Friday, 22 September 2017

A Lazy Day

We have had a lazy day and a good day. Even the weather was quite good up until about dinner time when it started to rain a bit but by then I had played outside as much as I had wanted, so I was quite happy to be inside. I sat on my MH's knee and tried to work out where she was going to put her new one, but I still don't know. I shall have to try lots of times before she goes away.

Anyway, my MH did little bits of work and I helped her, but it wasn't too much and we both had good fun. Then I helped my DH in our greenhouse when we looked after our tomatoes. They are still there but not as many and we have all been eating them---well, us all except me. I will tell you a secret. I don't like tomatoes! I like to watch them growing and I like helping them to get bigger but I don't like to eat them so I leave that bit to all the humans and my DH gives some to my friends which makes me feel happy.

I had a few trips outside but my little island is bit quiet now so I usually don't stay out too long and I have been having lots of afternoon naps which is very good for me.

So, that has been my day and it has been good. I hope your day has been good too.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Isn't this just the cutest picture you have seen? I know I should be showing some modesty here, but I think I look mouth-wateringly beautiful!

We have all had a very good day. My DH has had a very bad cold but he is feeling a lot better now and my MH is fine. But she told me something rather odd and that is that she is going away to Aberdeen next Wednesday to get another knee. Now, I don't quite understand 'cos she already has two knees and I know that for a fact 'cos I sit on them lots of times, so I don't know why she wants another one, but I am making it my mission to find out and I shall tell you as soon as I know.

However, back to me. I have been in and out lots of times although it has been a bit wet but every time I comed home, I got a big cuddle to make me all dry again so I was quite happy. One time when I comed back in, I was a bit tired so I tooked myself into the bedroom and shuffled my adorable little body under my new quilt so that I could have a snooze and I looked so peaceful that the old dear tooked this picture of me so that she could share it with the en-tire world!

I hope you all like it.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another Good Day....

... although not just as good as yesterday. I have been very OK, you understand, but the weather has not been as much to my liking as it was yesterday so that has made me just a little cranky. I like that word. I don't like being cranky, but I do like thinking it.

My morning routine was just the same. Up with my MH--gobbled up my breakfast then nipped outside for a while until it was time to come back in for my milk. Quite purr-fect! I was able to nip in and out quite a few times until the rain comed on and spoiled it for me, although even then it wasn't too bad 'cos I helped my MH change the beds and we just had the bestest of fun.

It is one of my very favouritist jobs and I do it so well. I jump on the bed just before she puts the sheets on just to make sure it is safe and then I explore the inside of the duvet cover to make sure there are no big monsters lurking. Mind you, I haven't worked out what I would do if I did find such a monster. Maybe I need to give that some thought before I help her again. Hee hee

In the afternoon, when all our work was done I made the old dear very happy when I climbed up onto her knee then put my adorable little head on her shoulder and falled fast asleep. She told my DH that she loves when I do that so maybe I will do it a bit more often.

I rather liked it myself!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Very Good Day

I have been much happier today for lots of reasons. Both my humans were at home with me and my little weather man fried sended me some good weather so that I could get out to play lots of time. I think he must have heard about my traumatic experience and decided to be kind to me. I for one am not complaining 'cos I like being outside.

Me and my MH were up first this morning and as soon as I had filled my adorable little tummy, I nipped outside to play until it was time to nip back in again for my little drink of milk. Every time I come in I get a big cuddle from my MH 'cos I think she is always pleased to see me coming back safely. I think I frightened her on Sunday, but we will soon be all fine again.

I have spent my day just wandering in and out and one time I helped the old dear hang out her washing and of course I had to see if I was still able to climb the poles--which I was-- so everything is fine.

Very fine indeed!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Much Better

I am very well. I know you will all be worrying after my harrowing tale yesterday, but worry not, dear friends, I am very well again and my dear old MH has finally stopped shaking!

I have been abandoned though, but just for a little while. My DH had to go to the Cat Shop and my MH had arranged to meet her friend and to do some shopping. She didn't want to go and leave me, but me and my DH told her that I would be fine and I would see her when she comed home again. So oft she went.

The window was left open for me and I had a couple of wee plays outside and then I rested till my humans comed home. I ran into my kitchen when I heard the door opening and then I asked for a cuddle and my MH lifted me up and gived me one of her very special hugs 'cos she had missed me. And I missed her too so I followed her around and purred for her while I did a lot of nudging. She likes when I nudge her and I wanted to show her that I was very well.

I have showed you a picture today of me beside my DH's car but this time I am outside it and not in the engine bit. I don't think I will ever go in the engine bit again---I think!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tissues Needed

You will have guessed that you are about to hear a very sad story, so make yourself comfortable beside your tissues and maybe some smelling salts for those of you who are of a weak disposition. Don't worry too much 'cos you will have realised that since I am writing this to you, I am still here, but you can worry a wee bit.

I shall tell the story as it happened. OK? Here goes. We were all having a lazy Sunday and I had been in and out my window quite a lot and liking the fact that the weather was behaving and that my MH was just waiting with a big cuddle for me to come home again. So all is well, so far.

My DH had to go down to our Hall to help send lots of things that were left from the jumble sale over to the Cat Shop and it had all to be wrapped up to go on the boat tomorrow. So oft he went in his car to the Hall which tooked him about ten minutes.

About an hour later he phoned my MH to see if I was at home so she went to look and I wasn't and when she asked him why he told her that he thought I was in his car and would she come and see. Oh my dear friends, I don't think I need tell you what she was thinking but she was very, VERY worried. She comed down to the Hall and she could hear me but she couldn't see me. Then she told my DH to open his car bonnet and there I was peeping out at them!

My poor old MH was in tears and I was so, so scared and I didn't know what to do and every time she tried to get a hold of me I jumped away the opposite direction and I think they both thought I would be in his car forever. Oh dear.

My MH then lied down on the road and she talked to me and told me I was a very good puss and would I please like to come out from under the car so that we could all go home and so I made a wee move and she made a dive for me which I am sure would get her a place in any rugby team---and she catched me and cuddled me so tight she nearly choked me. She feeled me all over and we knew that I was OK--just very frightened-- so she keept a great big hold of me and sat in the back of my DH's car so that he could take us both home. She got her little kangaroo later on and bringed it home.

I was very happy to see my house again and I did make the old dear smile when the first thing I did was to have a wee feed and then, after some of my biscuits, I tooked my adorable little self off to bed and slept away all my fright.

They don't know how or why I was in my DH's engine, but I wasn't hurt. It was just a short journey so the car didn't get very warm, but I think I have learned my lesson and I won't do that again.

I am so sorry dear humans and thank you for making me safe again. I have sent you a couple of pictures to prove that I am very fine indeed.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Millions Better

Remember yesterday I told you I was a very fed up little puss? Well, today all my fed upness has gone away and I am feeling much, much happier. In fact I am MILLIONS happier and I am sure you will want to know what has bringed on this change, and of course I shall tell you, 'cos I am a very good puss.

Well, for one, the weather was a lot better today and I have been able to get out to play as much as I want, whenever I want and for as long as I want, so one cannot argue with that now, can one? Hee hee. I went straight out after my breakfast and stayed out so long that I nearly missed my little drop of milk. I just came home in time to see the old dear heading towards the kitchen sink with our cereal bow in her delicate little hand, so I made a very loud squeak to let her know I had arrived back again, and she put it down on the floor so htat I could lap up all the milk. I liked that.

The rest of my day was spent either being outside, or on my bed or on my MH's knee so I was very content indeed, but then I got a big surprise when I heard my door opening and I heard my friend S. calling for me and that made me very happy little Squeak 'cos I always love when she comes to see me and I haven't seen her for a long time 'cos she has been a way her holidays and my MH didn't tell me she was coming to my house today so that I would get a lovely surprise. And I did.

We had a lovely afternoon together and now I am having a snooze before I head outside before bedtime. I am a much happier puss today and I hope you are all happy too.