooked out the vacuum cleaner but I knew she was thinking about me 'cos all the time she was working, she left the door open, so I could be in my garden but I knew that I could scoot into my house as quickly as I needed to so I was quite content.

Me and my MH even played in the garden for a while 'cos she washed the net curtain and needed to hang it out so I went out with her and we spent a long time in my garden as it was so lovely. We watched all the little sheeps and this Jacob was busy watching us watching him. Those kind of sheeps are my very favourite and I am sure you will like them too.

I was all set to go out to play after my dinner and my MH opened the door, but I sensed there was something outside and I wouldn't move which annoyed the old dear a wee bit 'cos she was in the middle of making the dinner, but just as she was about to close the door again, we both saw something white scooting out of my garden and my MH made sure it went far away.

But I am a wee bit scared again and I don't know if I will be able to go out later on. Oh dear.

Sunday, 4 December 2016


Me and my MH are a bit perplexed 'cos we did our blog to you yesterday but it doesn't seem to have left our computer, so I hope you haven't been worried about me.

Actually, I have been a wee bit frightened 'cos when I was out in my garden late the other night there was another animal of some kind there as well which I did not like at all.It was my DH who saw this naughty animal and shoo'ed it away but it did upset me and I have been a bit frightened to go out since then, but my MH has been coming out with me so that helps a bit. Oh, a wee thought. Maybe it was the naughty animal that stole my yesterday's story. Eh? What do you think?

Apart from that we have all had a very good Sunday and the weather on my little island has been quite beautiful. A wee bit cold, but quite, quite beautiful. I have been going out 'cos I am an intrepid little puss but I have been staying very near my house---just in case. I am brave, but I'm not stupid! Hee hee

My DH has been quite busy working outside today so he was always there when I needed to go out, and my MH was in my house so I could get a cuddle whenever I was feeling a wee bit shaky, so all in all, I have had a very good Sunday.

And I hope your Sunday has been a good one too.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Funday

I have had another very good day. In case you are worried, I didn't go tree climbing last night. I did give it some serious thought, but then I decided it might not be the wisest thing I have ever done, so I just went to bed beside my MH and had a very good sleep instead.

When I got up I ran into the living room to make sure my tree was still there and of course it was, so I sat and watched it for a little while before I went outside. It was dry but cold so I didn't wander away too far and just managed back in time for my little drink of milk.

I am finding it a wee bit hard to get used to no string on a Friday but me and my humans always manage to find something else to do to keep me happy. I made my MH smile again today 'cos she decided to wash all the windows in my house and I decided she needed my help, but by the time we had got to the spare room, I was feeling a wee bit sleepy again and I did something that she found funny.

There is a big duvet on the bed and I just stuck my adorable little nose under it and then wriggled the rest of my adorable little self up onto the bed under the duvet and with a great big sigh, I settled down for my afternoon siesta, and it was just the bestest thing ever!

So, my Friday has been good and I hope you have had a good time too.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


I got my first birthday present today and I am just an ecstatic little Squeak. I got a tree! My very own tree filled with shiny hanging down things for me to play with. Oh happy, happy me. My humans even put it all up for me and showed me all the shiny toys that they were putting on it and we had a super duper afternoon.

I know it is a wee bit early, but I am sure they wanted me to be happy so they gave me it today. They did say something about it being a Christmas tree but I just put my adorable little paws into my equally adorable little lugs and sang 'la,la,la,la'. So if I don't hear it's a Christmas tree, then it won't be, will it? Hee hee.

After my humans had finished, I asked my MH to play with me and we had super fun for a long time and you can see how good it was from the pictures today. It was good fun, but I am saving myself for later on 'cos I might go tree climbing when the humans have gone to bed.

But that is our secret! Hee hee