Saturday, 15 December 2018

Happy Brthday To Me

So, it is finally here and I am now nine years old! It is my birthday and I have had a brilliant day! I have had lots of messages from my friends from all over this world and some from my paw pals as well so that has made me a very happy little puss indeed.

I have had lots of fun with my humans and I did manage outside but just for a very little while because there is a howling gale outside my house and I do not like that at all so I have stayed inside. My poor old MH had to go out last night in all the wind because it was the party for all the little childrens and she had to go all by herself because my DH has the cold and he didn't want to go out. She was so frightened that she might blow away so she asked one of our neighbours to come and help her and she got there and back safely and I gived her a great big cuddle when she comed home to me.

My little weather man friend says it might be better tomorrow so I am hoping to get out to play but I am a very happy little birthday puss, thank you very much.

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Two More Sleeps....

… And it will be my birthday and I will be a whole nine years old. WOW! I am getting more and more excited and keep having a wee sniff at all the things under my tree to see what might be for me, but I will soon find out.

It has been another very windy day on my little island and my weather man friend told me it is going to be a lot worser over the weekend, so I think it might be a long time before I can get out to play. My MH is hoping that the wind might go away tomorrow because it is the little children's party in our Hall and she doesn't like going out in the wind in case she blows away.

She told me that one time she had blowed up a lot of balloons for some of the games and she put them in a bag in her car but when she got to the Hall, a great big gust of wind comed as soon as she opened her car door and all the balloons escaped and blowed away some place else! Oh dear, it was a wee bit sad but a big bit funny.

There's not too much news 'cos I haven't been doing much but I am very well and I hope you are well too.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Another Windy Day

I have hardly been out all day because it has been so windy and cold, but I am quite happy in my house 'cos it is cosy and full of hugs and good things to do.

It was just me and my MH in my house today 'cos my DH decided he needed to buy some things in Stromness and so he went away on the lunch time boat, but my MH was very happy that she stayed at home 'cos when he comed home he told us that the wind was blowing the sea right over the pier and he nearly got wet but he managed to jump out of the way but he said my MH might not have been so lucky, so she was very happy that she decided to stay home with me.

She had some housework to do and it was my very best housework that she needs my help for. We were changing the beds! Oh, my dear friends, it is not housework at is a game and a game that I just love and every time we get it all finished, I lie on the bed and my MH tickles me and strokes me and I am just the happiest little puss in the en-tire world.

And it will soon be my birthday and then Christmas! Yippee!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

All Alone

I have been an all alone puss today ‘cos both my humans decided to go to Kirkwall to do some more shopping and for some reason known only to themselves, they decided to go on the first boat, so we were all up at the crack of dawn, and to be honest, my adorable little eyes weren’t quite open!

However, I had a wee yawn and a big stretch and that helped, and then I went out to play, and it was pitch black and dark. Very, very dark, but I liked it. LOTS!

I didn’t stay out too long ‘cos it was cold, so I nipped back inside just in time to hear my humans say bye bye and off they went so I wandered back to bed until I heard them coming home to me and then it was cuddle time which I loved.

I now intend spending the evening plonked on my MH’s knee where I belong! Oh yes!!

Monday, 10 December 2018


So, we all got up this morning at our usual time and I watched as my DH got ready to go to the Cat Shop and I waited very patiently until my MH got my breakfast ready for me and then I decided to go out for a while. So far the plan seemed like a very good one until the old dear opened the window and I stucked my adorable little head outside.

Well, it wasn't out for long, I can tell you. It was freezing outside--absolutely freezing, so I sniffed and had a wee look round about and then went back inside as soon as possible 'cos it was warm inside my house and I prefer being warm than being frozed. My day was just quite normal after that with a few snoozes on my bed and lots of cuddles from my MH whenever she had a wee rest from all her housework and that was good.

However, I am afraid I was just a little bit naughty 'cos in this afternoon when one of my MH's friends was in my house, I noticed that they were busy talking so I tooked my adorable little body and jumped up onto the little unit that my Christmas tree is standing on and if the old dear hadn't turned round at just the wrong minute for me I would have launched my little self up to the top of my tree but she saw me and "gently" called my name which made me land back on the floor very quickly! Hee hee.

I guess I shall have to do my climbing at night time when they are sleeping!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

A No News Day

… but still a good day. Well, a good day inside my house anyway 'cos it has been a bit blowy outside and there was hail banging off my windows, so needless to say I have been an indoor pussycat today, but I still have had lots of fun.

My humans had a very lazy day just doing little bits of things but I was able to have lots of seats on my MH's knee and I even had a great big snuggle up to her when she was tying to read her paper but she didn't mind at all. In fact, she put the paper down and just stroked me and that made us both very happy indeed.

So, I don't have any news but I have had a good weekend although I still don't know what is in my parcel. I only have to wait another six days till it will be my ninth birthday and then I will know, and as soon as I know, you will know.

I hope you can wait that long!

Saturday, 8 December 2018

My Saturday

I have had a very brilliant day indeed. You know I like my Saturdays but today was a very good one indeed. We all had a long lie and of course there was no housework so that was very good to start with and there was lots of time for me.

I sat for a long time under my tree and sniffed my parcels and although I still don’t know what’s in them, I can smell catnip, so
I have sneaky sniffs every now and then.

But the very bestest bit of my day was when my two friends S. and M. comed to my house to watch a film so there were lots of knees for me to sleep on.

But I always ended up beside my MH ‘cos that’s where I am happiest.