Friday, 16 March 2018


Oh my, it has been windy today on my little island---and cold. I have hardly been outside all day, although I did have a very quick run round my garden this morning but I had to struggle to keep my adorable little self from blowing away to another universe where nobody would know me. And that was hard, but being a brave, intrepid little Squeak, I made it home again for a great big cuddle. Yippee.

My little weather man friend told us it might snow again over the weekend, so I am all ready, and quite excited. My MH had to go out for a while last night so I was left in charge of my house and my DH and I did my job very well indeed.

She made us laugh when she comed home 'cos she told us that when she got into her car, the naughty wind wouldn't let her close the door and she wasn't strong enough to bang it shut. She was just about to come back to get my DH to help her when the wind stopped for a second and she closed the door very quickly. That was quite funny, sure it was?

We have had a good day today and I have been playing lots of times with my toys and my MH so I have used up lots of my energy but I will need to have another wander outside before bedtime so I am hoping the wind will have a wee rest.

Naturally, I shall let you know tomorrow, but don't I look SO cute in these pictures?

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


.... that's what I have been today. The bestest behaved little puss in the en-tire world and my MH has loved me even more for it.

We were all up quite early 'cos, as you know by now, the old boy goes to the Cat Shop and my MH needed to make sure that he tooked everything with him 'cos if you remember, he forgot all his things on Monday, but with me and her reminding him, he went away with all the things he needed, so that was a very good start to our day.

I had my usual wander round my garden and watched these great big birdies and then I nipped in for my milk and a long seat on my couch beside my MH while we decided what we were going to do with our day. Between you and me, I already knew that my day would involve three things: playing in my garden; snoozing on all of my beds and sitting on my MH's knee whenever she sat down. So, that was my plan and I just listened while the old dear told me what she was going to do.

She didn't have lots to do but she did some of her picture again and I stayed on the back of my couch and just watched until I eventually fell asleep with all the excitement! Hee hee

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Oh Dear....

... I have been rather a naughty little puss today. Still adorable, but a little naughty and of course I shall tell you why.

We were all at home together today and the weather was still good enough for me to go straight outside as soon as I had finished off a light breakfast. There were a few more birdies in my garden and I just sat and watched them before wandering back home to see what my humans were up to.

As usual, my MH was just finishing her breakfast and she offered me the last wee drop of milk. I had a sniff, and then a think about drinking it and then another sniff before saying 'no thank you' and then wandering through to the spare room bed where I lay in the sunshine and had a little snooze. Now, this is where the naughty bit comed in. I did want the milk, but I was giving her a little test, you see.

I wanted to see if she would come and find me and give me my milk in bed again 'cos I really liked that when she did it yesterday. Can you guess what happened? Oh, I think I can hear you all telling me that you think she comed and founded me and guess what? You are RIGHT! A wee while later, she came wandering into the room and asked me if I wanted the milk now, and I just lapped it all up.

She just went away again when I was finished, but she was smiling and shaking her head :-))

Monday, 12 March 2018

And Not a Lot More....

So, another Monday arrives and we are at the start of another week. I had a very good sleep all snuggled up beside my MH which we both love, and we slept really well until my DH's alarm clock made us all waken up by shouting at us.

It was a fine morning so I wandered round my garden for a little while but it is still a bit too quiet for my liking, so I just wandered back indoors again and had a lie down on my bed for a minute or two but I am afraid I fell asleep again. Oh dear! But then I got a great big surprise when my MH appeared with my little drop of milk. Wowee, breakfast in bed! Magic!

The old boy nipped away to the Cat Shop but he forgot to take the mail with him so the old dear wasn't best pleased. Mind you, he also forgot his phone so he wasn't all that happy either. Oh dear.

After that our Monday was just the same with my MH doing her housework and me watching her between trips in and out to my garden, so it was a fine day although not a very exciting one.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Doing Nothing

I have done the same as my humans today---and that is nothing. We have all had a very lazy day indeed. The old dear still has a bit of a cold and her voice is still quite funny, but I do try not to laugh when she croaks at me.

We didn't get up too early and as the weather wasn't too bad, I went outside for just a little while but my little island is still very quiet so I went back home quite quickly and sat with my MH. We all watched the football on my television and the old boy was happy when his team won, so that was a good start to the day.

I watched my MH while she did some more of her picture and I am starting to like what she is doing 'cos I can see what it is now, but I won't spoil the surprise for you and she will show you it when it is all finished.

We are now all watching the skating programme and I like it lots. I want the lady to win but I think it will be Jake. And another thing that I have been wondering is 'have cats ever skated?'

You all know why I am thinking that don't you? Hee hee

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Not Just as Good.....

.... outside, but just every bit as good inside, so that's OK by me. It was a bit cooler today and not as sunny but it was still dry and calm so I did go outside lots of times. I do like being outside just sniffing and playing like a little pussy cat should. There are only starling birdies in my garden just now but my MH told me that other birdies would be coming back soon, so I can listen to them when they chirp or whistle at me.

Both of my humans were with me all day and of course there was no housework so I could sit on a knee or get cuddles whenever I wanted them My MH is still doing her big picture and sometimes I watch her from the back of my couch and she talks to me all the time she is working and you know how much I like that.

I will tell you a wee secret. The old dear has a sore throat and she sounds awful funny when she talks and sometimes I have a wee smile to myself when I am listening to her, but of course that is our secret! Deep down I am a wee bit sorry for her and hope her throat gets better soon.

Friday, 9 March 2018

It's Just Getting Better

As soon as my adorable little eyes were opened this morning, I raced to the window to see what the weather was doing and I was delighted to see it was brilliant again. I was a very happy little Squeak and as soon as the old dear was up I asked her to let me out which she did and I had great fun. I ran and jumped and sniffed then ran and jumped some more but manage to land right back on my couch in time for my milk. Perfect Squeak!

So, that was a very good start to my day but then it got even better 'cos my humans decided to leave the door open for me which meant I could lie on the mat and still be nearly outside but at the same time seeing everything that was going on inside. Magic.

A while later, these boats went sailing past my living room so my MH decided to take some pictures for you and while she was outside we played together for a long, long time and I did more running, jumping and sniffing and I loved it MILLIONS!

The rest of my day was lots more of the same and it was beautiful outside on my little island 'cos it was warm and lovely. The sun was shining and the sea was oh so blue. Just perfect really and I am hoping there will be more like that tomorrow.